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I am facing a problem with currency display. I have selected Pakistani Ruppee and its displaying fine on product pages and everywhere except for on checkout page and cart page in main menu where Indian Ruppee symbol is shown instead. I can find no option to fix it. Please help me to show only one currency throughout my site

looks like the currency is display fine when i style the currency font with arial. I guess its the font issue

solved via CSS



Hi, how do I display ”$ 13.49 USD” instead of just the $13.49.

Thank you.


Try paste a text here –

Hi there, I am using this plugin and it is great. I am using geolocation with two currencies, USD & CAD, with CAD being default. When in the US, I have noticed that in the checkout, the shipping rate is showing up in the proper currency, but the amount is wrong (set as $50 but showing up in checkout as $34.65). I am assuming that the plugin is converting the shipping rate from the default currency (CAD) to the users currency (USD) – is there a way to prevent this? Thank you!


Please write me on support –

Paste your message and exact link to the issue.

Describe what have I do to get this error.

Hi there, you have to be in the United States to see the error (CAD is the default currency for all other countries). I have taken a few screenshots to show you the issue:

Here is the checkout page, from the US showing that the shipping rate is $34.65 (shipping to California)

Here is a screenshot of our shipping classes (backend) for California – as you can see the cost is set to $45, not $34.65 (this number is no where within our shipping settings).

Thank you!


you have to be in the United States to see the error – It’s not a problem

Did you use any third-party plugin for the shipping?

I bought this just for “Payment Rule” !! But this is not the section!! How to enable this section?!!


Please in plugin settings ->Options –

Result –

Testing the plugin with the free version and we need more currencies soon when we know it works as expected.

Look at this: I have “Is multiple allowed” checked.

The store is in GBP and we try to convert to Euro.

How can I fix this? Seen more people in this comment section facing similar issues but it haven’t worked for me.


Please check options –

Drop me exact link to the issue


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I had the free version, and bought the premium version, but it still asks me to upgrade version after installing the premium one.


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How can I uninstall this plugin without leaving any trace of it in the database? Are there any prefixes safe to delete?

Thank you


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Are there any particular tables in the database that this plugin creates? Or is it just the meta fields?


The plugin does not create any tables in the database.


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I bought a premium but the automatic currency converter is not working. Fixer, The Currey Converter api did not work. Not available in Google Currency Converter options. Yahoo has already shut down the service. When the page opened, I said to show Turkish Lira. But Euro shows. I don’t understand what’s going on?

Can I add the currency switcher to navigation bar / menu?


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I have AUD as main currency in position 1 (USD position two, GBP in three, NZ in four, etc) but for whatever reason it loads the second currency first, then changes to AUD default currency once detected by location I expect.

I just made AUD second in the my list, which seems to resolve the issue…but why would it not have your primary currency as the one that shows first?

But my main issue is the following; If I have a product on the page, it shows in AUD, but with the GST/TAX component not being added and this is random…a few products here and there.

I have zero TAX setup for anything not AUD country and if I select an option such as sizing, the correct amount including tax is shown underneath it….just not the for initial display before choosing an option. Possible its a caching issue, but strange its only for a few random products rather than whole pages.


1) Please write me on support I will check it –

Paste your message + wp-admin access

2) Try to clear a transient –


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I believe its to do with the fastcgi cache – using another currency plugin that does AJAX background updates to the currency works perfectly (ie, is not cached)

However if I can put the country geo information into the fastcgi cache in the nginx setup like aeila currency can/does, but just country option (this isnt the ajax one I mentioned above) I believe it will fix it also…but could be wrong :)

I would prefer to use this plugin, so Im going to see if I can find the required entry like the following url mentions under Caching Servers for nginx – unless you can tell me what to add from your plugin?;


plugin that does AJAX background updates – Check option please –

If no luck – write me on support

Hello, I want to buy this pluging but i m having a probléme with the free version it dose change the currency signe but not the price as you can see here.

the mais currency is the MAD = 1 and The Second is the EUR = 2

Thanks for help


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Hi, Problem with Price Filter When I change the currency to other currency other than the default US$, only the currency symbol changes and does not include the value. Any fix on this.

I tried adding the shortcode to the header as given in the documentation but it is not changing the currency on the site. Please help.

Before buy this plugin, i have a question. Does plugin support convert price in variation product? Thanks