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PRE-SALe question: I’m trying your FREE plugin but it does not work it not change from euro to uSD not in cart page not in product page.. nothing happened!!!


but everytime change currency it RESET the configurator – Not sure if this can be fixed. Currency switching is page reload.

YES infact also in a normal product page with another plugin Extra options Product do the same .. RESET the options due Reload the Page… If your plugin works in this way ok only a bit frustrating for a customer that make his own customized product then change currency to see real price and all options disappear .. i have to think if use or not i must think about anyway thanks for help


Unfortunately, a page reload is required to switch currency.

Hi friends i need support, please contact me !

Hello Sadi

I answered you yesterday. Please check your spam box

Hello !

I have found one problem with using plugins.

Please refer to our homepage link below.

When I placed the plugin in the widget on the right, the word ‘WOOCS 1.2.8’ appears.

I also set the width of the widget to 100%, but it does not apply.

I look forward to your reply.

Thank you :)

Best Regards, Joy

Hello Joy – Looks like it was cache.

Try to add this CSS:

.woocommerce-currency-switcher{ width: 100%; }

Thank you :) Have a good day!!



Hello I set few currencies on my e-commerce website where user can choose any currency from the drop-down list.

I want to set auto currency selection by coutries. For example, a visitor from UK will see price in GBP and US will see price in USD automatically for all the products.

Is it possible to set auto currency selection by country as I described?

I saw video instruction but it is showing manual price editing and some other things.

Hello I have one more question. I set few currencies for specific countries. What about those countries which are not selected for any specific currencies. Will those countries’ visitors see the welcome currency as i set USD?


Will those countries’ visitors see the welcome currency as i set USD? – Yes

Hello, the new version is not working? it is just loading but not open page

seems ok on normal product page but on my customized plugin here work in a strange mode… if i customize product then change currency it CLEAR CANCEL the customization and RESET start from scratch the page… ? so not know if problem of your plugin or of incomatibility with my customization plugin… VISUAL PRODUCt CONFIGURATOR

I installed Version 2.2.8 but it’s not opening on my site. Not working atall

I want to set auto currency selection by coutries/ GeoIP rules. For example, a visitor from UK will automatically see price in GBP and from USA will see price in USD for all the products. I want this functionality but I do not want to change manually each products’ price.

I followed the instruction and selected different currencies for different coutries (example- JPY for Spain and Finland). but it is not working. Even I checked from my friends mobile. please can you help me, –


I answered you on email

yes, thank you. but i could not solve the problem!


Please write me on support –

Paste your message + wp-admin access


I am using the free version as a test on my site.

I have set “No GET data in link” to “Yes”. However, if I have it as Yes or No, it behaves the same way and shows ”?currency=XXX” in the link, regardless of the setting. The same behaviour is shown in Incognito mode, and when all cache are cleared.

I would like it to not show this, as I don’t want the link to be indexed and effect SEO.

Any tips?


Please drop me exact link to the issue

Hello, using this plugin with Woocommerce Subscriptions. There is a problem with simple and variable subscription products. See this screenshot:

Primary currency is USD. Using secondary GBP currency as an example to show you the problem.

The price at the bottom (£150) is correct, but the top ‘from’ price should also be £150. Instead it is using the correct currency but taking the ‘from’ figure from the primary currency ($200).

Same problem appears on category pages under each product.


I answered you on email

Your email did not solve the problem, we are still seeing the same issue


Please cooperate with the support, they asked you question one day ago

Hello, Is it possible to delete the price text and the WOOCS 2.2.8 name from the product description?? The text appears in the search results on the mobile version.



Looks like js error on the page, and info icon doesn work, disable in the plugin settings: tab Options -> ‘Show price info icon’ and reset the site cache …


This option was already disabled.

Perhaps the reason that this information is displayed for this is that the shortcut [woocs width=’50%’] is placed in the product description?


Please write me on support –

Paste your message + exact link to the issue and even better wp-admin access

HI Pablo, A few question: I sell video suscription: We have two prices based on locacion: Pesos ARG and u$s – If the client are in USA he will see the price in Dollar and he will pay with paypal, If the client are in Argentina he will see the prices in pesos (manually changed), and he will pay with mercadopago. Is that possible-BIT the prices in pesos are different. Make sense?


I’m not sure I understood you correctly

To switch currency use GeoIP rules

To show/hide payments –

different prices in different currencies –

Hi @pablo, how can we remove the suffix ( appearing after the domain?

Also, the page speed has reduced considerably after installing this plugin – is there a way to optimise?



how can we remove the suffix – This is woocommerce settings –

the page speed has reduced considerably after installing this plugin  - this plugin makes only one request to the database, it cannot slow down the page loading

Thank you. I’m still able to see the string. Which Caching plugin do you recommend?


Unfortunately I can not recommend a specific plugin.

But you can try –

Hello, how can we get a variable product price range to show as including tax ? Currently we have a range of £41.67 – £57.50 showing on both the loop pages and single product pages. Only when we select a size does another price popup showing the actual price including VAT. WooCommerce is setup to input prices excluding tax but show prices including tax throughout the shop and checkout.


Please write me on support –

Paste your message and wp-admin access

Pre-sale question: Is it possible to show just the flag icon and the currency unit on the header menu without extra text and space? please see screenshot..


Please try free version –

To change type of the switcher –

No change space you need CSS customization

hello have orders failed suppose for the plugin… for example PayPal error (10444) that regard currency ? now i have disabled your plugin… Why this ERROR or failed order? thanks



now rehave the problem that show eur = usd even if there is the currency change set at different value e.g. 1000 eur = 1000 usd (already happened and now again) i have deactivated again the plugin seems too “variable” one time works one not…

The plugin used to work well before but now its not loading


Write please more details. Be sure that you installed smth in conflict with WOOCS. Create test subdomain by and activate there only woocommerce+WOOCS, then one by one enable plugins

If you will not find issue self write please on support here:


I wrote to you on Support two days ago, Then I emailed my login details. No reply till now.

Please advice.

Hello, saturday and sunday is not business day, wait your reply there please …

I have selected the abbreviation and symbol when selecting the currency in dropdown, however it shows the abbreivation first and then the symbol. I want the symbol BEFORE the abberviation of the curreny, how can I do this?

its ok, I managed to do it by using the description field and selecting description in the sidebar widget settings.



Hi, how can I add a placeholder text so it states ‘SELECT CURRENCY’ and when clickd it shows the dropdown? At the moment I cannot find a way and can only see currencies in dropdown.


Unfortunately I can not check it –


Try to add this code in functions.php

add_filter(‘woocs_currname_in_option’, function($currency){ $text=$currency; global $WOOCS; if($currency==$WOOCS->current_currency){ $text=”Select currency: ”.$currency; } return $text; });