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Hi, Thank you for the plugin exactly what I was looking for, two questions : from some reasons flags doesn’t show up (in widges area have box ticked to show flags) but this is not that important, more important is how I can place this plugin on to my header just on the left edge I know it may be something very simple but I have not much exp so please advice.

Hello. You can drop it by shortcode!/section_3

<?php do_shortcode(‘[woocs show_flags=1 width=’300px’ flag_position=’right’]’) ?>


You guys are saying to check your blank plugin before purchasing it but in this blank testing plugin but it doesn’t have any feature to check even multi currency option is disabled ( I can select multi currency option from drop down but not able to select 2 currencies from the bullet selection ).



Hello, Thanks for the reply. I tried your updated one, shortcode worked perfect but widget is not working. It shows only title of the widget rest is blank.

Hello, 1 more thing I need currency to be appear before the prices not after it. Is there any option for this.

Hello. You can do it in settings as on screen for each currency …

Hi there, This plugin is great, I’ve got it working on my site, but I’ve hit an issue I wasn’t aware would be a problem here. When I’m creating a manual order in WP admin end, I can’t seem to select the currency. Because most of my graphic work is US based, my site is in USD but all my print work I do is UK based but I process these manually. Is there a way I can convert the currency when I go into Woocommerce > Orders > New Order?

Magic! Can you test it on base wp theme, it is simply unbelievable!

Sent you FTP details as per request 2 days ago, emailed you for update yesterday, tested plugin on multiple websites on multiple servers with all different configurations, none work.. can you please advise?

Hello. I got it, but will be doing this on Monday, I do nor work when weekends

Saludos, quería saber si hay soles y si puedo utilizar hasta para 2 tiendas online, gracias

Hello. One shop only …


Does this plugin automatically detect the customer currency or he has to select it from the menu? I mean when he is from the UAE and he entered the website, the prices will be in UAE currency or he has to choose from the menu.

Hello. No, only from widget/shortcode selecting

Hi i just purchased the currency switcher, its working fine bt the shopping cart on the header still shows item in the base currency.

How do i rectify this??

Hello. It is refreshed only after the page reloading? I decided such tasks already – fixing of javascript, if you now where script of it you can use this script:

number=number.slice(1); var curr_obj=jQuery.parseJSON(woocs_current_currency); number=number*curr_obj.rate; number=number.toFixed(2)+’ ‘;

If you are simple customer I can do little custom for you

Hi this is a great looking plugin! I would like to buy this but the converter box looks in the wrong position because it’s too large on iPad, it’s too near to the products, like it doesn’t fit. can you do something about this?


Hello. Last chance =) simply drop down – you can customize it with the css. What about width – – you can set any width

I just set simple drop-down,

Thanks, to clarify can I set the width for the original (best) look that I saw on the demo? :)

Yes, – I set 200px ….

Everything except one thing seems to work well. The currency conversion is not happening on the Woocommerce Price Filter. I need this to happen as the symbol is changing but the amount is not converting – so $200 = Rs. 200 = A$ 200. Please let me know if there is a fix for this. Thanks.

Hello. Woocommerce Price Filter – write me please email trough my profile and send me this plugin, I will look the code of it, but no warranty….

Hi realmag777,

I got an error with PayPal option in woocommerce, PaylPal not activated because is not compatible with my currency. I use primarly CHF swiss francs and then € Euros… Do you have an idea why ? Thanks, :-)

Hi, still another problem with currencies…

1. Main currency is CHF When I got to checkout it’s OK, once I’m in PayPal login to pay… the currency change to $, wich is very bad. 2. So I cancel the process and go back to the store, the $ currency still active with CHF prices… very bad 3. I have to change currency and back to CHF currency… to find the right price/currency.

Well, it’s not working at all, could you please find what’s wrong ? Thanks for your support. Richard

Here are pictures to illustrate the issue:

Hello. I cant by screeshots find a reason. Can you write me an email with link and maybe wp-accsess, I need to see what ajax returns… One only thought – sessions on server doesn works

Hi there,

Is Eastern Caribbean dollar available to be converted?


Hello. No depends what is the currency – you can create even custom currency – look this video please to understand how to create currencies but firstly please test it on compatibility with your theme


I bought the plugin and installed it but my cart box in top right corner is not updated. Also my check out keep the base currency all the time.

Hello. Did you tested it before purchase? Maybe you need switch on multicurrency mode in the plugins settings

No I didn’t :/ That didn’t work. After I change the currency on category/product page it will temporary change it in the cart as well but it will change it back to euro in less than second.

I understood, your theme has js script which back value to back and with no woo hook using…. – write me here please where I can look at it, maybe I has decision ….

can you please tell in detail how can i put the plugin on my header near checkout? i do not know anything so if possible tell in deep like go in dashboard-widget-then - and put the sort code there. my website is

Hello. I can recommend you just use shortcode in the header!/section_3 – open header.php of your theme, find place near checkout and drop shortcode there

Look short video please:

where to add this code

number=number.slice(1); var curr_obj=jQuery.parseJSON(woocs_current_currency); number=number*curr_obj.rate; number=number.toFixed(2)+’ ‘;

to update currency in cart plz provide the file name of jQuery file

Ok. I checked with all the currencies except AUD other works perfectly.

In case of AUD: Cart, checkout pages showing ok including tax. But while pressing proceed to pay the total amount converted to $1.

My setting is ok in currency page i.e. INR 1 = AUD 0.0415 (custom settings)

The total amount passed to paypal is only AUD 1 instead of actual product value.

Other currency shows ok and perfectly even passed also appearing “Completed” in woocommerce order page.

Hello. Good, I will consider this today….

Plugin doesn’t work! Disables PayPal gateway after Wordpress update. How can I get my money back!?

One thing – check version of the plugin – looks like you has old one, must me

How do I update? It isn’t prompting me to update

Write me please PM here – I will send you the plugin and if troubles will resolve them

Hi, great plugin! After buying 2 other useless currency switcher in the past, this does exactly what I need. I just have a couple of questions: I need to add distinct symbols to differentiate dollars that are used in different country. Example, US, Singapore, Australia uses dollar but the only symbol available is $. I need to differentiate them with USD, SGD, AUD. Is there a way to do this without directly changing the plugin code?

Secondly, the widget drop menu don’t seem to appear in the checkout page. Is this a bug? It’s preferable if the customers can also view the different currency in the checkout page.

Thanks for your support!

Hello. I understand, but another gateways, not paypal, not supported from the box, only by light hacks …

I believe your plugin’s compatibility with other WooCommerce plugins (not just our merchant’s payment gateway that we were given…) will be greatly enhanced if WooCommerce’s core function get_woocommerce_currency() is not altered in anyway by a filter inside your code. If there’s something that could be done that does not affect the WooCommerce’s get_woocommerce_currency(), that would be great, not to mentioned we bought two of your plugins for different websites.

Hello. In a lot of cases with 3th party plugins I have no other choice and make hack of the other plugins … If you need something just write me PM please….

Hi i just purchased the currency switcher, its working fine but the shopping cart on the header still shows item in the base currency.

How do i rectify this??

Hello. Write me please here PM witj link to your site. I will look at it. A lot of themes has its own ajax request without hook using …

Hello, just installed the plugin – when activated, it seems to work fine, but the following problem occurs: submenus doesn’t appear anymore on main menu mouseover, which is an important issue, as I have only a few items on primary (main) menu and the most sections / pages can be accessed only by these dropdown mouseover submenus. This problem does not occur with the test version of the plugin (WooCommerce Currency Switcher BLANK). I use “The 7” wp themeorest template.

Hello. Of course, sorry – but one little thing =) Any way I am out of city, and have android Pad only ….

Ok, thanks for answering me, I’ll patiently wait till next week working days :)... Have a nice weekend!

Thank you =)


I purchased your plugin and after trying it to insert it to the header I didn’t succeed it . Well I must say with short code yes it’s working but its not placed in the top on the header.

I would need php code to insert it it to the my header.php

Can you please help

Please advice

Thank you

Hello. Of course, write me please PM here

Hi when I try the blank tester plugin, and add it to the menu. It does not seem to align very well with other menu items. I also tried to added to the top bar, but I do not know how.

I am using this theme and I would like to have my currency converter like in the demo. But the theme only support WPML.

I wonder if you could make the converter like in the theme. And if I buy this plugin, can you please let me know how to make it happen?

Hello. Seems I am answered you already – use shortcode for this please!/section_3