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Great work, very useful item! :)

Thanks =)

Hello!! will this work with custom currencies??

if this plugin is activated, is the customer allowed to pay in multiple currencies? or does he have to pay in the main currency??

Hello. In 1.0.2 will, now it is simply works from 1.0.1 with paypal

thanks! i will be waiting

Hello. I nearly realized it but problem is with invoices, I hope realized them in this week too …

hello can this send to paypal to different currencies?

Hello. Not tested with paypal, I will and write you. If you have paypal sandbox you can test the blank of the plugin

Hello, not, in 1.0.2 will, now customer have to pay in the main currency


will this plugin affect PayPal? I have tried the blank tester and it disables the PayPal payment. On the PayPal checkout method page it says: “Gateway Disabled: PayPal does not support your store currency.”

And will the canged currency be on bank transfer will it affect the PDF invoices plugin?

Thank you! Lukáš

fixed in 1.0.1, try new blank

New blank works, thanks. I am looking forward to completing the payment in selected currency :-)

Hello, i purchased this item and i used it in my eshop.

Everything works fine except the FINAL PAYMENT. The currency switch fine but at the end the customer only pays in the default currency (Pounds for me).

I want to enable it in checkout. How this is possible?

Hello. Multiple currencies pay will in next v.1.0.2 in next week

OK thanks, i am waiting!!!

Hello, How can I enter currency sign, rate and type manually. For example for arabs I want to add AED, dirham etc..

Hello. Just look on this screen, press Add currency and by hands set values

Ok but how can I add currency sign?

Hello. Is drop-down doesn keep it? Ok, you can add it here, and drop please this sign to me too, I will add this to the plugin code. Maybe in future I will add more options to add signs too…

hi, i have a question. I have a site on WooCommerce. My current currency is euro(set in back end), if i buy and install you plug-in, can i switch in front-end russian rubles, i can make payment in rubles, or only in euro(because euro set in woocommerce settings)? Russian payment gateway works only with rubles, but my price is in euro. Will it work, or your plug-in change only layout?

Hello. I tested with Paypal and this understand rubles

but it is on demo only and will in 1.0.2 what about robocassa – it is needs testing, and I do not know how its connects with the wp site


is it possible to have some affiliate products with EURO and some others from Amazon,com with USD ?

thanks, Stathis

Hello. No, it is not possible, the plugin works with all prices on the same time ….

maybe a back end converter in the edit options of the product that work manualy?

Hello. Not understand the question …

I have tested the blank version. I realised 2 issues.

Issue 1: The order was processed in the default currency of my site instead of the switched currency.

Issue 2: Not compatible with my payment gateway. I use 2checkout

Hello. 1) Yes, will in next version 2) Will compatibility for simple orders and paypal only, no 2checkout

Just purchased your plugin. Working good! :) Only question: My currency symbol is not listed in the drop-down. We have an own currency in our country. How can I add the currency Symbol?

Hello. Yes, you can add it here


I have installed this plugin into

I have set my main currency to Australian Dollars (AUD). However when it goes to checkout it always uses USD as the base currency. I have tried selecting different currencies as the main currency (Euro, Pund ect) but it always shows USD at the paypal window.

Hello. Yes, in 1.0.1 basic currency. I have beta 1.0.2 which works as you need, but still one problem there – invoices to mails come in base currency. But another things works well. If you will write me on my email I can send this beta for you

Out of curiosity, did you take inspiration for this product from our Currency Switcher? :) The purpose is the same, the name is very similar (ours is called Currency Switcher for WooCommerce).

Also, the feature list seems quite familiar. From this product page (verbatim):
  • Easy to use for administrators and shop customers
  • Allows customers to shop in their preferred currency
  • Setting exchange rates manually and by 3 currency aggregators
From our product page:
  • Easy to use for both Site Administrators and End Users.
  • Allows Visitors to shop in their preferred currency.
  • Automatic update of exchange rates, via Open Exchange Rates or WebServiceX.

Even the planned features match the ones already provided by our plugin. Not that there is anything wrong in implementing a competing solution, I just find it interesting that so many things match.

Yes you are right, to create good thing a lot of hours needs to be. But codecanyon good start for start selling at all. It is not problem to sell on own site – but another problem that site must have big attendance to make good sells …. Of course, your plugin is too power than my one, and my main plugin is MDTF (search) ...

Yes, CodeCanyon gives good exposure, unfortunately the revenue for our Currency Switcher would be too low and won’t cover our costs. Anyway, good work so far, especially with the MDTF plugin. :)

Thanks, good sales for you =)


I recently purchased this plugin and am very happy with how it works. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be compatible with PayPal.

On the payment screen it states:- Sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your state. Please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements.

Please can you help/advise? I really want to use this on my site!!! Thank you :)

Ok, I see purchased sign on you message, write me please an email: and I will give to you … even 1.0.2 beta =)

Ohhhhh I got it, it works!!! :) Thank you so much for your help!! I will leave a 5 star review :) xx

Thanks =)

Brilliant product and awesome support :)

Thanks =)

Hi Guys,

On my site I have only external product, I import all the products from affiliates API, I get all the price in USD,

I would like to present the prices in canadian dollar, can I set default currency to present from the CMS- without the dropdown ETC?


CAD only, no functionality else for all…. write me here please: I will sent you modificated plugin tommorow

So please make it NIS instead of Canadian dollar, Thanks a lot I’m really appreciate it

Ok, write me blank email to with subject WOOCS


Please can I have access to the 1.0.2 beta if possible? I need to enable the user to checkout in their selected currency rather than the default currecy, thank you :)


Please can I have access to the 1.0.2 beta if possible? I need to enable the user to checkout in their selected currency rather than the default currecy, thank you :)

Hello. Of course, write me email just now please

Hi Folks. From today if any of you will need help – do not write me on my direct email – for first time you need contact with me on this page: – from envato contact form in the bottom of right sidebar to verify you as customer. Thanks …

Wow !

I cannot believe that this is the only currency converter on CodeCanyon.

I am surprised someone did not already create this like 3 or 4 years ago.

Thanks RealMag

The USD symbol should be on the left side

A currency switcher should with a side widget for the Single Product pages

Hello. Thanks, fixed =)


I’m interested in the ‘customer allowed to pay in multiple currencies’ feature. When is the next version released?

Another question: Is it possible to set all prices manually instead of exchange rates or aggregators?

Thank you.

Hello. 1.0.2 will on this week. You can set prices as manually so by button from aggregators . You can buy 1.0.1 and then I can send you 1.0.2 beta to test it with multi pay