Discussion on WOOCS - WooCommerce Currency Switcher Professional

Discussion on WOOCS - WooCommerce Currency Switcher Professional

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If you set Korean Won as the default currency and convert it to another currency, an error occurs. Can you please fix this problem?

Hi, great plug-in. When you add the short code so the switcher displays under product price, how do you get the geo location to work? Say I set up the switcher with four currencies, the page loads with the first currency in the list and uses that currency. It seems when the page loads, the first currency in the switcher takes control and changes the currency which overrides the geo.


Please watch this video –

geo location - this only works for the first visit, after that the plugin stores the user's last currency

the place and number of switchers on the page does not affect the current currency

Read this –


Before placcing the order for your plugin can you please check the below 2 points if your plugin has them.

1- Manually enter currency price from the backend for each product 2- Restrict the currency by country, for example if the customer placed with UK address the only currency he can pay with is GBP.


Unfortunately the plugin does not have these features.

All prices must be stored in one currency

Compatible ELEX Dynamic Pricing and Discounts for WooCommerce ?


Unfortunately, we do not have such data.

But you can test it with the free version –

If this third party plugin is incompatible –

The symbol of Malagasy Ariary is MGA according to ISO4217 but i can only find Ar in the drop down list for symbol. How can i update this? thank you.

Thank you. Done.


Hi. Great plugin. 2 questions: a) I want to add some custom text to each Currency Symbol e.g. USD – Global . How can i do it? b) For USD, i see description but not for less popular currencies. e.g. XOF. How to add? c) Can you base taxes on currency chosen e.g. If USD, no tax. If EUR, tax at 10%.

thank you.

Hello Please watch this video – a) please describe it in more detail b)You can add any text – с) Unfortunately this plugin cannot manage taxes, but you can increase the rate for specific currencies –

Thank you. for a) i found the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen and now can see the Description field. :-) b) Sorted c) Noted. Thank you.


Great! Welcome;)

Why is there no option to set the rates to: “NO AUTO UPDATE” in paid plugin version, but only in a free one?


write me from the account (where you bought this plugin)

Update the plugin to latest version –

I have updated the plugin and now I have that option, thank you


Hi, On my website I have this currency plugin and product filter plugin. They are really good plugins. At the end of this year, php 8 will be kind of a must. Your woocommerce filter plugin is compatible with php 8. When will this plugin be compatible with 8? Do you have a plan for this in the short run? Thanks


WOOCS is compatible with PHP 8 – Current PHP version is: 8.0.22 (min. PHP 7.0)

Hi, i used this plugin in my website where after switching the currency, the main product prices change but the Add-ons prices don’t change. This plugin simply changes the currency symbol. For example, please check this link where on right side scrolling, you will see Add-on “Oiling & Knocking” OR “Anti-Scuff Sheet” where amount stays same in INR but symbol changes to $(for eg). Please help in resolving this issue.


Create request please for WOOCS LABS. The same instructions –

In my website i am using this currency converter plugin and i am finding 2 issues as follows:

First issue is that currency converter is not reflecting some changed amounts especially when i select Australian Dollars, UAE & Saudi Ryal

Secondly, My Add-ons were not reflecting changed amounts according to changed currencies in currency converters. So, i followed this article and after that, half of the issue is resolved. At the bottom, near to “Add to Cart” button, it’s reflecting the selected Add-on amount according to selected currency like in Dollars or Pounds or Sterlings but where user selects/clicks the Add-on, there it’s not changing the amount.

Please check this product as an example. Please resolve this issue on urgent basis because our website is live and people are booking orders. I have made a request there as well.. Thanks in advance..!!

I need that the product fixed prices rules to be added to all products in one click. As per documentation now we need to click on a button on each product and then click on Add all. Is there any way to do that?


Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature. You should use a bulk edit plugin –

Read this –

Hello, your fix here on

Yith product add ons doesnt work. How can I get this done?

That link is over 4 years old and since then there has been many updates to the plugin.


OK! you can create an adaptation request –

please accept my refund

Hello, I’m still waiting for the refund, please accept it, it’s been more than a week, I don’t know where to see your message, thanks

“This plugin does not fulfill the functions it offers thanks” – should be reason, what exactly wrong with the plugin and its description. If you have issue:

Hi, does it compatible with Gutenberg editor and block?


yes. But the plugin does not have blocks, to display the switcher use the shortcode –

try a free version –


Yes, use shortcode [woocs] in content block(s)

Hi, we have just now updated to php 8.0 and found a fatal error in your plugin.

Please let me know when this will be fixed. Thank you


try in file – wp-content\plugins\woocommerce-currency-switcher-free\classes\woocs.php

add this code –

if (isset($_REQUEST[‘products_ids’]) && is_array($_REQUEST[‘products_ids’]) ) {

Hello. good evening, our thema urna recommended your plugin, we were reviewing your videos… and we really liked that we can put a price according to the ip location (COLOMBIA), and we decided to try the free version… but we couldn’t get it to work…

The plugin does the conversion automatically, but when we put cop in the profile to specify the price it just doesn’t change. PUT IT IN USD.

We tried to change the profile… and from US to COP and it is impossible! we have tried all the settings in your videos and it just does weird calculations..

We have wpml, on their page they specify that it is compatible, we have wfcm but I think its function is not compatible…

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Thank you for cooperation and Welcome :)

Hello. we did the testing and still love your plugin. we have these two situations. We think it’s something we’re doing wrong.

The page sells internationally and in Colombia. (prices in Colombia are specific)

1. When the language of the page is changed from English to Spanish while in Colombia, it changes the prices, to conversion prices… but not the prices that we configure per product in the video you can see it. I don’t know if it has to do with the configuration that we are doing in the Geoip.

Thanks for your reply!


GeoIP Rules do not affect this. Do you use third party code to switch currency based on language?

Please drop me exact link to the issue OR even better write me here –


Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature.

Hi. I am looking for currency plugin which can display two currencies at the same time. So, no switching, I need 2 currencies to be visible in the same time. One should be main one and the other secondary but roles must be switchable. I see on your demo there is a dual currency display but secondary is approximately…I need this to be exact per manual exchange rate. Is this possible and please I need to see demo for this. Thanks


Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature.

but secondary is approximately – This is the exact conversion, Aprox: – we put this text because the payment will be in another currency

Maybe this feature will work for you –

This could possibly work but not sure how to activate this. I am currently testing this with free version and I can’t make it to show this approx amount of second currency. I see on your demo that EUR is main currency so it will show it as secondary after I click on USD for example. On my demo where I am testing this I can’t make this approx to show. Please advise.


Please configure GeoIP rules. This currency (Approx) is displayed if the current currency does not match the GeoIP rules

How Can i Set Currancy switcher after top menu ?


Yes, Read please:

You can use shortcode [woocs] to place switcher where you want


I need the code for the ratio button of two types of currencies to place on specific pages.


I appreciate your comment, thank you.



To make a custom currency switcher you should hire a developer.

If you have experience in programming, I can tell you about the functionality of our plugin

An example of the custom swither –


You can apply javascript code in your case: and in their actions use function woocs_redirect(currency)


venty Purchased



Thanks in advance!

BR Venty


this plugin has no conflicts with WPML. But not compatible with third party currency switcher from WPML


venty Purchased

But not compatible with third party currency switcher from WPML????


Yes! WPML has its own currency switcher, of course two currency switchers that are designed by different authors and have the same purpose will conflict


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