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Hi, Are you able to use this also in the admin, when you create a order for a costumer ? To use a different currency ?

No, since WooCommerce supports only one currency for all products, only the price display is affected, not the price you enter in the product admin page.

When you say “Allow to change the currency using URL parameter (?currency=EUR)” it means that I can show a woocommerce product calling a page with a specific currency?

Yes you can do that with the specified URL parameter, the widget and shortcode to change the currency are using this mechanism.

if someone make a purchase,the currencies will be change show to customer?

Hi, I don’t really understand your question, currently the plugin allows to change the price displayed in the store (WooCommerce) before the purchase.

I’ve implemented the price display on certain pages with following WC code: echo $product->get_price_html();

Will this plugin work with the way I’ve setup my templates? Can I just add the shortcode in a doshortcode() to make the switcher appear and function?

Yes prices are converted everywhere on the front-end using filters (like woocommerce_get_price). So it will work with your setup out of the box. Same for the do_shortcode() as it’s a WP coding standard.

Nice Work! GLWS!

does this support cryptocurrencies??

Of course, it supports any existing real or virtual currencies, you can even add your own currency if it does not exist, it’s very flexible, you just have to setup once the currencies you want to use in your website, after that it’s only a matter of keeping them up to date with the market automatically using existing services or manually.

I’m trying to find a plugin that really auto detects a persons location and changes currency right away. I read all these plugins that say and it never works. Your plugin doesn’t say this so I’m curious to know if your plugin works like this or how does the customer see the change? Do they have to select from a drop down because that’s not something I want, I want my site to auto detect and display that currency based on their location. Again, I’ve tried a couple plugins that have said it does this but I cannot get any plugin to work like this.

Does your plugin do this?

Hi, knowing where a person is exactly cannot be done without a GPS or similar equipement, so it requires at least that your users have a smartphone and allows the website to request the geolocation, this could be done but it’s a bit complicated, on the other hand most websites get the position based on the IP address which is not very precise but sufficent to guess the currency, that is why you found a lot of solutions like this. For this plugin, there’s nothing like automatic guess of the currency, it’s only manual.