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Do you do custom dev for an existing plugin? If yes, how can i get a hold of you?

Yes, I do. You can email me from my profile page. Thanks

is it possible to disable the gift card manually (or decrease value in case of purchase in physical store)?


Is plugin compatible with WPML?

This plugin alone is all I need to have a Gift Certificate function for my Store ?

Depends on what you want for your gift certificate. But this plugin functions well for Gift certificates.

Hello! I’m interested in your plugin, but i’m trying to figure out if it will support what my client is after. Here’s the simple run down. They want to be able to offer a 50% discount on an item of equal or lesser value. Is that possible?

Hi, yes it’s possible. You’ll have to create the coupon code in the back-end. Thanks

Hi! I just bought your plugin. I’m wondering if you have a sample HTML template for the Coupon Deducted Email and the Coupon Refunded Email?

Hi, you can find a simple html email template in the plugin folder. Thanks

Hi ! I’m wondering if this plugin can do what we want.

We are currently using coupons to give 20% discount with different order maximums. (It’s for volunteers that works for us and the maximum is determined by the numbers of hours that they do).

We want 2 things:

First is to allow the coupon to work with an order that exceed the maximum but just apply the discount on the maximum. For example an 300$ order using a 20% coupon with a 200$ maximum, would get a 40$ discount.

The second thing would be to reduce the maximum of a % coupon by the order total. I know the plugin does this for coupon with static amounts of money (it update the money left on the coupon), but can it update coupon maximums that uses percentages ?


C’mon, no answer after 10 days ? I would like some info please.

Hi, coupons can only be applied on orders. For the second one,coupon can only be static amounts so that the balance can be maintained. Thanks

Verynicejobdude =)

Thank you.

Hi there, does your plugin support tracking the number of orders even though they are of a zero value? We run many coupon campaigns where people order via sites like Groupon etc, when they enter the code on our site it reduces the value of the product to zero – but we would still like to track their useage.

Yes, coupons can be tracked even if the orders are of zero value. Thanks

Does this plugin handle coupon/gift card balances? If I issue a $250.00 coupon and the customer only uses $100.00, does the system manage the balance for additional uses?

Yes it handles coupon balances and re-usage of coupons. Thanks

Hello. We want to buy your plugin, but we have a couple of questions. 1. People will give gift cards, and prihidit with them in cafes, beauty salons, cinemas. Your plugin is possible to activate it, simply activate without buying nothing on the site? I saw that you can test the code through a beautiful shape, but I do not see activate. Thank you

Hi, I’m not sure what you mean by activate because the coupon codes are not activated.

only when purchasing online, you can activate the gift card?

Hi, gift cards are not activated.

Hi… Quick question. Do I need any other gift card plugin to work with this plugin or is this stand along plugin for woocommerce? Thanks!

Hi, this plugin is a stand-alone plugin for WooCommerce. Thanks

Do you have a demo back-end/front-end? I am interested in this plugin, thanks

Can I use this plugin to create personalized coupons for bloggers and affiliates so they can give to their audience and be able to see how many sales they have made? (maybe they can log in to the their dashboard and see their sales or at least receive an email notification every time someone uses their coupon). Thanks!

Yes it’s possible. Little edits will be made to the plugin. Thanks

Hi when entering a valid copoun in copoun search page I want to redirect users to the cart page Populated with products associated to that copoun and the copoun applied to the cart , or at lest a link added to the search copoun resaults to redirect to the cart as saying above. so the search copoun page will function as redeem and search.

if this function not available but you can add it I will purchase.

Hi, the function is not available but can be added for you. Thanks

hi, we have your plugin but whenever we use the coupon code and select compaign the coupon value becomes – means we have a 100% discount on a code once it worked ok then on 2nd time the value is changed to -100 can u loook in to it please

Hi, our website is under maintenance. However, you can sub,it your ticket here . Thanks

So now – 16 days after we requested support you got a support page. Nevermind – just refund our money – we wrote out own solution that actually works.

Also – while in the request for a refund you said you answered our question – it is important to note that you did not. Since your website is not functioning and your support system did not work until just now, we asked this: hi, we have your plugin but whenever we use the coupon code and select compaign the coupon value becomes – means we have a 100% discount on a code once it worked ok then on 2nd time the value is changed to -100 can u loook in to it please


Can I ask something before I buy the plugin?

- Can this plugin be used to create a month-to-month coupon? For example, a coupon called “5dollarmonth” will give to anyone wo uses it 5 dolar discount for each month, starting on 1rst day of the month.

Can this be done ?


That’s more like a monthly subscription. The plugin doesn’t work that way. Thanks

Hello there,

No, it’s a coupon with a limit of credit per month, tnat auto-renew each month. Is there nothing you can do about it with this plugin?


Yes I understand what you want but unfortunately the plugin does not functions that way. If you want it built for you as a custom solution then that’s where I might be able to help.

Hi, can this plugin work with WC 3.3 ? does barcode function also can used with other coupon plugins? Thank you

Hi. Yes it will work with WC 3.3. It should work with other plugins.