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I have a problem, there are 2 places to add promotional codes (coupons) in the cart prior to the customer registering.

Once he registers from the cart all there is is the payment method and no promotional code box into which to place the coupon code.

Having an existing account or registering before adding the items into the cart allows a promotional code box, but this will turn many potential customers off as this is not the way internet business is done.

I really want to use the countdown feature but the way most people will register, i.e. from the cart means I cannot use it.

I cannot be unique in having this problem.


This sounds like you have an issue with your theme or the way your checkout template is rendered because in WooCommerece the customers can input coupon codes both on the cart page as well as on the checkout page. See this screenshot on how that looks like using the Storefront theme:


I have several coupons that are set to expire a certian period of time after a user purchases a product. I have shortcodes such at this:

do_shortcode(‘[coupon_countdown code=”newclient” color=”red” show_description=”true” show_invalid=”false”]’).do_shortcode(‘[coupon_countdown code=”learnnow” color=”blue” show_description=”true” show_invalid=”false”]’).do_shortcode(‘[coupon_countdown code=”spiceitup” color=”yellow” show_description=”true” show_invalid=”false”]’).do_shortcode(‘[coupon_countdown code=”bediscreet” color=”green” show_description=”true” show_invalid=”false”]’).do_shortcode(‘[coupon_countdown code=”neopolitan” color=”blue” show_description=”true” show_invalid=”false”]’)

However expired coupons are still showing.

Please advise.

Hi, you can use [coupon_is_valid] provided with the free WooCommerce Coupon Shortcodes plugin – please see for details in the documentation.



Will I have ability to offer $5 discount each day to my customers with this plugin?

They should have ability to use $5 discount each day once. For example. Every customer in Group 1, with $5 discount can buy products 5 dollars cheaper on monday, same on tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday.

Can I do that with your plugin?


There’s no daily usage restriction so what you describe wouldn’t be possible. Thanks for asking, the idea is interesting though.


I am trying to set up a way to offer a ten-pack discount for personal training. What I don’t see any discussion about is where the decremented coupon usage limit is reported. Is that occurring in the Orders menu area? or the Coupon menu area? – Thanks

Hi, the same reporting facilities as in WooCommerce standard are available. There’s no specific distinction between those coupons using a time constraint and normal ones.

Good morning friend, your plugin is really interesting, I apologize if I make a redundant question.But I need a plugin that generates a code for each registered customer and this code is emailed to the customer and the administrator so that the customer can print and take to the establishment to receive the discount on the purchase of the service. It is possible to do this?

Hi, thanks for asking but this plugin does not support such a feature, sorry.

The minimum and maximum do not seem to work. I have a product A. When A is purchased once they received discount 1 When A is purchased twice they received discount 2 When A is purchased three times they received discount 3

All coupons are shown even though that should be an impossible situation.

Ok thanks. Yes, that’s orders which have been fulfilled (processing or completed). After checking this replicating the coupons you have indicated, it seems that if you have an order with different products which also contains the required product, it will take the quantity of any of those in the order into account. This needs to be fixed – we’re testing a fixed version which seems to be working correctly now also in those cases. An update will be released with this fix shortly. Please excuse the inconvenience caused by this bug and thank you very much for bringing it to our attention.

Unfortunately the fix did not fix my problem. I can still see the coupons, even though I have not ordered the products I specified. (test user). Regardless I should only be able to see one coupon at the time, never all 4.

With the update and our tests the restricted coupons would only be applied if the number of times the product was ordered previously was in accordance with the minimum and maximum set. Maybe there’s something else producing a conflict. Can you please provide admin access so we can have a look? Please forward credentials to support at itthinx dot com and make sure to include a link to this conversation.

Hi can any one suggest templates or plugins similar to website, I want to launch a cashback and coupon website. Thanks in Advance!

Hi, sorry but this won’t be possible with this plugin.

Hi, Does this plugin allow following :

1. Send new coupon code to user who purchase order. Send coupon on every purchase. 2. If user give that coupon code to his/her friend then they can apply it. 3. Anyone can apply that coupon code until it get expire. 4. If same user purchase second order then new coupon code will be sent.

If above things are in plugin, I really like to buy it.


Sorry no that’s not possible with the plugin: #1 #4 The plugin does not send anything to users.


Hi there,

Can coupons be activated by a click?

I mean, when visitors clicked, a coupon code automatically added to a field on a checkout page?

Thanks, Igor

Thanks for asking, no this is not possible.


Z3r0 Purchased

hi where can i find the settings?

Hi, please check the documentation page for details:

Hi, quick question…how can I centre the coupons when displayed? I’ve tried centering the shortcode string but this does not centre the coupon. Also I’m not sure how to use the padding part of the code, I want there to be more space between the lines, but I don’t know how to use the shortcode to achieve that, the notes are not clear enough for me. Thanks in advance! Crystal

Hi Crystal, Centering should work with the editor but it can depend on your theme and you might need to add some CSS rules. Can you provide a link to a page where you are using the shortcode to have a look and give you some hints? Cheers, Kento


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Hi there, Two quick questions, please:

1. Registration on my website is via a pop-up window which does not redirect to a landing page. How do we activate user registration date on this plugin in this case?

2. Is it possible to generate a coupon code without displaying any coupon on the website (so that we can only send the coupon codes by emall)?

Many thanks, Fabrice

I’d say it depends and I would strongly recommend you hire an experienced consultant to make the decision :)


fab1210 Purchased

Fair enough, thanks :)

You’re very welcome, I hope it helped somehow. Good luck with your project! :)

Hi there, i have a pre sales question.

Is the coupon remains valid and usable after the expiration date specified in the General tab?


Hi, the coupons remain valid within the parameters of validity specified. If you have an expiration date, then the coupon won’t be valid anymore.

Hi there,

Where we can find live demos of all possible coupons & countdowns?



Thanks, Kento.

I have found only 2 demos. The link you’ve posted – leads to different plugins.

What are included in this plugin?

Cheers, Igor

Hi, the demo covers several plugins including this one. Please have a look at this documentation page: for more details on this plugin. Thanks!

I tried leaving a comment on your support page but I did not have any luck so I’m posting here.

I cannot get the plugin to work. I have checked and re-checked all settings. Can you please assist me?


Yes sure. Can you please explain briefly what settings you are using and what you don’t get to work? Also if you can forward temporary admin access to support at itthinx dot com please so we can have a look if needed.

Cheers, Kento

Just trying to set up a basic coupon that a customer is only allowed to use once. I realize that this is checked against either email address used for the order or by registered username. However, this function is not working for me. I have already had a customer who was able to use the coupon twice using the same email address. I have carefully checked settings and everything appears to be set correctly. It’s possible that I am overlooking something. I have sent administrative access for you to take a look. Thanks for the help.

Many thanks for the access details, we’re on it. I’ve just sent you an email.

Hi there, is the following scenario possible with your plugin? I want to sell golf club memberships if a customer buys a subscription he has to receive (after payment) 4 coupons for a 100% discount for 4 golf lessons.

Best regards, Gijs

Hi Gijs,

Assuming you would have a coupon that is limited to 4 uses per customer and conditional to having bought that subscription product previously, I think then yes that could be suitable.

Cheers, Kento

Hi there, I was looking for a demo but that didn’t work. But is it possible to use this plugin with a countdown timer with let’s say in a time frame from 3 hrs the discount is going up until someone buys it? on time i mean?


There’s a demo here – you can register an account and there’s a coupon displayed on that page showing the amount of time left to use it – that coupon is based on the time since the user has created an account, there are other options, too. For details please have a look at the documentation

Regarding your questions:

>>... is it possible to use this plugin with a countdown timer with let’s say in a time frame from 3 hrs the discount is going up until someone buys it? on time i mean?

That really depends on the conditions for the time left if you consider using this plugin. For coupons with an expiration date, the expiration date “granularity” that comes from the standard settings simply doesn’t allow you to create a coupon that is valid until a specific hour, so that wouldn’t be an option.

Cheers, Kento

Hi, it’s possible to show in the coupon description, a link to the products? so the user see the coupon and clicks on the link to view the products available :) Thanks!

Hi, no sorry links are not allowed as these are filtered

Hi, i can hide a coupon if is expired for current user? I don’t like that a user see a copon expired :) Thanks

Hi – please have a look at our free plugin and also details on this plugin’s shortcodes