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Nice idea All the best :D

Many thanks :)

This was inspired by a customer who asked if it would be possible to use an alternative message and I thought it was a good idea, let’s make it happen ;)

Not work! When activate it ? Internal Server Error

Fast_CGI = error 500 Mod_PHP = ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE


This is not related to the plugin itself but to your setup.

Return the money, because neither me nor hosters run it failed!

Ok, send it.

What type of connect you use (icq, skype)?

Your memory limit is 40MB – screenshot :

Check the wp-config.php, you’ll see a couple of lines towards the end which I’ve added. You can uncomment those and have the memory limit increased.

That’s one step into solving problems with your setup. You should still get in touch with your hosting provider so they can check the server logs to see what is actually causing your 500 internal server error.

Here’s an additional resource

Again, this is not related to the plugin. You must find out what is causing the 500 and fix the issue. You can also try disabling other plugins and then enable these individually to see what’s causing the 500.

Hi! Does it check if a coupon code is applied? I want every buyer to use a coupon and post a message to buyers that don’t apply coupons.

Hi, no it does not cover the case you describe. Thanks for asking :)

It is not working. i have latest WP, latest woocommerce, latest theme.

I click on the “Coupon Mesages” link in admin, but nothing happens, abolutely nothing, ALL other pages in admin works, just yours doesnt. Have you tested this on IIS hosting?

remove that LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont want my site public for everyone to see!

maybe there is an error in your plugin that is affecting their plugin – can you check it out?

Hi, I can’t edit the comment with the link anymore. I’ll ask Envato to see if they can remove it.

Anyhow, regarding the error, as I’ve already mentiond in my reply above, there is no error on that page and it works fine. I am not aware of any error in our plugin and the error message that you mentioned before is not related to the plugin itself but to a possible mistake in Points and Rewards. You should get in touch with WooThemes support to point out the error you had seen, they will be glad to look into it for the Points and Rewards plugin.

When I activate this there is a tab for it under coupons, but the page itself is blank. There are no options or fields shown where you can do anything, just a blank page.

Activating it also causes blank pages to occur under your other Coupon plugs like Groups, Roles, Expiration etc.

When you deactivate they go back to normal.


Hi, we don’t see this happening with the latest versions installed. What plugins do you have installed and what versions are you using? Also WordPress and WooCommerce please.

Hi, your plugin works great, but I’m having one issue. The custom messages all work perfectly except for when you remove a coupon on Checkout. Then it always says “Coupon has been removed” no matter what. Any idea what might be causing this? Thanks.

Hi, thanks for using it!

The “Coupon has been removed” message can’t be customized (yet), it appears when the coupon is removed on the cart and checkout page. Thanks for reporting this, we’ll check to see if we can add support for changing this message, too.

Hi, I get a 502 error when I try to enter a coupon after the installation.. I would like to get a refund, thanks

Hi, a 502 Bad Gateway points to an internal conflict which is not related to this plugin. The cause can be due to a lack of PHP memory or a conflict or server misconfiguration. See for example You should check your logs and get in touch with your hosting provider to solve the issue. In any case, if you want a refund you should ask Envato support

Plugin does not show up on website??? Installed correctly, and allows me to make changes on back end. However, does appear on site and you documentation is absolutely horrible.

Please detail what do you mean by “does not show up” – you also mention “does appear on site” which seems contradictory. Could you please explain what settings you are using and what exactly you want to achieve? Also if there is any part in the documentation that we can help you with, we’ll be happy to do so.

Hi, ok with woo 2.6?

Hi, is there plugin still under support? Is it work with Woocommerce 2.6? Thanks.

Yes of course!

I don’t see any place to change the message if the coupon is being applied to a cart that is more than the MAXIMUM spend on a coupon…

Okay, I think I fixed it. I added this line to /class-woocommerce-coupon-messages-coupon.php:



I bought the plugin and installed it. As soon as a message is trigged that I modified, the message I want is displayed but this following message is displayed under the header. Any idea on what is happening? Thanks. Latest version of Woocommerce / Wordpress.

Warning: get_object_vars() expects parameter 1 to be object, null given in /www/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-coupon-messages/lib/core/class-woocommerce-coupon-messages-coupon.php on line 338

Note, that the message does not appear if I do not modify the default message. For example, if I try to apply a coupon that does not exist or if I leave the coupon field blank and click Apply Coupon, the warning message will appear if I modified the output message.

Thanks -D

And for the record, it does what it is supposed to do quite nicely. Thanks. :)

Hi guys,

Many thanks for the feedback and the report on the warning.

Although we can make the warning message disappear when debugging is turned off, this is still something that should be fixed, I’ll have a look and prepare a new release with that.

Cheers, Kento

Thanks for addressing this.

Do you have a change log for this plugin? Curious as to what was in the the most recent update. Thanks.

Sure, it’s in the plugin’s root folder in the file changelog.txt

Hi, can shortcode be used in the custom message?

Hi, sorry no you can’t use shortcodes there.


I cannot use HTML like class=”showcoupon” because this is being stripped out after saving. This is not what is being advertised in the pre-sales. Can you add the feature that more HTML tags and atributes are possible?

Hi, can you please specify where you want to add this class?

I want to add in the text-input in the CMS for any message. If WooCommerce throws an error message to the end-user, then “click here to enter coupon”-link is hidden… which is not user-friendly because if you entered the wrong coupon code, you want to try again as end-user. This scenario is what I’m trying to fix by show a link in de error (invalid coupon) message like Click here to enter your coupon code. Clicking on this link triggers WC Javacsript to show the Coupon input field again.

Plugin does not seem to be compatibel with WPML string translation. I would like to be able to translate the strings with WPML. After rescanning for strings with WPML (and I specifically selected the WooCommerce Coupon Messages plugin under WPML > Theme and Plugins localization) the strings of this plugin do not appear.

We’ll be happy to review it for WPML string translation. Could you please specify which versions you have used?

Always the latest version :-) At the moment String Translation 2.6.3

Is there a solution for this message? We have version 1.0.1 running but see this message in our list of plugins – There is a new version of WooCommerce Coupon Messages available. View version 1.1.0 details. Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin.


does this work with WPML and WPML String Translation?