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Unarguably, Storeapps is best when it comes to anything Coupons for Woocommerce. GLFS

Thank you!

Hi, I just purchased the plugin last night and everything is working fine on the website. But the confirmation email has an error in it and Im not sure what to do next: “Warning: Missing argument 3 for SA_Coupon_Message::wc_add_coupons_message_in_email() in /home/content/90/11273690/html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-coupon-message/classes/class-sa-coupon-message.php on line 224”

How do I clear this error?

We responded to your support ticket couple of days back and hope that solved this issue. We will include a fix for this in the next update to the plugin as well. Thanks!

Is this compatible if we have WooThemes’ Free Gift Coupons installed?


It should work with Free Gift Coupons plugin. The plugin works with Smart Coupons, Chained Products and any other plugin that uses the standard coupon system of WooCommerce.


Hi, it doesn’t work on my web page. I don’t know why. Can help me find the problem?

The plugin may not work as expected only if there is some misconfiguration or conflict with another plugin/theme. Can you please send us your website URL and admin account details so that we can look into this?

Please don’t post that information here. Use the contact form on our site – – to provide that information.


Hi, is it possible to assign different message for each coupon code?

Yes. The message field is available in each coupon. So you can set different message for each coupon

Hi, when we activate the plugin our cart will not show anymore. Is there a setting we need to check?

We’ve just submitted fixed version (version 1.2). Soon it’ll be available for download (It might take few days for review).

Update to version 1.2 & this issue will get resolved.

Great! Let me know when the new version is out! Thanks

Hi StoreApps,

I would like to know about this plugin; can you also edit the message when the coupon is used, but the cart criteria are not met? I’m looking for this solution;

Coupon1 gives product1 for free with the order.

product1 in cart + Coupon1 added = product for free + confirmation message (I understand that I can customize that message, but that is not what I’m looking for..)

Product1 not in cart + Coupon1 added = custom error message (“Add product 1 to cart to receive this coupon discount!”) <- this is what I need!

Is that something which your plugin facilitates? Or am I trying something which is not possible?

Thanks in advance for your answer!

This plugin doesn’t provide rule-set based on cart. It doesn’t provide any feature to show conditional messages.

The plugin will simply show message if set in coupon when that coupon is applied to cart.

If I purchase plugin, will I be able to change this coupon message: Coupon added but not yet applied: Sorry, this coupon is not applicable to selected products.

This plugin only adds a new message when a coupon is applied. It doesn’t override message from any other plugin including WooCommerce.