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Many thanks :)

Hi, I keep watching all the great work you’re doing. Wow! Quick question. I need to bulk upload posts for thousands of users. I need to password protect the post to each user and assign them a temporary password which they can change. Won’t your groups portfolio serve my needs best? J

Hi, many thanks for your kind comment :)

Regarding your question, Groups doesn’t help to protect posts with a password, that’s already built-in with WordPress. You can protect the posts using Groups though, you don’t need anything in addition, just the free Groups plugin.



Can I use this plug-in to create a 25% off coupon for only a specific customer to use?

Thanks, Josh

Hi, if you know the customer’s email you probably don’t even need this plugin as WooCommerce lets you restrict a coupon to a specific email OOTB. There are other extended uses where this is helpful though.

Thank you for being so honest in your response. I wasn’t aware that Woo Commerce has developed their coupon system so far.

You’re very welcome :) You can find the documentation for that here – under Usage Restriction > Email restrictions.


I just purchased your plugin. I have lots of coupons. After installing when I went to configure the coupon exclusions on each coupon, I just can’t access the coupon drop down list.

I can send you login details to take a look.

Hey, ok thanks. Is there a quicker way to add a list of coupons to be removed or excluded? I have about 53 coupons. I need to open each of them and select it from the list one by one to add them. Maybe a button which when clicked populates all these into the box. That would be easy.

Hi thanks for the suggestion, currently you have to do it individually for each coupon as there is no bulk assignment option for that.

Can it be done as a custom work by you and how much it will cost?

The client has over 100 personalized coupons for his friends and relatives. Plus there is one coupon which gets auto loaded when the cart quantity is at least 2. So he wants only one coupon to be applied at a time together with the auto load coupon if applicable and but not with the rest.

So you can imagine the amount of time that will go if each has to be opened and other 99 coupons to be added in the exclusion list.

So basically something like a master setting or option where coupons cannot be used together with each other except with one or two specified coupons.

Thanks, Sachin

We have special early bird pricing for certain products (using Events Calendar Pro with WooTickets), and then regular pricing on products a few weeks before an event.

We want to offer coupons to customers but we want the discount to come off the regular price, not the early bird (sale) price. Is this it he plugin to do that?

Hi, you don’t need this plugin for that. Have a look at – “Exclude sale items” is a standard option for coupons.

That’s not exactly what we are looking for. We know we can exclude sale items.

What we want is for the coupons to still work on sale items, but for the discount to be taken off the retail price, not the sale price. But still have the sale price available for those who don’t have the coupon.

Hi, then this plugin won’t work for you, sorry. Thanks for asking.

Does this work with the Woocommerce Brands plugin? Can I exclude a brand?

Although we haven’t tested it, you should assume that if you have any particular requirement involving brands, this will not be supported by the plugin.

Hi Itthinx,

Could we not allow the discounts from to work when customers use a coupon code?



Thanks for asking, it’s possible but we haven’t tested the two together and can’t promise they will work without conflicts.


Hi, I’m getting an checkout/?wc-ajax=apply_coupon 500 (Internal Server Error) when I try to apply a coupon that is supposed to remove another specific coupon that is already applied.

e.g. Coupon “NEW” is set to remove coupon “OLD” when applied. Coupon “OLD” is currently applied. When I apply Coupon “NEW” at checkout, the ajax results in the error mentioned above (when viewed through the chrome console).

Woocommerce 2.4.7 Woocommerce Coupon Exclusions 1.1.0

Could you please check this scenario?

PS You can see this working with the coupon codes ex1 and ex2 on the demo site

Hi, thanks for quick response. I forgot to mention one more condition, and I think it’s actually this condition that’s causing this error (probably a loop). And the condition is that Coupon OLD is set to be automatically applied to a certain Group, as part of a feature of

So I guess what’s happening is that the Group Coupons plugin keeps automatically applying the coupon while this plugin keeps removing the coupon. If so, then perhaps as a future enhancement this conflict can be resolved via a setting?

Just to elaborate, my use case is as follows. I have a group known as “Members”, and when members log in, a Members coupon is automatically applied towards their purchase (via the Group Coupons plugin functionality).

However, from time to time I offer special discounts via another coupon that users need to be manually apply. And when this special coupon is applied, I would like to remove the original auto-applied Members coupon.

Hi itthink,

Great plugin.

I am a +1 for bulk selection of the coupon excludes and removes.

That would be a really handy addition to a useful plugin.

Hi, many thanks! That would indeed be a useful addition to the selection fields. They are using the standard mechanism in WooCommerce, maybe we can improve that by itself. Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll certainly take it into account!

can this exclude products by taxonomy type? if not,can you direct me where you can?

Hi, this plugin is used to exclude and/or remove other coupons. Excluding products by taxonomy type … in what relation? M aybe you’re looking to exclude product categories but that’s already a standard feature in WooCommerce and you don’t need any specific plugin for that.

Hi, ok with woo 2.6?

Nice job, glws.

Many thanks :) !!

Hi, how hard would it be to do the opposite, so instead of Exclusion, Inclusion? For example, I have one coupon code ($1OFF when you like our facebook page) and about 10-50 coupon codes for affiliates. So instead of Exclusion, it could Inclusion for the $1OFF coupon code but all the other coupon codes can’t be used at the same time.

Hi, you mean for example when you apply coupon ABC to have the option to automatically apply coupon DEF, too? Sounds interesting.

So your case would be like this? :

1. Someone uses an affiliate’s coupon, for example A123 2. The coupon $1OFF is applied automatically 3. The cart now has two coupons applied, $1OFF and A123

Is that what you would like to have?

Hi, no sorry, i think a little confusion. No automatic coupons. So I will have about 50 coupon codes that can only be used once at cart, cant combine these coupon codes. However i have one coupon code 1OFF that can be be used with any of these 50 coupon codes. So is there an easy was to instead of selecting al 50 as exclusions, have the 1OFF as inclusion or something like that.

Hi, hm no I don’t see an easy way to achieve that to be honest. This is something we’d really have to implement but I can’t really promise that this will happen soon. Maybe one solution is that you leave the coupons for affiliates open without exclusion but do exclude those from any other coupons that you offer except the 1OFF coupon. But that’s really tedious and you can’t leave the affiliate coupons open to be used together I would assume, so that’s no solution either.

presale quesion: can your plugin exclude by user role? I have members assigned to roles and they receive automatic shopping discounts. I don’t want them to be able to try and use coupons that will be advertised for non-members