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Hi, can I get the language personalization version please?

I see it now, nevermind thanks!

How can I translate the continue shopping links with WPML? The strings are not getting registered

Hello – I took some time today to investigate a PHP error on one of my client WooCommerce sites and was able to narrow it down to your plugin. I corrected the error myself since it doesn’t appear that you have updated the plugin in a long time, but I thought I would provide the fix here for anyone else who might want to fix their copy too.

“The woocommerce_get_page_id function is deprecated since version 3.0. Replace with wc_get_page_id.”

I made a backup copy of your original plugin after also taking necessary precautions with the site itself. But it was an easy search & replace with a code editor (I still use Dreamweaver). After clearing the cache this fix cleared the php error.

Thank you for taking the time to share! I’ll make sure to get this updated in the main plugin and push an update out…it’s due for one :)

Fixed and submitted update – thanks again for taking the time to message us, we really appreciate it :)


I’m sorry if you are getting two copies of this message.

I need the “Continue Shopping” button to take my customers to the homepage, not the shop page. Can you please instruct me on how to do this? Thank you!

Hi – if you log into the admin panel and go to the “plugindistrict/continue shopping” settings you will see a place to put in a different URL. Hope that helps :)

Like bands321 I’m interested in the Continue Shopping button to either go to home page or another URL than shop. Thank you.

Hi – if you log into the admin panel and go to the “plugindistrict/continue shopping” settings you will see a place to put in a different URL. Hope that helps :)

Just what I needed, sorry I missed that. Thank you.

Thanks for the great review! Take care :)

Just got your plugin and its creating an “internal server error” on my checkout page. Disable the plugin and there is no error.

Kindly instruct how to resolve this issue.


Probably a naming conflict with another plugin. Please PM me on my profile page and will send a new version

Hi there

I am a webmaster putting the final touches to a store on a website and the ‘continue shopping’ plugin has been purchased from you. There were no instructions in the zip file on how to use the plugin (to upload). So I uploaded the zip file and the new continue button is there on the cart page (but there was already a continue button on that page which came with the Woocomerce / Jupiter theme, so now there are 2 continue shopping buttons (I will have to remove the ’ continue shopping ’ button that was already there but I don’t know how otherwise there will be 2 continue shopping buttons there on the cart page). I have through the plugin settings been able to alter the url within the button, so that’s no problem. The aim is for the ‘continue shopping’ button to be on the cart page, the checkout page first of all. I see 3 php files in the zip file and don’t know what to do with these. Please can you help. Many thanks to you.

Please send me a PM with the account you purchased the product

Hi. Can the button redirect to the last viewed item? If yes, how?

No, only static url can be added

Hi, how can I translate Continue Shopping vie WPML? String translation is not working.

Sincerely Anique

Hi, I’m considering this plugin, but would like to know if the button colour will or can be changed (easily) to the colour in my shop. Thanks

It should auto use the CSS color scheme of your theme. Let me know if you have issues

Sorry but the qrcode are generated on a no ssl website. Could you update it?