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Hello, I installed the free version of your plugin but it is not working right, in my store I am adding 3 fees: 1 fixed and 2 percentages, when 1 item is added to the cart the fixed and 1st percentage work fine, but the 2nd percentage is way off, when added a different product with the same fees, the fixed fee doesn’t add up and the 2nd percentage stays off, why is that? Thanks.


Thank you for reaching out us.

Can you please create support ticket here and give your wp-admin details. So We will review your issue.

Thank you, DotStore

Hello, I just purchased this plugin but now realized that there is no option to adding the fee to a specific variation of a product only a product itself. Can you please let me know if this is possible? Thank you.


Thank you for reaching out us.

- Adding the fee to a specific variation: This feature is not available in our plugin. But if you want this features then we can customize for you. We provide plugin customize services as per customer requirement.

Please let me know your thought here.

Thank you, DotStore

Yes I would be interested because I purchased the plugin for $59 and now I currently can’t use this for the current project I am on. I need to be able to use this specifically on only 1 of the variations of a product, and after the quantity reaches a certain amount it would waive the fee. I think the second part I can accomplish within the plugin you already have, its just assigning it to the specific variation and not the product as a whole.

Hello Sir,

Thanks for sharing your requirements.

We recommend you to create the ticket on our support panel. So, we can do better communication and understand your requirements properly. Below is the link for the support panel.


Thank you, DotStore.

Presale questions:

1) I am using this for a ticketing website. We need to be able to set the product fees (convenience fees) per product variation. So one ticket will cost $5.00 base and we want to add either a fixed fee to just that ticket or a percentage based fee to just that ticket.

2)This fee would show up on the checkout page once they select their ticket and would be calculated in final total

3) I need to be able to export a report detailing all fees per selected products.

Can this do this?

Hello Sir, Thanks for contacting us. 1) Yes, you can add fee(Fixed or percentage based) based on product conditions. Right now you can’t add a fee for a particular variation but we are working on this for a future release. 2) If conditions satisfied then a fee is definitely displayed in cart/checkout page. 3) Right now, there is not any functionality for exporting fee. Let us know if we can further assist you, Thanks, Multidots.


I’ve tested the free version of the plugin and this one was working fine… now I’ve bought the PRO version because I want to combine the extra cost in my cart. But after installing the PRO version my cart page is unreachable…

Can you please help me with this problem?

Thank you!

Hello Sir,

We apologize for the inconvenience with plugin.

Can you please share your wp-admin details and create support ticket here

So, We will check your issue and provide a solution to you.

Thank you, DotStore

The product should be free of tax (0%)

I would like to define a special tax rate for the extra charge. (Eg 18%)

As far as I can see, this feature is not available.

What is the tax rate defined for the main product, it uses that rate for the additional fee.

But I want to get a different tax rate for the main product and extra charge.

Is this possible?

Note: Your old plugin ( doing it correctly. (decimal percentage)

I removed the commas and changed the part /100 to /100000000000000.

I entered the percentage as 30188679245283 instead of entering 30,188679245283.

My problem is resolved. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Excel has a maximum of 30 decimal places.

I recommend you,

100 is updated as 100+ (30xzero) = 100000000000000000000000000000000.

And you can put a warning.

Please enter 30 digits after the comma because we made the percentage calculation very precise. Complete the missing digits with 0, and then remove the comma.

You can put a warning like this.

Hello Sir,

Thanks for the suggestion.

We will surely review it and after that implement it in the plugin.

Thank you,


pre-sale question: Hi i need to add a fee for quantity for some products. For example: When the amount exceeds 10 units and up to 40 units I need to charge an additional for the box. and if the amount is between 40 and 80 I need to charge 2 boxes, etc. its possible this? Tanks

Hello Sir,

Yes, you can charge a fee for the additional quantity of products based on quantity parameter. It’s better you can create support ticket here for more details:

We can tell you after knowing your exact requirements.

You can check our live demo as well to configure your requirements. URL:


Multidots Team

Hi, before we purchase the plugin. Does your plugin able to do this?

1) Default shipping AusPost Regular for flat rate $5 for all orders under $99.99 (excludes insurance)

2) Free shipping all orders over $100.00 (excludes insurance)

3) Customer option to add Insurance $2 covering lost/damaged orders up to $100

4) Customer option to add Insurance $5 covering lost/damaged orders up to $300

5) Customer option to select Express post for flat rate of $12 for orders up to $99.99

6) Customer option to select Express post for flat rate of $17 for orders between $100 – $199.99

7) Customer option to select Express post for flat rate of $25 for orders between $200 – $300

Is there a demo site / or a free trial so we can test?

Hi Systemise,

Thanks for contacting us. You can check on our demo website below available. Also available free version but this provides limited feature.

We have described all plugin features with screenshot and example. It will more clear about the question. Check out store landing page –

- Demo Website:

- Documents: - Free plugin version:

Please do not hesitate to contact us. if you have a query.(Please create support ticket

Thank you, Multidots