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Hi! Is it compatible with WooCommerce 3.0?

Yes this plugin is compatible with WooCommerce 3.0.x

Hey, prebuyer question.. is it possible to have different featured image based on attribute? Here you can see the problem, when you pick from menu for example the beige, there are black tshirts, beacuse featured image are those black tshirt. I need to be able to upload featured image for beige color (I have colors set as atrributes).

No, that is not possible. Sorry about that.


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When the plugin is installed core features stop working in the wordpress back end. Two examples are: The menu on mobile The report section of Woocommerce

Please fill in our support form for this issue so we can look into it in more detail, thank you. Our support form is:

Hello, pre sale question:

I’m developing a shop online for clothing. There are categories like Boy and Girl, and for example:

Product B Is in Category A (Girl) and Category B (Boy) Has color variation: Pink and Gray I need when I go to Girl Category the product appears with the Pink variation, and when I go to Boy Category it appear with the gray variation.

Does This plugin do that?

Thank u

Yes it does that, you can have a picture to show when the product is viewed in a specific category.

Hello! It could be possible to see an admin demo? Thank u

Not possible as this is a backend plugin which is involved with products.

Hi, pre-sale question:

I’ve had a look through your screenshots, under the photos tab can you show a different image for each category that the product will be displayed in?

For example, our customer is selling unisex t-shirts but he wishes to sell the same product as a Men’s and Women’s t-shirt. He has a featured image for the t-shirt worn by a male model and another featured image with the t-shirt worn by a female model and doesn’t wish for each gender to be able to see that it can be worn by men or women.

So, if I leave the product with no featured image in the Woocommerce settings and just use your photos tab to set one image for when it’s shown in the Men’s category and one image when it’s shown in the Women’s category, will that work?

Another possible complication is that we’re using another plugin to skip to the first image in the image gallery on product hover, “WooCommerce Product Image Flipper”. Do you have any experience of whether your plugin may affect this, as this is one of the main features of the site?

Thank you, Richard.

Hey Richard, sorry for the late reply. Yes you can show a different image for the product depending on what category it is displayed in.