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Thanks a lot Galal, you’ve been a loyal fan. Get in touch with us via email, it would be great to touch base.

Will done! GLWS :)

Thanks for the support!

You have the coolest plugins! Keep it up :-)

Thanks so much man, this comment means a lot!

Your welcome! I am super excited to see what else you come up with down the road!

We are excited too.

this plugin is exactly that i need but live preview doesn’t work. can you fix it? i want to see how it works before purchase

We are working on it now, thanks for the report.

Unfortunately preview doesn’t work

We are working on it now, thanks for the report.

Im getting this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function WC() in /home3/bennys32/public_html/wp-content/plugins/featured-image/woocommerce-conditional-featured-image.php on line 283

Please help

Sorry to hear this, can you please fill the debug form on our support site. As you can see, it’s the first release so we want to clear all the bugs we can despite the testing we have already done.

Hey I’m looking for a plugin that will give me the option to define a product that has multiple varieties. so for example the drop down menu basically holds the information of that product varieties, so for example if the product is a blue cup, but the customer wanted a yellow cup, the drop down menu would give them the option to change the color of that cup. Also if they wanted another size of the same cup the drop down could also display the price change of the same cup but different size. Hope that makes sense. Does your plugin do that?


No this plugin does not do that, what you’re describing here sounds possible with the default WooCommerce plugin. There are more plugins that could certainly enhance the experience that you are describing but they can be found on WooCommerce’s site or even on CodeCanyon. But this plugin, does not do this. This plugin changes the featured image depending on what category you are viewing. i.e. in your case, let’s say the product “Cup” can be used for hot drinks and cold drinks and we have two product images 1. One image with a cold drink in it and 2. one image with a hot drink in it with steam coming from it. If you visit Cups > Hot Cups – you will see the hot cup image, if you visit Cups > Cold Cups – you will see the cold cup image. Do you understand?

Hi, I want to have the featured image, on all pages to be different than the featured image on the Product-Page.

Can this plugin do it?

I don’t care about category pages, I want Featured Image #1 displayed everywhere, but when viewing the Product-Single-Page, I want a completely different featured image..

Thank you!

Yes and no, you’d have to define what image you’d want to appear on “all pages” and they are set by the category which the page is on.

Ok I understand what you’re saying, so yes. Just not a side-wide option but I could still accomplish this. Thank you

Sorry, the live preview doesn’t work :( Also, what does this plugin do? Can’t understand by reading the description. It displays certain images?

It displays a specified image as the featured image under set category pages.

Can’t get my featured image to display on the frontend/shop page, even though I set it in the WC backend (using latest WP/WC). Would appreciate any help!

Sorry to hear this, please can you fill in our debug form on our website and we will have a look at this issue.

Does anyone know how to use this plugin? I’ve plugged it in and authenticated the licence and it doesn’t seem to do anything?

Can anyone help?

I should say that this error is in Chrome, it doesn’t cause the issue in Safari – if that helps you improve the plugin.

Error: There are 4 more closing curly braces ‘}’ than expected Error: There is 1 array declaration that contain text character variables or values without quotations: array( ‘ajax_url’ => WC()>ajax_url(), ‘ajax_loader_url’ => apply_filters(‘woocommerce_ajax_loader_url’, WC()>plugin_url() . ’/assets/images/ajax-loader@2x.gif‘), ‘post_id’ => isset($post->ID) ? $post->ID : ’’, ‘wc_cfi_placeholder_img’ => WC()->plugin_url(). ”/assets/images/placeholder.png” )) ); PHP Syntax Check: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘_product_wc_cfi_photos’ (T_STRING), expecting ’,’ or ’;’ in your code on line 264 $saved_photos = get_post_meta( $post->ID, ‘_product_wc_cfi_photos’, true);

this is for the main php file

We are struggling to replicate this issue, can you please fill in our debug support form so we can see it on your end and see what is going wrong?

Can you please take a look at my last comment about the fact that the plugin is breaking the Wordpress Admin?


We are looking and testing, please can you fill the debug form on our website.

Preview still doesn’t work.

We are removing the preview link now, thanks.

Hi there!

We’d love to purchase your plugin, it does exactly what we need, we’re just a bit iffy as it states current support is only up to WordPress v.3.9, can you confirm it works with 4.1.2?

Thank you!

The latest update fixes the major bugs which users were facing. Such as missing customers and blank screen. There is another update due to come out end of this week which will address the other minor issues.

Fabulous, thank you!

Hi there!

Will the update be released soon?

Thank you!

Not that soon, we have a few issues to tackle with our more popular plugins which are taking longer than we expected. But, we will get time to it eventually.

Hi, want to buy this plugin, does it work with the latest wordpress release? i rly need it :D

Hello, I understand how to set a photo for each category, but how do you define the photo to be displayed when the user visits the default “shop” page with products from all categories?

Unfortunately our plugin only takes care of the product image per category not on the product page.

Yes, I know, but I don’t need to alter the product page. I would just like to select a “conditional” product image for ALL catalog pages, even when all categories are displayed together.

Ah right, sorry the plugin only sets the product image conditionally on categories only, if you wanted on all catalog pages, you would have to define the product image for each and every category.

Hi, is this needs do_action calls in order to work? BR

No, it should work as it is.

Hello, does this work with latest Wordpress and Woocommerce? Thank you