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Hi ,is this compact with mobile display? since my one seems display wrong, http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/1757976/17ae3603d3e21ab9ad32e692b8f04e82 thanks

Hi, please contact here info@webcodingplace.com

I will fix this design issue on your site


hi, the email sent failed… please check the link


do you still need admin and ftp?

or you can guide me how to change.

Paste following code in custom css box of your theme .flip-clock-wrapper ul { width: 7.5% !important; }

Sorry for the email address, that was help@webcodingplace.com

Let me know if it doesn’t work


Hi, i have buy it! but in my website doesn’t go. display the count down but also the add to cart button. Con you help to find the problem? www.back-door.it Thanks

Hi, can you please contact me here help@webcodingplace.com I will see this issue on your site


Rameez, this code can be added to emails? I want to added the countdown to my emails. I have seen some emails that have that service.

Im useing aweber, in case is needed. ;)

Hi, sorry it works only on product pages

Is there any way of including the date it is available as well as the timer?

Hi, sorry I didn’t understand.

please send an email here with details help@webcodingplace.com


Hello Rameez_Iqbal. I would like to tell you the way it actually is. I am sorry, but i’m not satisfied with this plugin. It is not reliable – sometimes it works, for the most it does not…

I would like to get a refund for this product. Because for me it is not good enough, that I pay for a plugin, which does not work and even worse it is a plugin – that never had been updated to avoid any attacks from hackers.

I hope we can find a solution.

Mikkel Brandt Hansen – Brandt1097 Purchase code – fbf2311d-f5f6-4d4b-8a9c-ac1927497539

I installed the plugin but its not displaying the time slider bars under the calendar. I can only edit the day of the month not the time. Also, the counter is not showing up in the product thumbnails, its displaying the price where the counter should be.

I am having issues with this item, the countdown time shows up but the add to cart button is also visible instead of being removed.

Please advise.

Hi, please send the URL to help@webcodingplace.com


Hi, I’ve buy the plugin, but doesn’t work!!

I put the configurations at the product page and nothing happens.

Please, can somebody help me?


Hi, please contact us here




Unfortunately the plugin does not work. I don’t want this anymore.

How I pick up my money back?!


Want a refund Not working correctly and not updated 74c61389-7857-43e0-9ebd-96031bcdb810 – 21 Aug 2017 REGULAR LICENSE

hello I just bought your plugin but doesen’t work. No countdown on product page. I just notice that you plugin it’s not show on your website….I am very disappointed

Hi, Please send an email at help@webcodingplace.com and we will see this issue on your site.


Hi, I’ve just installed this plugin in my store and it’s not working. The add to cart buy don’t hide neither the clock countdown appears. Also I’ve marked the “hide price” checkbox and it’s not working.

Hi, can you please contact help@webcodingplace.com along with the product URL?


Hi, the “add to cart” button goes hidden on main Shop page, but not on single product page, that is a big problem, is there any option for that?

Hi, please contact here along with product page URL


We will see this issue on your site


hello i just bought the coming soon countdown plugin.upon installing i find that tthere if no setting to set the countdown timer and to also place the countdown on top of the page.please help

Hi, you can find the settings on product edit page. You can contact us at help@webcodingplace.com and we will help you.


Please remove the login credentials from here. Its a public forum. Send us the details via email here help@webcodingplace.com


Hi, I’ve just installed the plugin but it’s not allowing me to set the time, only the date. Is there some sort of setting that I’m missing?

Going on from that the date format is not reflecting that set in my wordpress/woocommerce settings

Hi, please contact support@webcodingplace.com and we will see this issue on your site.