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Hi, can I use this plugin for posts and an additional CPT? Thanks, Francesco

Hello there,

For now our collection plugin will only work for woocommerce products, not other custom post type.

If you want me to create functionality like this so please contact us on wpweb101@gmail.com


Ok, thanks.

WARNING – If you are planning to use this Plugin (which essentially is a very good plugin) on Variable products, be aware that it does not work correctly.

It does not automatically show the “Add to Collections” button on Variable products. Other plugins do. Customers have no idea they can add the variable product to the collection, unless they select all the options first. And no customer will do that without being told to, or if they are just browsing.

Thanks for the suggestion. we will see if we can add this feature in future.

Can your plugin save quantity selection?


As of now plugin doesn’t provide save quantity selection

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Hi, is there a way to export an email list for specific watched items? I’m looking for an addon that customers can “watch/want” and then to be able to target these customers when sales become available or if the product is out of stock when they want it, we notify them when it is back in stock.

Any way to integrate or hook into mailchimp?

No, plugin does not provide mailchimp integration but its possible with custom code.

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Hello On your demo, hen user enters a product custom note http://fr.tinypic.com/r/fatnno/9, I was expecting that user will find his custom note when he was on his bookmark page: Is it possible to ass the custom note somewhere? Best wishes

I’ve just tried. When I enter a custom note before added the item into a collection, I do see an empty div “woocl-note”...

please create support ticket from our support system: http://support.wpweb.co.in/ Our support team will check and update you for this.

Yes, you can create support ticket from below link:

Thank You.

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