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Hi, is this plugin compatible with BuddyPress and WC Vendor? Thanks!

compatible means, yes there is no conflict issues with this both plugins but we dont have any extra features to make compatible with them.

If I buy this plugin and find compatibility issues. Can I ask for refund?

No we cant make refund but we happy to check and solve the issues.

Hi, great plugin you have there!

Is it possible to let the logged in users to follow the collections author and not the collection? It would be a great addition.

Thank you.

Thank you, I have another question before hitting the purchase button. In plugin’s docs there is a “Follow Email Options” which sends an email when collection is updated.

Is it possible to send a similar email when any collection from the author is updated or created? I mean if a user is following an author and this author update a collection or create a new one, then email is sent.

Hey guys, if you could answer it would be great. Thank you.

That should work.

How do I get Facebook Share to work? Thanks

Please create a support ticket and we are happy to help you via that.


I was wondering if you could provide some new code that I could put into functions.php or somewhere else to remove the Add to collections button from all the product listings on the home page. The alignment and function is not working on my site so I would rather have it removed. Anywhere else on the site it seems to work fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It would be great if you can create a support ticket and we are happy to help you via that.

its dispossible to use with buddypress and show collections on the buddypress profile? event show the profile user on the collections? thanks

There is no errors, if there is any error we are happy to it solve it and launch another update.

ok if you make for buddypress let me know i need more features that i cant see for example option to let users create collections and display that on their profiles, even to integrated with the activity.

more features can be done as custom paid work, but if you find any bugs we can solve them on priority base but as far I know there is no issues.


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Greetings! Will the owner of a collection be informed when someone purchases something in their collection?

no, sorry thats not possible but we can do as creating small custom extension for that.


Boxxout Purchased

How much would that cost? And who should I contact?

you can create a support ticket custom work here :



Is it possible to make a specific collection(s) only visible to users with a specific user role(s)?

not by default you can do that easily via few lines of custom code.

Can you tell me how to do this?

please buy the product first, and then create a support ticket and we can help you via that.

Hi, is this plugin compatible with WordPress 4.5.3 and WooCommerce 2.6.2 ? Thanks!

Yes it is.

RTL Support?

Sorry, not yet.

Hi, nice plugin! We want to buy but need these two features that we noticed others have requested of you in the past months:

1. integration with buddypress to show collections of user in buddypress profile 2. ability to allow specific users to make collections only

Are you working on these? If not, when can you implement them by(days, weeks, months)?? We want to use but your plugin is incompatible for our buddypress setup.


How long will it take you to implement #2? We want this feature in the plugin. This should be a standard feature for ecommerce site never let all users have ability to do collections.

you need to buy the plugin and you can request for custom work via support portal, and we can help you as paid work at that time.

we have added feature to disable specific users or user roles from doing add to collection. do you needed the same or anything else here? please let me know your thoughts so we can try to add that feature if more people going to ask for the same.

Hello guys. I tired opening a support ticket, but with no response. Could you please check the ticket? The plugin does not work properly on my site.


sorry for delayed response as we are not working on saturday/ sunday. we had responded your ticket please check the response there.

Hello, very interested in purchasing this week but, when is your next update? Could you add ability to only allow a specific role or users when selected on thier user profile to be able to do collections? Thanks!

already replied.

We have added the feature you have asked. please check latest version of the plugin.

Hello, very interested in purchasing this week but, when is your next update? Could you add ability to only allow a specific role or users when selected on thier user profile to be able to do collections? Thanks!

No, as for now all user can create collections even we have option for guest user. If this is enable then guest user also can add collection.

We have added the feature you have asked. please check latest version of the plugin.


Our plugin is compatible with most of themes, and there are thousands of theme, it is impossible to check with all the themes.

Our collection plugin is an extension of Woocommerce so button will only display for Woocommerce products not for other posts.

If you want the collection button for each product but in case you fond the button is not displaying due to compatible issue with your theme then we have a short-code support available for add to collection button which you can use.


Do you have to purchase before you receive a quote for custom extension? I do not want to purchase if it cannot be customized for my needs but I can’t submit a ticket to get a quote without proof of purchase.

Sorry for delay in response.

No, you can discuss your custom work via wpweb101@gmail.com and we can give you quote first. if it looks okay then only you go and buy the plugin.


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I have pre-buy question :)

You mentionned that using your plugin with community plugins should not be a problem.

Have you see awwwards.com? This site and many others show the avatar image of the users who have saved this item in their collection.

Can we add such avatars behind your “add to collection” button? Have you thought about htat?:)

Or would this be possible with your plugin? If not, do you offer customization to do so?


Actually we already displaying the avatar image on single collection page like here : http://demo.wpweb.co.in/woocommerce-collections/collections/view-collection/68/

- But not behind “add to collection” button.

If you want that then we can customize this for you. But it will be a custom work for you.



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Hello, I have placed a Ticket however I have not heard back yet, please get back to me urgently. Using the Revo theme. a) on the Products Detail page I want to have the Collections button near the Add To Cart button. The issue is I cannot tell what page is used for the Products, I think I have it, however in the template the page does not show detail in Visual Composer, and that page also seems to have 2 functions. 1) showing products summary after a search, 2) showing the full detail of the product and ordering.

So my question is, how do I get Collections integrated into the site without finding a place to plug source code into existing source code ?



We have replied on same day please check response and reply via support ticket so we can help you more over there.

please check your spam emails you may get emails in spam.


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Waiting for Support – Ticket has been submitted regarding a Bug I found.

it delayed due to sat/sunday. we are providing support from Monday to Friday only. please check both your tickets answered.


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Hello, Thanks for the great plugin. I purchased today. Can you tell me how I can remove the prompt that says “Describe your Collection. Say something about why it was created or why it was special” or else is there a way to remove it from the text box? The problem is that this text will publish to the collection, if the user does not enter their own text instead. I do not think that will be a favorable result for these collections. Thanks so much for you assistance.


wpweb Author

Can you please create a support ticket and we are happy to help you via that.


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Is it possible that this plugin can be used admin side only and not by guests or members? I would like the guests and customers to be able to view collections made by admin but not be able to create the collections themselves. Can you please tell me if this can be done? Thank you.


wpweb Author

Yes we have options to disable add-to-collection for guest user and all members from frontend. You can see the screenshot for this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3hpc5ku1ql6lmns/collection-setting.png?dl=0

Can you please create a support ticket for any more questions and we are happy to help you via that.