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I have just sent you an email with my login credentials. I can’t find any knowledge base docs etc. Can you get it to work?

destroyed my site, visual composer disappeared altogether. I want a refund!

Hello mynemesis
Sorry, I’m busy at work 1 should be no delay. Can you refund.
Thanks You

Hi, I wrote you a support question a couple of days ago, I need your help as the plugin I paid for does not work. Thank you.

OK, no response for 4 days (+ a week from my support request) so I want my money back.

Hello jagresz
Sorry, I’m busy at work 1 should be no delay. Can you refund.
Thanks you.

Plugin is not working. Does not show any form to fill out information.

Sorry found how it works. I did not think I must control inside of woocommerce.

I am using the Jupiter theme, which has its own customized VC component. Your plugin now “complains” about VC needing to be present. Well, it is, just not the original one. The shortcodes still show up within the VC page builder.

Please spell-check your source code: “collumn” -> “column” There are more.

Thanks you, I well update now.

Visual Composer Crashed after I installed the plugin, and I cannot activate visual composer again???

Why the author is not reacting to any issues? My Visual OCmposer stopped working after installing this plugin…seems like more people is having same issue…can we report this author so they ban him from selling it?

Still waiting for support… Element screens keep on loading, no reaction from author. I really like the idea for this plugin but it doesn’t deliver


I bought the product and it is working, I had no problem with Visual Composer. I did not find the models, but this is not a problem for me.

Only one thing upsets me! The animation of the tabs, is it possible to change the animation when I change the tab? Because the current animation is very gross, it seems heavy and ends up giving an unprofessional aspect. I do not want to offend your work, for this opinion is personal.

I wanted a Fade animation, something cleaner, is it possible? Could you provide me with a guide on how to change the animation?

Thank you

Hello , I can´t add any custom fields into the billing, as they don´t appear on front. I can ´t even change the label names. Thanks for quick help.

hi just baught it great plugin i was wondering how can i translate the next and prev text on step checkout


Author of this plugin probably took his holiday, but more then 20 days is getting be tiredful for response ….

Hello Permanentinstitut
Sorry for the delay. I’m busy for a long time. Now I’m starting to work again.
Thanks You

I’m considering buying this, but I see people saying it doesn’t work. So the question is, does it work, or should I save my money?

Hello blends
It working, can you refund if it doesn’t work
Thanks you


b1options Purchased

Hello, I would like a refund please. Thank you.

Hello b1options
I have refunded
Thanks you

This plugin broke my theme completely, now Visual Composer is not working at all!!!!! the checkout is a disaster, login is not working either when I activate this plugin, I want my refund this is not what I payed for

Hello alternagroup
Thank for choosing our plugin. Please send your admin access and FTP via my contact form at and I will help you check it.
Thanks You


jmotion Purchased

Can’t make the select option required as the first field will always be taken as completed. Needs to have a null value for the first field but include a label like “Please select”.