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I’m getting this error: Geocode was not successful for the following reason: ZERO_RESULTS

how do i fix it?

Website url please. Also if you get ZERO_RESULTS it means that geo location was unsuccessful.

Can you help me understand what i’m missing?

Hi, the map is not displaying, could you help me please thanks.


The map is there Please open a ticket at, for further assistance.


How can I get coordinates from customer’s order. I have the map and detail but I want coordinates to work with google maps on mobile to make shipping easier.

no, I haven’t. Any recommend?

if I did what should I do next?

well it should work automatically, open a ticket at

Is compatible with last wp and woocommerce versions? Thanks

Yes it is, also I’ll release an update this month with some cool features. Cheers!


Spaney Purchased

Hey there,

The new order email that WooCommerce sends has the map box, but there is nothing displayed in it. Just a blank ”?” image.


Post the issue to


Hi, my website have an ssl certificate, so in my dashboard when i check the orders, the image of the map is blocked, how can i bring the image from a secure source? thanks!

Create a ticket here Thanks!

hi i have an woocommerce. when the customers buy some products id in ckecout know the distance and apply a fee for that distance. Is it possible ? Thx in advance. Best

It’s possible but not with this plugin. I can do something custom. Let me know

Hi i install the patch for https, but still the same problem of content blocked, could you help me? thanks

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I have been waiting 24 hours for the login password in your support form but still nothing ,, plus am getting zero result error

Yes nothing is there , please contact me on

I couldn’t found any account with that email in Send and email to

Can you please do something ? It been 4 days ! i can’t move the pin from one location to another after entering the address , what i wanted is the address is apart and the location is on another place , basically i want the customer to choose any location not the location on the address !!

It been Six day … and nothing been done ?

you need to understand, custom work takes time because you are not the only one with requests, I have a large queue, also you spamming every way of communication is not helping.

Hi, thanks for your plugins. We did install it but in the checkout we have a “geocode was not successful for the following reason zero_results” error. Can you please let us know what to do ? Thanks.

Hi, it’s done. Awaiting your feedback ! Thanks.

Thank you

Hi, I did sent you few emails & left another message on your support link. Can you please give us a feedback ? Thanks.

Hi, i install the patch you send me but still not working, the images doesn’t display in the emails, and the is blocked content in my admin panel because i used https, thank you for your help.


use the support forum

Hi, I would like to purchase this plugin but I have a question before i do that. Can the user click on the location in the map and he/she can select the place? as in demo i cant see this functionality, you have to enter your place and address and it will mark there. Thanks

Hello, the address is updated when the user drag&drop the marker on the map, is this what you want ? if you want a more indepth discussion write an email to