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Hi, I have installed this plugin and the buyer he picked up the location and placed the order, after received the order from admin page there is no map or details for the customer location.

Please advise.

Thank you,

it’s accesible only that it had a comma after the link try this:

Hi, Could you please check again because the site is working fine as you see here (

Thank you,

will do, thank you


RatQz Purchased

Used for months without any problem. But since the last update of Woocommerce it blocked some checkout field from filling the field. When deactivating the plugin, the field are accesseble. Any idea?

Can you open a ticket on, thank you!


kohde Purchased

i ve install this plugin but when I checkout and fill the address field the maps not outomatically drop the pin at correct location. It still stuck on default latitute and longitute, Please help. Thanks

have you opened a support ticket here ? thank you.


kohde Purchased

how to add location on register form????

this is not a supported feature of the plugin

This might be a bit of a stretch, but would it be possible to use your plugin to determine whether or not a customer was within city limits? As in, is that information available and could I hook into it to run an action that limited deliveries only to areas that are outside of city limits?

hello, this feature is version beta, will be released after I’m done testing it, if you want to be a part of the testing process please send an email to

Hi, it is possible select a store nearby as a location to deliver? I had many stores and i would like that the user on the check-out can select the store by their location.

No, not possible yet, but if it’s something you need please send an email to

Hi, I need sabet where the coordinates are stored in the db since I need to generate a report and take that data. Thank you

the coordinates are saved as options.

I need to show Latitude and Longitude in the user profile, or to be able to remove it when exporting a report of orders of the day. How can I do that? Thank you

It needs some custom work done but it can be done. Contact

Hi, Please I need your support because I have installed this plugin and the buyer he picked up the location and placed the order, after received the order from admin page there is no map or details for the customer location I have opened topic # 816 since 13 Sep waiting feedback.

Please support

Please update.. I’m waiting the feedback since 13 Sep


wp098 Purchased

Hello !

why you don’t support ?

i bought your product and sent email & Ticket to support But you don’t answer …

please answer and otherwise i’ll have to report your support to envato.

which email address did you use and what’s the ticket number ?


wp098 Purchased

first of all, Hello … !

so, after 9 days you say which email and ticket number ?! I don’t know…

my problem has been fixed …

Thanks …

be great just what i am looking for but the demo does not work and the map in check out is too small

does this work in spain ?

what do you mean the demo doesn’t work ?

Hi, can it work with WC 3.x?

Hello, yes it’s compatible with the latest versions of WP and WC

checkout page keep on loading after installing your plugin

use support forum.

can this plugin work with wordpress 4.8.3 and woocommerce 3.2.3?


cipas Author

last patch is compatible with latest versions

Hello. Can add a different address field and map to this plugin. I want 3 fields for the address.


cipas Author

Hello, it’s not possible on the current version

When is the map registered?