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Trying to test this plugin on staging site. But I get the following error message.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /www/sites/buyplumbing/test/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wc-checkout-form-progress-bar/admin/class-wc-integration-checkout-progress.php on line 364

Running WP 4.0 and WooCommerce 2.2.9.

Cheers Luke

The updated version has been approved and you can now download it from CodeCanyon :)

Okay thanks I will give it a try.

Okay working fine on the dev site. Thanks.

Looks great and friendly! I do only see images on the live demo… Could you please setup a demo store?

I’m working on a more interactive demo :) It will be available early next week. Thank you for your interest!

Users with an account that contains all address details see when logged in a 100 % progress bar even before they click the buy button. From a logical point of view this is right, but some users might think that their purchase is already completed without clicking the buy button. Any idea how to avoid or hide this?

Thats a good point you make. I could add the option to hide the bar for logged-in users, or auto-hide the bar on 100%. If you have any suggestions please let me know! I’ll let you know when I have updated the plugin :)

I would appreciate this option. If possible I would like to set the percent value in the settings for this scenario as free input (ie 90 %) to remember all logged in users that they have to click on the buy button to finish their purchase.


The demo is most important key, you missing out on potential sales. Images look good and all but you need the demo to the close the deal. You might like to think about that on your next product launch.

Good luck with sales.. :)

Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it. I’m working on a interactive demo right now ;)

You’re welcome….. sound like a winner, I be on the look out for the demo.

What it does is when i progressively fill out the checkout form, the progress bar also fills up updating its bar as i continue to fully fill out the checkout page?

Hi! The progress bar checks for all filled in required fields, and updates the bar in real-time as it changes. Is this what you mean? I will have an interactive demo up shortly (somewhere next week) Thank you for your interest!

Yeah thats what i men’t and thats really cool. I’ll wait for the demo because im not exactly sure if its what i want. Thanks for the reply mate.

Hi, a quick pre-purchase question: Does it work well on mobile phones and tablets? Is the bar responsive?

Yes absolutely!


I would like to know with if with your plugin I will have this ( ) instead of this in my website ( for the payment form .

thanks in advance for your response, Chris

Hi! The plugin really doesn’t touch the layout of the form in any way, it only adds the bar. So your fields will stay correctly positioned.

Hi, so I’ve installed this plugin and it’s not showing up under my Integration tab… just blank with a save changes button showing.

Hi! Can you tell me what version of WooCommerce you are running and maybe what theme or other WooCommerce plugins you are using? If you could send me an email with perhaps a screenshot or other details that would help me a lot fixing the problem :)

Thanks for sending me the details! Did finishing your WooCommerce update help as I suggested?

Hi, i have filled in all of my required details in my shop, but it does not reach to 100%. Can you tell me why is that?

Shipping details are not displayed on my shop, only billing details.

and btw, very cool plugin, i like it and will recommend!

Hi! Do you perhaps have a link so I can have a look? Or if you could send me an e-mail with a screenshot or 2, that would help me a lot :)

I fixed the bug! The plugin is now updated too.

Hi, You have a real demo? Thanks

As it happens I am working on a live demo right now :) It will be ready within a couple of days; I’ll let you know when it’s up.

Hoi Eindbaas,

Bedankt voor deze goede plugin!

Ik heb echter 1 probleem. De balk blijft op 85% hangen terwijl ik wel alle vulden heb ingevuld. Zou je me hiermee kunnen helpen?

Alvast bedankt!

Url waar hij is op geinstalleerd:

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Right now I’m on a trip and will be back on 16 September and will look at the bug then :)

That will be great! Thanks in advance!

Hi! It took awhile, but I have a fixed the bug! (it was counting a pre-selected shipping-field too many).

You can download it from CodeCanyon as soon as they approve the update (1.2.2). If you want I can send you the update directly; just email me from my profile page.

Seems to be an issue with the bars remaining empty on a single page checkout setup.. I enter data in fields and the bars don’t budge..

Hi! Could you send me a link for me to check out? (You can send me a private message if you don’t want it to be public.)

If you can tell me what other plugins you are using that would help find the issue :)

Hi! Can you please let me know whether it would be possible to use this progress bar, with some customization, in the comment form, to represent how a user progresses in fulfilling the fields in a comment? Thanks!

Hi Niksa,

The progress bar in this plugin is specifically build for the checkout from in WooCommerce. It can’t be used for the comment form unfortunately.

It is a good suggestion though; thanks for asking!


I’ve tried to install your progress bar plugin but cannot. I get “no valid plugin found’ when I try to upload the zip file to wordpress.

Kind regards


Hi Andrew,

Perhaps you are trying to upload the wrong zip file. The zip file you download from CodeCanyon contains a manual, and another zip file intended for uploading :)


Ik heb de plug in gekocht alleen hij werkt niet op mijn wordpress site, de balk op de afreken pagina staat op volle 100% en hij is breder dan de pagina zelf, graag zou ik een refund willen.


Hi Kanss,

Sorry for the late reply; I was not able to reply to you sooner.

You can check the Envato refund page here:

Could you tell me what version of WordPress/WooCommerce is running and which Theme you are using? Sometimes the theme can conflict with the plugin. If you could send me a link with the bug that would help me fix it :)

Hi, I just send refund link. I’m always up to date with woo commerce and I’m using jupiter5 theme.

Thanks anyways, the idea look very good tough


I want to buy this plugin, but I need the progress bar to start on the Shopping Cart page, and then continue to progress through to the Checkout.

For example: Shopping Cart >> 33% Checkout >> 66% Thank You Page >> 100%

Is this possible?

Hi. It’s a great idea but that is not what this plugin does. It shows the progress of the filled in fields on the checkout page. Thanks for asking!


gbruzzo Purchased

Hello there running WP 4.6.1, WC 2.6.4 After Installing I get:

Warning: Declaration of WC_Integration_EB_WCCP::generate_settings_html($form_fields = false) should be compatible with WC_Settings_API::generate_settings_html($form_fields = Array, $echo = true) in /home/....../public_html/........./wp-content/plugins/wc-checkout-form-progress-bar/admin/class-wc-integration-checkout-progress.php on line 5

Please advise

Hi gbruzzo,

Unfortunately the plugin is not yet compatible with those versions of WP and WC. I will release an update for it as soon as I can; but it will take a couple of weeks. I can let you know when the update is available if you want. Sorry for the inconvenience!


gbruzzo Purchased

Hello there, thank you for answering. I understand the issue; indeed please let me know as soon as you can. thank you in advance Giacomo

Hello, is this now compatible with WC 2.6.4 ?

Hi there :) Nice plugin! do you realize you are the only recent creator of ‘progress bar for woocommerce’ plugin, you have no competition. Please make sue your plugin is up to date and i will purchase it.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I agree an update is in order! I’ll let you know here when it’s been updated :)


Your plugin does not capture the username and password fields on checkout’s page.

Could you please add the username and password to the checkout progress bar criteria?

Best regards,

Hmm thats odd. Do you know what version of WordPress and WooCommerce you are using? If you have an example page on your site that would be very helpful :)

Latest wordpress version and Woocommerce 3.0.3.

Progress bar does not increase if the account or/and password fields are used on checkout page.

Please provide me with your email or some private link to send you my website credentials.


jugadelpi Purchased

Any updates on this?..

You can go to any website using your plugin and you will see that your plugin does not work under the above described circumstances…