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Pre Sale Question – Can you edit field visibility by state chosen?


Sorry, I can’t get your point?

Can I choose to show a custom field only if a particular state is shown? For example, only show and upload file field if a NJ is chosen as the state?

Sorry, it’s not possible. Only Plugn’s options fields are used for conditions.

pre sale question: Hi I want to add a select box or radio button to my checkout and I’d like to add conditional fields. Meaning when selecting option a, please fill in date. Is that possible? Thank you


thanks for your interest, you can set conditions based on select/radio options.

Pre-sale questions:

When you add a custom field to e.g. the Shipping area between name and address, is it also displayed in emails (customer and admin) and order review pages in the same area at the same position?

Is it possible to select, if the label is shown in emails and order review pages? We want to add e.g. salutation radio buttons and title text field above the name at billing and shipping, where the label should only be shown on the input step at checkout page (because the other name and address fields for billing and shipping are also shown without labels in emails and order review)?

Does the Plugin support the latest WooCommerce version 3.3.4?


well extra field will be shown in different place like below default shipping fields in order.

And yes it support latest version.

Quick question before buying.

1. Is this plugin can create additional fee in dropdown fields? 2. Can the additional field created by this plugin can only be shown on a certain product, and different fields for another?


yes you can add additional cost with dropdown. Sorry field will be loaded for all products.

is there a way to hide them for other product?


Sorry, yes this feature is available in plugin. You can set field visibility based on

1. product ids, 2. categories 3. users

I forget :)

Hi, we already purchased theis, but when we try to add a dropdown with prices, the price doesnt change or add to the total


please share your site URL?

sorry to speak too soon, i resolve that issue. But, Can u tell me how to use your conditional logic, as what i need to do is when i select an option in the drop down, then it will only show a text below and that text will change based on different selection from the dropdown


We seem to have a bug with the required fields in our checkout form. We are using PayPal as a checkout method.

When the user clicks through to pay, no error or any other message is triggered on the checkout page. They are handed through to payment, but then our order emails are missing the required fields (name, shipping address, etc.) that we need to actually fulfill the order.

To replicate, https://needlepointnow.com -> Place any item in card, proceed to checkout, leave required fields blank, click on “Proceed to Paypal.” You will be directed to Paypal with no required field info.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Sorry, support is provided only paid member, you didn’t purchased plugin. Or use related account.

Hi, demo not working?

Hi We have the Woocommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin and have an issue with the Postcode Field. If we enter a postcode of W7 3SU when it goes through the checkout process the shipping postcode is changed to W7 3S U.

It doesn’t do this with a postcode with 6 characters only with postcodes with 5 characters.

How can we stop this from happening? Our site is Prolight.co.uk


I have tested all plugins and it appears your plugin has a problem.

It is when Stripe payment gateway is active too, but the problem is from your plugin.

It is returning a 500 error when i go to edit my pages.

[10-May-2018 17:47:05 UTC] The WC_Cart::get_remove_url function is deprecated since version 3.3. Replace with wc_get_cart_remove_url.

[10-May-2018 17:47:05 UTC] The WC_Cart::get_item_data function is deprecated since version 3.3. Replace with wc_get_formatted_cart_item_data.

Can you please help me asap as my checkout is disabled atm because of this.


D:\Users\Luke\Documents\Test\woocommerce-one-page-checkout\functions.php (1 hit)

Line 103:         $item_data = WC()>cart>get_item_data( $cart_item );
D:\Users\Luke\Documents\Test\woocommerce-one-page-checkout\woocommerce-one-page-checkout.php (1 hit)
  Line 727:      * Based on the WC_Cart::get_item_data() method

aha! Can you update please?


Woocommerce one page woo is not mine plugin here.


Is there any way to make the form save what my customers have put if they go to a page then go back onto the order form?

It’s quite an issue that if my customer goes to checkout with PayPal and clicks ‘cancel and return to website’ then the whole form loses all it’s data.



Sorry, data is not saved while checked out.

Any way I can implement something for this to work? It’s very important for my business as the form may take 10 – 20 mins to fill in


I also noticed Woocommerce personal info fields allow this. Name and email address stays pre populated with data that user filled in before

how to delete the field with prices added by your plugin, as the objective is to always empty the cart so only one is in the cart.


it’s simple, just go to checkout field manager settings and delete field.

hello do we need to add any of the files to here?

no metter what we trying to do WC is not processing the order?

where we can fined decumitation ?



support is only client who purchased. If you make purchased with other account please use this for support.

PRE-SALE QUESTION: I am doing digital downloads. Can I select which field I want to show in the billing and shipping at checkout?


Sorry, I can’t understand your question.

Hello, I have a Pre-sale question. Is is possible that condition logic base on shipping method? see image as below, thanks, seem no plugin supported, i look forward for long time https://imgur.com/a/sU8KZ9M


Yes it apply to for clients customers. And we didn’t mentioned anywhere that prices only applied to members not guest.

so, would you please process refund? I really don’t have much time to fix the layout by css and the main issue said as above

https://najeebmedia.com/privacy-and-refund-policies/ Refund Policy If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 10 days from the purchase date, we will refund the cost of your order. Any Customization on top of plugins will not be refunded.

Hello, the rules fields don’t seem to work, the up and down arrows for the 1st and 3rd box are empty so I can’t create an rules


please save fields first then you can see data in rules fields.

This doesn’t work


can you please share your site access via sales@najeebmedia.com

Hi again, can u tell me how i can call the fields created in new order email, as the email design requirement needs it to be in table form

ex. | Date of Birth | 1-Jan-1975 |

____________ | Website | website |

instead of displaying it

Date of Birth: 1-Jan-1975 Website: website

Thank you

I would like to add a pre ticked checkbox and some text to go on the checkout form, can I do that with this plugin?