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thedac Purchased

When I try to install new plugins I am being directed to your support site. how do i get the api key?


please use api key: OYE-2020

What’s the api key?

It Can not work. when i submit there is always “Please wait …”

Please send you site login detail to sales@najeebmedia.com

We have updated our validation server, now you can use your purchase code to validate your plugin.

What is my API key?


Please send you site login detail to sales@najeebmedia.com

We have updated our validation server, now you can use your purchase code to validate your plugin.

Does the plugin has a feature that you must validate your email address by typing it in with in 2 fields? as a extra validation that you made no typo. Thank you!

Sorry, it’s not possible.

This plugin is interfering with other plugins ability to update. When I try to update plugins, every plugin shows me this message: “Your plugin license is not valid, Client Portal” and a link to N-Media Site

Please send you site login detail to sales@najeebmedia.com

We have updated our validation server, now you can use your purchase code to validate your plugin.

Thanks, it works now

where can I find my api key?

Please use purchase code.

Hi, is this plugin work with multi vendor like dokan or wc vendor. I would like to add custom field in each of vendor admin order page. Vendor admin to be able add/edit custom fields and the data fields are visible on the customer dashboard. Thanks

Sorry, it’s not possible.


Hi, with this plugin i can add some conditional fields in checkout?

For example:

- I set a parent field with Value A and B - If costumer select A, plugin show some children fields C and D - If costumer select B, plugin show other different children field E and F

Tnx a lot for reply :)


Yes you can so this


Can you advice how I update your plugin please? When I click update in WP, it tells me that no package is available.

I think I put the API key in ages ago, but I can’t seem to update.



Automatic update not avaiable, you need to download and install new version manually.

Thanks. I tried this and when I activated the plugin, my checkout was totally ruined. I had to roll back to the previous version to get my fields back.


After I enter the purchase code it won’t activate. It just says “please wait”. See screenshot… https://snag.gy/7okuav.jpg

I emailed you my login credentials.

I didn’t get any email.

Check your spam folder for an email from adw259@yahoo.com

Hi, I wish to translate the text “Extra Billing Fields” which is in the emails sent after an order. Where can I locate that text?


you can find this text in file classes/plugin.class.php

Hi, I have purchased and installed the plugin fine. I am wanting to add a field to the billing details which also appears as user meta against the customer account. I’ve seen other similar plugins that can do this and assumed this was possible, can you please advise? Thanks

Will I have the ability to program the zip code field so that when it is filled out by the customer the city and state is completed as well?

Sorry, it’s not possible.

hi, i did remove country and city, now in frontend is asking me for it, what i did wrong? do i have to put it back and hide it?

https://fancypets.pe just a question, your plugin allow to delete country, city and state, i would prefer to have my own dropdown fields, i think i can’t delete all of them

the reason i would like to have my own fields is because i cant use as a conditional the region field, thats why i have to create my own


You can delete and have your own city, state fields.


ggggound Purchased

Hi, how can I export an order/ customer CSV with all the custom checkout fields? Tried including meta and all but can’t seem to get it..

Hi, i have just bought the plugin pc: 5d0e964f-5844-411f-8137-2bd241bb8ace, but i cannot have the option of register in your web to have the api… can you give me support?

thank you very much Angelo

Please use OYE-2020

thank you

hi, i set the fields, but now, just loading the defaul fields and reordinring a bit the postal code, mail and telephone are not aligned and the combo boxes has a thinner line than other fields… how can we fix it?

thank you

show me link please?

for postal code you need to remove class form-row-last

and use form-row-first if you want to show in half.

hi, i bought the plugin but using it in Firefox or safari, it displays a message like: you are using internet explorer this plugin cannot work.. ...etc…etc…... in the combo box after the “use conditional logic”... can you please give a solution?

thank you very much

hi, we wanted the custom field displayed in the mail send to the customer and to the shop admin, only in this way we can manage correctly the choices made from the client. How can we do it?

Thank you!

  • Where do you place the file uploads? (Media folder?)
  • Will the uploads bypass the EWWW Image Optimizer and Smush plugins? (I do not want these file uploads from customers to be optimized.)
  • Are file uploads specified/shown in the woocommerce user dashboard?


1. all files files are uploaded under wp-content/uploads/order-files directory 2. Sorry I can’t understand these EWWW 3. Yes it shown to user under my account