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Hello, i have a big problem, one categorie required currilculum, but others dont required. I made 2 “curriculum” one required and other no, but in no requiered allways show the alert than need upload required for continue. Can helpme, thanks

Hi there,

The codecanyon site reports that the latest version is 4.8 (but I have 4.9).

Wordpress also claims that 5.0 is out, but I can’t download that?



DannyDV Purchased


I’ve made some custom fields in the “order fields” section. I’ve provided screenshots of this in the link down below. All of them have the prefix order_ but only some of them appear in the e-mail.

What is the solution to show all of the custom fields in the mail. What am I doing wrong with the other fields?

The “naam van het product” and “bezorgdatum” do not show up in the mail.



- Danny


DannyDV Purchased


They all have a unique name and the order_ prefix. No numbers and all lowercase.

Does it have to do something with de order_meta prefix?

Please help me further.




DannyDV Purchased

Any toughts on this? Hope to get a response from you.

Sorry, but your support is expired.


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I get this warning in wp dashboard:
Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/my_folder/public_html/wp-content/plugins/nm-woocommerce-checkout-field-manager/plugin-update-checker/plugin-update-checker.php on line 227

Can you tell me how to solve it?

Thank you!


please comment update checking script in index.php file of plugin root.


I have an issue with translating of the plugin with WPML. I have created to sections – billing informations and order informations.

I have managed to translate Billing Informations as name, surname, address ect. but I cannot translate Order Informations as Terms and Conditions, Transport etc.

Even if I create a translation from English to Polish and Norwegian nothing happens on the website.

Please see the screesnhots below:

https://s15.postimg.org/obply2lgb/Zrzut_ekranu_2016_11_19_o_15_35_05.png https://s17.postimg.org/xoo9lmrmn/Zrzut_ekranu_2016_11_19_o_15_35_10.png

Link to my website is: http://nordbyhus.com

Could you please help me with the issue?

Best regards, Jakub


we will try to see this issue by tomorrow.

Hello, thank you. I am waiting for your reply. :)


I have just checked again and all our strings, labels are localized mean ready for translation by wpml and other plugins. And this has been translated by many other clients. We didn’t received any feedback regarding these translation.

Good day NMMedia

I tried to see if your plugin has a function to only allow custom checkout fields for CERTAIN products, but can’t see anything.

Does it allow me the option of only having certain checkout fields for certain products?


yes you can have certain fields for certain products.


mnevens Purchased

Hello, I purchased your plugin. I addes two text fields like Name and Surname. I also added classes form-row form-row-first and form-row form-row-last. I like to fields in one row. Could you help me? Do I have to change some css in my stylesheet?


can you please send me your site detail and when you purchased this plugin? Please share purchase code and date via sales@najeebmedia.com

i see this plugin have lots of features, can we exdport and display these fields on the pdf, invoice and emails…i downloaded this free checkout editor plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/fma-additional-checkout-attributes/) which works well but i am looking to display fields on invoices, for which i need customization…if you offer this feature i can go ahead and buy…..

hello, i puchased your plugin yesterday and changed the checkout fields for checkout billing address but billing address on “myaccount” page “edit address” section changes doesn’t apply. Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you

Hi, changes edit will not effect the new fields under billing/shipping address.


I bought your plugin and it works quite well BUT, the version.txt included in codecanyon download says it’s 4.4, plugins section in wordpress says it’s 4.9 and it want’s to update to 5.0. I follow the instructions in plugins section and it doesnt work.

I have some obvious bugs and I wonder where can i get the newest version.


we have updated version here on codecanyon.


I am having an issue with radial choices. For some reason, it shows up distorted. Here is a screenshot http://prnt.sc/ddiafx

Thank you


please send me link to site so I can see what’s conflict in css and suggest a fix.

I just bought and installed the plugin. I get this notice: Trying to get property of non-object in …wp-content/plugins/nm-woocommerce-checkout-field-manager/classes/plugin.class.php on line 265

Can you tell me what I can do about this?


this is just notice/warning in admin side, we will fix this next release.

Hi nmedia. I purchased your earlier plugin named “Woocommerce Extra Options”. But i see that you have ended this product. Is this newer version? Thanks…


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In order fields i’ve made 55 differend fields. When I want to put in the 56th. field it doens’t show. It seems that any other field will not save/show-up. Is there a sort of maximum that causes this problem? Can it be solved and how?


please update your post max, look this for more help and fix:


thedac Purchased

using booster for woocommerce to create invoices I would like to be able to show a section within the pdf the setup is html how do i display this, in this instance an extra surcharge

Booter plugin should have option to added extra fields in invoice.


thedac Purchased

It does but I don’t have how the code is formatted to display the extra information within the pdf do you have a guide to using the plugin? how to use the short code

Sorry I don’t have any info how to show in Boot plugin. However our all meta is saved as order meta key value pair, where key is dataname of each field. I hope it will help.


first of all, good work, but i can’t get the plugin working. i’m using it in the SK Store theme, and it’s not working. can you, please, tell me if there’s any plugin or theme combination that don’t fix together? i’m still developing the web, bou you can find it here: http://dragut.net/liberty/

thanks in advance

hi, yes. i’ve purchased the plugin.

Have your purchased our plugin with same user? because your status is shown us like:

dragut-comunicacion has not purchased the item.

Hi, I have some questions about your plugin before I buy. Is it possible that customers only choose a time between 11:00 and 23:00 by example? It should not be able to choose a time after business hours.

And is is possible to choose a time always 10 minutes in the future? So when it is 14:15, the first option to choose is 14:25.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Najeeb, why is user Ttoorajkhalili getting a reply before me?? His question was a day later. Is my question not relevant or important enough because I did not bought your plugin yet? Please reply asap, I need this working. If your plug-in cannot help me out, I will need to look further, but please give me some more information.

By the way, demo is not working


How can i set city filed in billing/ shipping tab that could be selectable according to the state that is choosen ajaxly

now I Should type in the text box for city field.


Sorry it’s not possible.

for shipping cost calculator plugins such as “WooCommerce Advanced Shipping” it is necessary that city filed integrated properly to the related states. the best way is selecting the city from drop down list pretending miss typing the city name. Note: Typing is good but nut perfect for working to specify shipping zoons and shipping cost.