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Can I limit the possibility of checkout based on user role ?


Yes you can show fields on user roles

Hi, is it possible to show Input Types controls in the billing address fields section?

Sorry, I can’t understand your question.

Hi, I would like to use the plugin I just purchased but when it asks me for API key and I enter the envato purchase-code it says SENDING – but doesn’t load any further so I can’t use the plugin. I also tried OYE-2020 as API-key as you mentioned a couple times here in the comment section but still doesn’t do anything.

Please assist here as I just bought it and can’t even get through the very first step of the plugin. Thx a lot

well it verify clients.najeebmdia.com

done – but still doesn’t load after putting in my purchase code – so now?

ok then you need to share your site detail/login with sales@najeebmedia.com

Hi there!

How can i view custom fields on my PDF from?

For example, i create a ‘phone number field’ for delivery, so the driver can call the person if he can’t find it.

I use at this moment: Woocommerce Invoice & Delivery (Packing Slip) PDF Template Builder Plugin.

Like to heat!


Sorry, but you need contact Woocommerce Invoice & Delivery (Packing Slip) PDF Template Builder developer to how to add this fields into their PDF.


how to setting delivery based on automatic date selection? is it possible to show on the product just outside billing address, shipping, order filds? I’ve tried it through Visible this field only for Product specified but it did not work.


the fields created in order section does not appear in billing or shipping please check below in custom fields, it will be there.

we’ve seen at the bottom of the custom fields but it does not show up. is there a solution for this?

What data names you are using for your extra custom fields?

Hello. I need to request a refund. This plugin doesn’t perform the function that I expected. I needed to be able to set a date/ time selector in the checkout page, based on certain product categories, to allow customers to choose a delivery time. I didn’t expect a blank time picker where customers can randomly choose a time. Also when I attempted to customize the option based on a specific category (which I need to do) the date/ time option did not populate at all on the checkout page.I would greatly appreciate it if you would cancel my order and refund my purchase. I have already deactivated and deleted the plugin.

Thanks in advance, Sian


please request refund.

Hi. I paid for the premium version for WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor (Manager) Pro and for some reason whenever I activate the account to any theme on my website, whether the theme is my current one ‘SOHO’, or something as simple as ‘Twenty Seventeen’, I can’t checkout anything with my customized form using the plugin. Whenever I would use the plugin it will say “Internal Server Error”. I’ve also updated to the latest version of the plugin. Could you please help find a solution to this problem?


jakubsnm Purchased

Hello. Is your plugin designed to work with “variable products”? Unfortunately, the fields are not showing for any of my variable products. Wondering if there’s something wrong or if that’s just the way it works.

Ok I will check and response soon.

I have seen your site and you were using old version, I updated plugin and everything works fine.


jakubsnm Purchased

Thank you so much. I feel pretty stupid now. It didn’t show up as outdated in Wordpress Plugins but I have now signed up for email updates so hopefully I’ll get notified when there’s a new version. Thank you again.

I can see that Shipping and Billing placeholders are the description. I need placeholders for Order fields though (the description is not the placeholder). How do I do that?

Share your site url.


mattmadbiz Purchased

Message sent

I see you are using some custom checkout, which is not standard woocommerce checkout. Theme may have override some styles or input settings.


stooni Purchased

Hello how can setup the chekout page like demo with 2 cols and sticky right col and with delivery Mode and Payments ?

Thanks for help!



It’s not being handled with our plugin, it’s a theme settings.

How do I add a conditional message to the Checkout process?

I am asking the customer “Did you confirm the order detail with us?” and if they say “No”, then I want to display a message that says, “Please confirm with us before ordering – click here for more information.”

I just want a text message only to appear (without any input)


please use HTML Block type input in order section.


mattmadbiz Purchased

Wow I totally didn’t realise that HTML blocks had a conditional ability. Where can I find that?

I was having the problem where the information submitted in order fields was not being included in the customer and admin order emails. The information was showing when I logged into my Woocommerce orders, but not in emails.

I struggled with this issue for ages and finally found the problem was that I had included HTML in the Title of the Order field. It is very helpful to have Titles that can have HTML (e.g. link to more product information), but once I removed the HTML from the Title field then all the information was included in the order emails.