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eridandie Purchased

Hi, I keep receiving the following plugin error on my dashboard. Is there an update I need to install??

bject from empty value in /var/sites/a/ardentartistbooks.com/public_html/wp-content/plugins/nm-woocommerce-checkout-field-manager/plugin-update-checker/plugin-update-checker.php on line 227

By the way we updated latest plugin file right now, please download it and check.

Hi again; I continue getting the following error even after updating my plugin:

Object from empty value in /var/sites/a/ardentartistbooks.com/public_html/wp-content/plugins/nm-woocommerce-checkout-field-manager/plugin-update-checker/plugin-update-checker.php on line 227

Any other thoughts? Is there a private email we can connect through?

In next update this warning is being removed.


jerobero Purchased

I found some issues with the plugin and emails that I would like to get resolved:

1. String translation of the fields works only in frontend. It (still) dosen’t work for e-mails and customer gets the email with custom fields in wrong language. For example: we create new text field “Company”. In string translation we translate it to “Unternehmen”. The english customer sees the correct language and gets correct email with field label Company. The german customers see the “Unternehmen” in order processing but gets “Company” in the email. Everything else in email, exepct for the fields that plugin creates, is translated corectly.

2. All fields are included in email even thought the customer didn’t filled data in them. When we create complex form, we have mail full of unncessary data that customer have’t got any clue what is it about. For example: we only need email and name from the ordinary customer. But if the customer chooses that he needs fill in the his/her company details, he/she needs to fill address, VAT ID, ZIP, etc. This way the ordinary customer gets email with blank data for the adress, VAT ID, ZIP. The correct way should be only to include in email the fields that customer actualy filled.

3. There are two instances of Extra Billing Fields title in email, instead one Extra Billing Fields and one Extra Shipping Fields. For example: title (H4) in email for Shipping address fields is labeled as Extra Billing Fields.

Please assist


we have noted these point and will update our plugin accordingly soon.