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I have buy the plugin and i would like to ask this, can the extra fee calculated based on subtotal? ex. 0.02 x subtotal ? or 2% of the subtotal

really need this plugin, but with the ability to include + exclude > fees + discounts based on categories?

Warning : dont buy this plugin ! The support is non existent and the plugin ISNT COMPATIBLE with the new shipping methods on woocommerce 2.6

Our client sells digital magazines and they want to add the following option in the cart page:

1. Deliver Hard Copy: USD XYZ 2. Subscribe Magazine for 12 months: USD XYZ 3. Add extra 5% if PayPal is chosen 4. Discount of 5% if Bank Transfer is chosen.

Let me know if this is possible. I need the above logic/costs to be automatically added to all the products in the cart.

I want to add “optional extra costs” for all of our products in the cart page. The buyer may or may not choose it. If chosen/checked, the cart will add the amount to the total value. This optional extra cost is not dependent on shipping as well sell virtual products.

Let me know if this plugin works like this.

I also want to rename the optional extra costs as I want to.

Is it possible?


can your plugin increase/decrease prices of products on checkout depending on payment methods. So in other words i dont want to add 5% additional fee, i want that the price of something that costs 100$ increases to 105$ or if it costs 104$ then decreases to 100$.



I have wpml installed with product categories translated in two languages. The fee applied by this plugin works for both languages without problem?

And my costumer have many roles (two roles for one costumer), this plugin if i set a rule like “user roles equal to” works if my costumer have two roles (and one of this need to trigger the rule)?

Tnx a lot for reply

I am looking for such plugin, after reading reviews definitely i had to change my mind!!!

Plugin does not work! No Support! Don´t buy!!!