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please check i think has wong

Hello, what do you mean mate?

Hi, Can we have this upload option before checkout or when the customer views cart? This can help our customers upload their designs/photo’s and update the quantity accordingly. Also, can you add a view option to this? Thanks

Hello mate,

Currently it cant be, you only can choose the positions of upload form within checkout page mate!.

If this plugin doesnt work for you, you might interested in this powerful one:

Thanks mate

very nice work ! :) i whish you all the best for your sales

thanks mate!

Awesome Work, GLWS :)

thanks mate!

Hi there, nice work… But the demo page have some issues. It was so hard to add a product to the cart from mobile. I want to ask one thng. I’m interested only in upload file utility of your plugin for a printshop. Is it possible to have the upload file field on product page not on checkout? And may this be possible in your other plugin named Checkout Fields and Templates? Thanks a lot. Clean work… Can you suggest any other plugin for me?

Hello mate,

Thank you for letting us, we will investigate and fix that on mobile!.

Currently, all of functions must be at the checkout page, since we can’t handle much at the others page, it will cause crash. The other plugin just like this too, but more functional!.

Thanks mate!

Hello, is possible to upload .pdf files? It seems it doesn’t accept it! Thanks! :)

hello mate, yes it allow, actually, it allow what you allow, that mean you need to input pdf file at the allowed list, then user can upload pdf file

Amazing, thanks! :) So i can add pdf, ai, jpg, bmp and more. Great. You got me :D

that’s right mate!, welcome to the family of our customer!

PDF upload does not work. Where can i find the PDF files? Is it possible to upload the file before checkout and in the user account.

Hello Rene.

Please check again your setting, we just checked it here on our server, it’s working fine.

All the files is uploaded to “Libary” of WordPress, which you can find at Wp-admin > left menu > Library.

Thank you mate!

Hi Confythemes. I would like to know how to adda some description text before the upload button. It it possible? Thanks

Hi. I would be grateful if you replied. Thanks

Not working. Cannot see it at all on my site even tough settings are correct. Your demo site isn’t working nether. Not gööd.

Ok. Don’t help me. Idea was good but product was not that good.


We didn’t got your ticket, can you please create 1 at

We will help you from there

Hello should be me this plugin to upload pictures from my users and then print for them. But I read many negative comments and then I tried it with the username and password demo but do not work. You can do something, I do not buy something that does not work well, and above all the files will be PDF.

Hello, we will fix it. Thanks!

hello this is a pre sale question: can i have this plugin only on specific products?

Hello, Oh yes, Please purchase and create a ticket about your requirement, we will tweak it for you.



Is there any size limit for the uploading files? Is it possible to upload multiple files? Having uploaded several files can site customer delete some of them?

your password and username is not working LOL

We have checked it out, fixed. Thank you mate!

I need help with this pretty soon, I´m supposed to launch my site this week, the upload field does not appear on the check out page as promised in here, please help me soon…

Hello, We have got your ticket, please continue on our support ticket.

Hello—This is a pre sales question. Are user allowed to upload pdf?

Great work.. Best wishes for good sales..


tonus1 Purchased

Hi Comfythemes. We would like to update to php7 but we got an issue: FILE: /public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-checkout-simple-upload/classes/class.wcsu-frontend.php


15 | WARNING | Use of deprecated PHP4 style class constructor is not supported since PHP 7.

FILE: /public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-checkout-simple-upload/classes/class.wcsu-admin.php


13 | WARNING | Use of deprecated PHP4 style class constructor is not supported since PHP 7.

Can you please fix it? Many thanks.

select your file text. how to change it to other language?

If I upload a 500MB file, will it generate a thumbnail?

Where do i find the Api VirusTotal in the download?