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i like to ask you before to buy if the plugin is responsive on checkout page.Thanks

The check out fields are responsive.

Is this plugin compatible with the latest woocommerce/wordpress update?

Yes it is.

Hello, I want to buy this product but I have a few questions. Is it possible to categorize checkout field options and have them for certain products? For example, if I wanted to have a certain set of fields for all “Category A” products and a certain set of fields for all “Category B” products. Is this possible with this plugin?

Hi, checkout fields can’t be categorized. Thanks

PRE-SALES: is the integration to FLATSOME THEME good? do you have live demo?

Hi. It has not been tested with FLATSOME theme yet. Demo site is down at the moment.

when is the demo coming back? any updates for 2016, the last update was over a year ago.

There’s be updates for the plugin soon .


Greyhat Purchased

Hi There, great plugin, thank you. Please can you tell me how to format a drop down add on so that it has a price for each option? Thanks.

Hi, use the equals to(=) sign. Like “green=70|blue=50|black=100”


Greyhat Purchased

Thank you. great plugin but maybe you should update the docs to include this info would have saved me some time thanks tho ;)


Greyhat Purchased

Hey i’ve got deeper in to this and to be honest the plugin is not very useful if upsells cannot be removed from the cart. Going back through comments I can see that i’m not the only one who has had this issue and you do not seem to have addressed it in over a year since it was first raised. I can’t use this plugin until this is rectified as i fear it may have a negative impact on my conversion ate if we are confusing people at this critical stage. May i politely suggest that you spend some time and fix this I and many other have paid money to you in good faith and I for one am left with something that is a brilliant idea but un usable in it’s current state. Thank you and please let ,me know if you can sort this.

Presale question—> I need to offer “a product” on the checkout page, but the product only available after purchasing/checkout. It cannot be purchased individually. Can it do that? Thanks

Can i see fully demo link and test?

Can i show description for checkout extra fields?

Can i show the checkout extra fields based on a specific item in checkout page? Thanks.

No, currently not possible. Thanks

Hi I have been using your plugin for a while now and just noticed that it is randomizing the display order for my addons on the checkout page. I would like them to stay in order of either when they were added or by dollar value.

How can I stop it from changing each time? I am comfortable editing the code and don’t mind if it needs to be done every time there is an update.

This is kind of urgent. Thank you.

Purchase support extension to request for support. Thanks

Hi, can I offer related products at a discount?

No, items displayed as upsells are normal products and have same features.

I am interested in buying this plugin. Can I show items on the checkout upsell without adding additional shipping charges?

No, items displayed as upsells are normal products and have same features.

I was going to buy this Addon but I’m really concerned about the “problem” that other people have. So many people complain about clients not been able to remove the added upsell and you ignore them on all posts. That is really bothering me.

Will provide a fix in the next update of the plugin. Thanks

i would like you ask before buy plugin …Is upsell product work with button not checkbox in checkout page ?Thanks

@Greyhat you mentioned “upsells cannot be removed from the cart” What do you mean by that? That when a customer adds an upsell to the cart it cannot be removed at the cart view page?

Any news on this?

Hey guys, how do we show the price of the product on the upsell? Also is there a way that the upsell product can be clickable so they can see more info about it?

Do you offer support? I bought the plugin in good faith and asked you for some support almost a week ago! :( I have had no reply do you check your email?

Hi thanks for your response, but your support system doesn’t work! It has a “required” drop down to select the department, but there is no option to select from, so no one can use the form.

I have included my support request below (without screen shot)

Hi I bought this plugin and I have installed it but I need some help with a few things please.

1. How can I show the add on price at the checkout page? (nobody will just add an item without first knowing the price)

2. Can the add on product id’s be bulk inserted to products instead of one by one?

Hi, the support system works now. For your questions: 1. You can add the price from the plugin settings page which is a tab in WooCommerce settings. 2.For now, product id’s are added one by one.


Can you explain (with some details) how this price is included? I have looked and I do not see an option to include the price. Thanks

Hi, when attributes are added to upsell they dont update in cart? it only takes the default value


csshop Purchased

Where is the documents for this plug in. Its not working for me.


sobeweb Purchased

When I uncheck the added product, it doesn’t get removed, please help