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lisarae Purchased

I have tried to submit a ticket on the Support Site, but the Submit Ticket button is not working. I have two Checkout Add-ons setup in the settings area of WooCommerce. The first one has only one Excluded Product ID and seems to work fine. However the other one have multiple Excluded Product IDs and is not hiding for these products. I am also most positive this feature was working correctly when I originally set it up, but it is not working correctly now.

is the plugin compatible with multi-site?

No it’s not.

I have submited a ticket on the support site but I didn’t get any reply. Looks like its a common problem…. This plugin has a lot of issues that I have been fixing during my coding, but I can’t fix everything. When I uncheck the added product, it doesn’t get removed, need to fix it as soon as possible. I paid for a pluging and I got nothing working. If I don’t get any reply i will contact to envato. It’s a fraud…

Your support ticket has been responded to. It’s not fair that you had to exaggerate your claim.

From your support message:
When i click on an upsell , it adds on cart. Thats woring properly. But once you click again to unselect and remove from cart it does nothing. Product still on cart even if i reload or select and unselect 40 times.

But you’ve said in your comment here that nothing works. We are looking into the issue anyway.

Well , thanks for the response. I think I didn’t exaggerate my claim to be honest (I’m sorry if you feel I did), was just how I felt about it. I paid 20 dollars for a pluging and support thought its not fair netiher. I fixed it by myself, it was high priority, anyway thanks for the response.

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Was looking at this, but no updates for 2 years and ‘buggy’ comments has lead me to look elsewhere

Hi,the plugin functions properly. Thanks


daschris Purchased

If I buy this, can i link this to existing upsell products i defined in the products pages? or do i have to link them all over again? Thanks

You have to create another upsell. Thanks