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Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale. :)

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Nice one! GLWS!

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Thank you very much! :)

fantastic work, i wish you big sales ;) !

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Excellent job bro =)

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Hi I need one help from you I want to know where this price calculation done on which file this function is written as need to make some change in your plugin. So please help me to find where is that so I can edit.

The cart discount is computed in the WCGFI_Cart file you find inside the classes\com folder.

The compute_free_items function:
  1. retrieves all the configured promotions: line 14
  2. finds the products that matches the promotions: line 21
  3. retrieve the matching item data (price, id, ...): on line 30
  4. Appries the discount to the cart according to the item data: line 39 – 41
I hope this helps :)

Hi Team,

I need to do some modification in this plugin, and need your help for this,

i get Cash Back Amount on cart page but it get lees from cart total i don’t want to make that calculation i want to display cash back just as it is and and cart total without deduction both are should be separate

Can you please help me to figure out where the value is stored and how do you made that calculation.

Also when you revert this message please email me on my alter net email id

What do you mean that you want to add it as cash back in your account? Could you be more specific with a more detailed example?

However the info about promotion applied is already reported in the both admin order page and frontend My Account -> Orders -> Order details page:
  1. Frontend:
  2. Backend:

I want to add that cash back amount into other plugin my other plugin name is “Account funds” But i want to add that cash back amount after my order is completed, then i will get that cash back amount as fund in my account available fund.

Please check the following screenshot. how can we acess this $cheapest_item_data[‘discount’] into other plugin??

The plugin is not designed to support that plugin and viceversa. However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email I can reply with my email address in which send me that plugin.

I can try to analyze that plugin to see if there is any method to store the $cheapest_item_data[‘discount’] in the user Account funds.

I can see how to add a discount to apply a 100% discount for say a buy 2 get one free offer but can you configure it to apply say a discount for every 6 products for example:

Buy 6 boxes get 1 free Buy 12 boxes get 2 free?

for now there isn’t an option to set to discount every X item. It is a nice suggestion, I’ll try to add in the next plugin release.

For now you have to configure distinct rules, in which of them you have to set different values of the following parameters:
  1. Cart item Min/Max quantity
  2. Cheapest product quantity
For example. Lets say you want to give a free item every 6 for a max of 3 items free. then you will have to configure 3 rules as follow:
  1. Min: 0, Max: 5
  2. Cheapest product quantity: 1
  1. Min: 6, Max: 11
  2. Cheapest product quantity: 2
  1. Min: 12, Max: {leave_empty}
  2. Cheapest product quantity: 3
In this way according to the quantity range, the plugin will apply one of those 3 rules.

Hi everyone, The price unit for this plugin is CAD or USD? Thanks!

Can you let me know the price unit for this plugin is USD or CAD? Thanks, My email:

Yes. You pay only once and you can download its updated forever :)

Thank you very much for quick response!

You’re welcome :)

hi, first of all : wonderful plugin, works great!

However, i do have a problem: i set up woocommerce cheapest item successfully to give 1 cheapest product for free every 4th item in the shopping cart.

however in the shopping cart needs to be sufficient quantity of the cheapest product available to apply the discount example: product A cost 10 euro Product B cost 2 euro

if you have in your cart you will get discount: 3 x product A 0 euro, you have less then 4 products 4 x product A 10 euro, every 4th, cheapest for free 6 x product A 10 euro, every 4th, cheapest for free 8 x product A 20 euro, every 4th, cheapest for free 6 x product A+ 1 x Product B 2 euro, every 4th, cheapest for free 6 x product A+ 2 x Product B 4 euro, every 4th, cheapest for free 7 x product A+ 1 x Product B 2 euro, every 4th, cheapest for free

the last one is not correct : you have 8 products, 2 of them the cheapest should be free. however, you only have 1 cheaper product. in this case, to my opinion you should get a discount of 1 x Prod B (2 eur) and 1 x Prod A (10 eur): total= 12 euro

is there a fix? thank you

You’re welcome :)

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Hi, me again. i just found out that the discount all works fine as far as in the shop, but when a client checks out, he /she will get the total amount WITHOUT the discount!!

this happened with iDeal/mollie (netherlands) as payment method, but with another check with paypal as well.

i hope you get a fix asap because my client is loosing money!

Ok, thank you for finding that issue and for reporting the issue. The problem is related to the fact that the latest WPML, under certain conditions, seems to delete cart fees.
However I’ve implemented a workaround in my plugin that prevents this behaviour. I’ve released the new plugin version that fixes this issue and it should be available in 4 – 5 days. However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I can send you the update!

I tested the new 1.8 version and YES ! it is working perfectly now. Thank you for the quick fix!

You’re welcome :)


I have a problem with the downloaded plugin. In your demo I have the possibility to set the number of items minimum needed to apply a certain promotion, but when I installed the plugin this fields where not there…

Please help me with this matter because I need to set a promotion only when there are 3 items in cart.

Thank you!

Yes because you are selecting the Cart total strategy. It take in consideration the current cart total spent amount, not the number of item in cart.

To achieve what you need you should use the Specific products added to cart strategy and then select all the product categories.

However, I can improve this aspect adding an option to consider all products. Would it help?

If you can…. It would be great

Ok, the new version is ready :)
If you send me a private message (click on my name the use the low right box) reporting your email, I can send you the new version!

In alternative you have to wait codecanyon to officially publish it (their approval system takes usually 4 – 5 days) and the download it form its official page!


How can i do a 3×2 promotion?


to do that just create a pricng rule:
  1. Promotion application strategy: Specific products added to cart
  2. Promotion application method: Every N items
  3. Which product/categories have to considered: All products
  4. Quantity strategy: sum of all quantitites
  5. Cart item N quantity: 3
  6. Consider min/max number of distinct: Yes
  7. Cart distinct items Min quantity: 0
  8. Cart distinct items Max quantity: 0

Perfect! Works fine. Thank you very much.

Glad to hear that! :)

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Is it possible to only apply the discount if the user has a coupon code?

no for now it is not possible. However it is a nice suggestion, I’ll see if it will be possible to implement in a future release. I’ll let you know in case of news by replying here!

Good news! I’ve released the new 2.5 version that now allows to apply promotions only if the user applied one of the selected coupon codes!

The new version will be officially downloadable from codecanyon in 1 – 2 days (their approval system takes awhile to approve new updates).

However if you send me a private message (click on my name then use the low-right box) reporting your email, I can directly send you the update!

P. S.
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lamichy Purchased

Good evening, can you help me solve a problem? I have a promotion: purchases 6 products category “bottle”, 1 is free (the product category “bottle” cheaper. The products can be “bottle” category and “bag” category. In the cart I have: Product A – 20 $ | Category “bottle” | Quantity 10 Product B – 15 $ | Category “bottle” | Quantity 1 Product C – 4 $ | “Bag” category | Quantity 4 Product D – 10 $ | Category “bottle” | Quantity 1

With the rule I created, I get a discount of 10 $ (cheaper product with “bottle” category). However, it should add the number of products with the category “bottle” in the cart (there are 12) and consequently there are 2 cheaper products for free.

The problem is that having only 1 Product D, then I do not find the second cheaper product that is Product B with 15 $.

Is there any way to do it?

Thanks for your help.


P.S. Sorry for my English

Di nulla :)

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Fatto ;-)

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Hi, Can I do this campaign with your plugin?


When the customer add 1 item to the cart from Pijama category, he will have %50 discount on second item from the same category at the same check out.

Thank you

yes the plugin can automatically apply discount to the cheapest item on cart belonging to a specific category and only if the users buys items from that category.

in the demo site I’ve configured an example for Category 1 (that in your store is the Pijamas category):
user: demo
pass: demo
as you can see the plugin applies a discount to the product 2: that actually is the cheapest on cart

However before purchase use the demo site to configure a scenario you need and then perform all the tests you need to be actually sure that the software fits your needs and expectations.

if you need further info feel free to ask.

Hello ! In “Cart total: min”, it is possible to replace quantity by weight ?

Thank’s !!

no unfortunately the plugin is not designed to consider products weight. However you can give a look to this other plugin of mine:

It allows you to create checkout fees considering products weight. In you case, if you want to apply a discount, just create a fee with a negative value.

Thank’s ! But i wanted to offer one product from a weight (The most expensive product).

Unfortunately it is not possible :(

Ciao Vanquish,

I just bought the plugin. After having spent 3 hours looking for exactly what your plugin does I finally found yours. It took me 10seconds to set up, really convenient.

It works perfectly in the cart and checkout pages, but I have an ajax minicart on all of the other pages.

How could I make sure the minicart displays the discount as well and ideally updates the total? Is there some sort of action hook or simple code I could include in wordpress’s minicart.php.

Thanks a lot! if you could help out with this I’d be very grateful and would make sure I grade it 5 stars. Grazie

if you enjoyed my support and/or my plugin, please remember to leave the 5 stars :)
It would help me with sales and I would really appreciate :)

I really enjoyed the simplicity of the plugin, but it lacks features for my user case.

Would you consider adding this feature?

I can work with not having having the discount show up in the minicart, but the fact it stops to the qty of the absolute cheapest product makes the promotion a bit deceiving.

In most cases the promotion continues with other products that happen to be the cheapest remaining... Right now I can’t use the plugin as it is for my client, and I assume a lot of people run into the same issue.

Actually the plugin is designed to work in this way. As the name suggests it applies the discount to the cheapest item (not the N cheaper items).

However thank you for your suggestion, I’ll see if it will be possible to apply this new feature in a future release!