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hello, I installed WC vendors plugins (

is this plugin support wc vendors plugin so vendors have own subdomain?


Hi, Vendors cannot have different subdomains, this plugin do not take care of this.

Helped perfect and working plugin Well. Thanky very much.

Is this plugin still being developed and supported?

Thanks for your quick reply. I’m asking because it says “Last Update 10 October 14” and Woocommerce has changed a lot since then

Or should I buy this another one from You instead?

Plugin Updated recently. You may get it now…

This is messy plugin, messed up my whole site after installation, this is one redirect file with very poor coding, is not working at all, I am getting refund!!!!!!!!

and your documentation is for post category plugin not woocommerce category subdomain plugin, I am not sure what did you sell me exactly !


Thank you for pointing out, plugin needs major update i had it updated in 2016 but it seems the update didn’t came through… You will be notified by email of the update, the code is out dated.

It wasn’t much active product so i did not notice.

Currently De-active the plugin and wait few days for the latest version.

yes now the plugin is working great with woocommerce 2.5, it is very unique and useful plugin
just wondering about that issues
all icons on the site has been disappeared when activating the plugin for example the regular woocommerce stars icons will be shown as sssss, other font awesome icon are gone when the plugin is active
the other issue is the product filters won’t work if the plugin is active
other than those two issues the plugin is working perfectly

it is same as cross domain requests permission, it should have fixed that issue as well.. can you inbox me the URL so i can take a look?

ok i will

I do believe you got a unique idea of having such plugin to be sold here! all you need is to make it to work perfectly with no conflict with other plugins, if you are able to do that you should generate thousands of sales, right now it conflicts with ajax filtering, and quick view,you should have something tested with other plugins!!! anyway i will keep this plugin hoping you can find a fix for conflicting with other plugins

Hey! I’d like to say thanks for this awesome plugin. My client is using it and finds it amazing. There is a problem though. Are you planning to make sub-domains available in url, while using the parent category? What I have in mind is using this plugin for child-categories too and getting an url like following: If no, can you give any advice on how to achieve such results?

If i will do it, it would be a separate plugin so that it doesn’t effect current url structure this plugin provide to buyers. Whenever my current projects are over i will consider this.

can i use for post category ?

can I make the plugin to work over secure site? enabling https will disable the ssl connection

the plugin won’t work with ssl

do you have ssl for unlimited subdomains?

Hi, i need this to work with LATEST wp version and Flatsome template, will this work? Please answer because i need to buy if it does. regards (i have ssl wildcard enabled.

Yes it does work, perfectly fine. if you have trouble using it let me know.

Hi, has any one got this plugin to work with a XML sitemap generator?

No, XML sitemap generator will not work with this, You reminded of some major update, i added this feature in Category as Subdomain Plugin, it needs to be added to this plugin as well.

Great I’ll wait for the update. Thanks.

Tried support without response. Firefox does not like this plugin and pulls up cross domain errors not matter what you add to the .htaccess file. Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource. Gutted as I really wanted this to work!

Hi, Sir i did send a response to your email. Kindly keep me in contact it works fine with firefox, kindly reply to my email and copy/paste your htaccess file.



We are using what you prescribed: <IfModule mod_headers.c> <FilesMatch ”\.(eot|font.css|otf|ttc|ttf|woff)$”> Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin ”*” </FilesMatch> </IfModule> This is outside the wordpress tags so that it doesn’t get overwritten.

Can you try by removing quotes from it.

Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin *


I would like to have, the whole store in a certain subdomain including the main page of the store and the institutional pages in the main domain.

Example: / shop – store page – product category page for institutional pages

Is it possible to do this with this plugin?

Thank you

Hi, No this is not possible with this plugin, the examples are provided in description.

Woo Category Permalink:

Single Product Permalink:

This is the only thing this plugin will achieve.

I saw that you have made the link for a package on offer available.


My question is with the additional plugins, can I get the result I want?

Another thing is: Buying the package do I have the right to update the plugins?

Thank you.

Hi, These comments are for WooCommerce Category Subdomain Pro, Kindly comment on relevant product for queries.

Thanks Alisaleem252

Allow user/vendor subdomain for multivendor sites ?

Yes, Unless you have different URL structure for Vendor Products.

Hi – using this for Woocommerce and is a great product but my product pages aren’t showing in my sitemaps which is critical for SEO. What do I need to do to make this happen? thanks

Hi, I already know about this issue, the sitemap generation is not the part of core wordpress, you must be using external plugins which must support our plugin to make correct sitemaps, therefore i have a plugin in production which will help all the users to generate sitemaps for subdomain url, it will be deployed in few days and available. I will let you know once it is.

Thanks Alisaleem252

Hi – where did you get to with this? We’ve had to turn your plugin off as it breaks SEO and would like to be able to use what we paid for. thanks

Still chasing as I really want to use this plugin but not if it stops my website being found on Google

First let me thank you very much for the great idea. Today I installed my Woocommerce and then installed your plugin (Fresh WP and WOO installation) .. But I faced a very strange issue… When I search something using Product Search widget, it redirects me to wp-admin.php !!!

Do you have any ideas about this issue ?

Thank you very much.

Still looking forward to your reply. Sorry for commenting again, but this is a serious issue and needs to be resolved asap. Thank you

Hi, I used the wp_safe_redirect to define your subdomain as safe. Kindly reply to my email, i need little more info.

Thank you very much for you help. My problem is solved thanks to the developer of this plugin. I would really recommend this plugin.

i have same questions :

1- can i make custom main bar for each subdomain ???? 2- can i use diff options of theme for each subdomain???? 2- if ssl work now? ??

1. No. 2.NO 3. SSL WORKS

Hi, Can I use this plugin to show my Woocommerce pages as, news/blog pages as and the rest of my site as

To do that, you can try this free version or upgrade to pro…

good day, can I use the plugin even for Dokan plugin to make the store name a subdomain? Thanks for the reply.

Not with this plugin, To do that, you can try this free version or upgrade to pro…