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BAT27 Purchased

Hello!, it’s compatible with WP 5.0.3 and Woo 3.5.3?


Is it possible to set an custom image for each category?


I have changed some color scheme in css file but it works well when i login to the wp, for logged out user can’t see the color what I have changed in css. pls help

please reply fast I have edit and done some color changes on your plugin it shows only on logged in user, not showing the color changes to not logged in user


hrhro Purchased

Unfortunatelly DOESNT LOAD for subcategories – very slow for others

Please drop an Email to with details

I’m getting a LOT of undefined variable/index notices… Please fix these.

Undefined variable: enb_rtl in /...accordion/inc/trwca-functions.php on line 59 Undefined variable: show_count in /...accordion/inc/trwca-functions.php on line 61 Undefined variable: open_cat in /...accordion/inc/trwca-functions.php on line 62 Undefined variable: ac_type in /...accordion/inc/trwca-functions.php on line 64 Undefined variable: event_type in /...accordion/inc/trwca-functions.php on line 65 Undefined variable: ac_icon in /...accordion/inc/trwca-functions.php on line 66 Undefined variable: ac_theme in /...accordion/inc/trwca-functions.php on line 68 Undefined variable: level in /...accordion/inc/trwca-functions.php on line 70 Undefined variable: ac_opencat in /...accordion/inc/trwca-functions.php on line 71 Undefined variable: disable_parent in /...accordion/inc/trwca-functions.php on line 72 Undefined variable: disable_aclink in /...accordion/inc/trwca-functions.php on line 73 Undefined variable: show_subcats in /...accordion/inc/trwca-functions.php on line 74 Undefined variable: ac_opencat in /...accordion/inc/trwca-functions.php on line 229

Undefined index: in /...accordion/inc/trwca-functions.php on line 235 Undefined index: in /...accordion/inc/trwca-functions.php on line 237

Re-saving the Widget solved the issue.


oyheyhey Purchased

Pre-sales question – Can this be used with flatsome and work on the mobile site?


oyheyhey Purchased

I sent in a support request nearly a week ago and have not received a response. Does this widget only work on the store side and not on the blog? I don’t want my site to have two different looking menus.

Hi, this is an awesome plugin – but seems to be missing a really important feature, sort by MENU (i.e. sort by order manually), and NOT by slug, ID or Name.

Can you add this soon please? Or do you have a quick fix so I can use this sort method now?

Oh, OK – I found “menu_order” seems to work, I didn’t have documentation as client has bought this plugin. But have noticed I’m not the first to ask this question so I hope my answer helps others!. Great plugin, will buy this for my next own project.