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Hello, I want to purchase your plugin but have a question if you don’t mind. I noticed that the plugin has “EXCLUDE” feature as mentioned in the description. Does it also have “INCLUDE” feature that will allow me to only select the Items I want to add to my sidebar? I have lots of categories and excluding will be a hell of manual work. Can that feature be added after purchase and at what cost? Thanks

Hello! I bought the plugin. Very good! Thank you! I have lots of categories in my page, can I ask for the “INCLUDE” parameter / feature? Thanks

Just updated to v2.0, good to know that there is still active support for this plugin :)

Although I was hopping for the introduction of an option to have multiple opened categories as default. At the moment only 1 category id is possible add.

The idea is to have all 1st level categories expanded… so 2nd level are shown as well at start.

Hello, it is presale question. Do your plugin supports multiple parent categories, i mean can i set subcategory into 2 parent categories? example i have category perfume for man and perfume for woman, i want to add subcategories – niche perfume, luxury perfum, testers etc., and when user click on subcategory niche perfume for example if its according to mans perfume show mans perfume if under womans perfume show womans perfume! I am not sure are you understand me, for make it more clear i dont want to have 2 niche perfume subcategories, i want to have 1 niche perfume subcategory which will have 2 parent categories woman and mem. Is it possible with your plugin?


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WooCommerce Category Accordion works normally on desktop but the same widget on the same page doesn’t work on mobile: it doesn’t show submenu while ‘plus’ icon is changed to ‘minus’ and we have submenu items in html-code in code inspector. How the problem can be fixed?

Video with problem:

Link of page for example:

please check the ticket

My request (ticket #1928) : “Show subcategories only, not working” has not yet received any response… or I can not read any responses from your your support site because I keep coming out of my account.

hi, compatible with this theme? (this theme also have WooCommerce shop)

Hello techieResource , We have opened a ticket with id #1964 regarding some customization . Kind Regards, Yiannis

Does it work with the latest WP?


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Pre-sale question. Hello! Is there any horizontal version? I need to add it in the middle of the page, not in sidebar. Thanks!!!


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Hello! I need a horizontal version. How can I do it?


sorry, I don’t understand your question.

you can use the plugin “Shortcode” Anywhere on your post/page. please check the demo page here