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Congratulations my friend, Good luck :)

Thank you my friend :)

Hi, I just bought and installed the plugin. It’s very usefull but I have two things to comment:

- The empty categories doesn’t disappear.

- Is there a way to have different visualisations (with different categories exclusions) for example if I use it once on the sidebar and then on a page with a short code?

Hi @chotiro,

Thank you for purchasing my plugin :)

- About your first comment , in the “Categories Pro” there is an option Hide Empty Categories change it to No that is it :) .

Can you please PM me (from my profile form) more details about your second comment please ?

Thank you.

Hi which file do I need to choose to install the plugin, because I have tried several times but no luck? thanks

Hi lewie95,

Thanks for purchasing my plugin , please user guide which attached with downloaded files .


i do like your plugin. 1) does it improve on the existing woocommerce categories by a lot or only a few more features please? I already see sub categories in the standard woocommerce plugin 2) does it help to organise many categories / sub categories via mega?

Hi! A little questione, is there a way to change the category name? for example, if the category name is “yellow apple” can i show only “apple”? Thank you!

Hi ifede84 ,

The plugin show categories which you added it before and you can edit it from categories admin page .


Hello, do this compatible with latest woocoomerce ? Thanks

How do I re-order the location of the Birthday field at Checkout page?

Please for any customisation PM me http://codecanyon.net/user/abada#contact

Thank you :)