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Your plugin is not working it displays the dashboard in white, please make the correction or should we contact Envato? need support or correction plugin.

Agreed, your plugin crashed my entire site. Made my theme admin panel go blank, caused my css to vanish, lost plugins, etc. Caused a server database error. Please fix!

Hello, no function with Woocommerce 2.3. Please update asap.

Please upgrade to support WooCommerce 2.3 and wordpress 4.1.1

Quick question before I purchase this, when you form is sent, is it for that particular product? And is there a way to put the product title in the popup contact form?

Could you integrate a captcha field in the form? Or can you tell me how could I do this? Thanks!

I Just bought your plugin and it has conflict with Wordpress admin when are you fixing it ????

Good Morning,

This is a per-sales questions, Is this plugin compatible with the plugin: Woocommerce Visual Products Configuration: ?

I need the configured specs to appear in the quote request (At least email) after the product’s configuration was done by the customer… is that possible?

Thanks a lot.


Can i redirect each and every products to a custom URL ?


1) – With this plugin can I make it so that some products are in catalog mode, while other product are available for purchase ?


2) – If yes, is there a shortcode for just displaying the “catalog mode” products on a different page ?

Please reply.

Would love to buy this but not updated for iPhone viewing; the portfolio image when clicked is not in frame. Hopefully it can be updated- thanks!

does it work with variations of variable product?


is it possible to have some products show ‘Price’ and some products show ‘Request Price’ contact form?

or is it just global your settings.

As I want to chose which products display the price and which products display no price.

I want all products to display ‘Contact Us/Inquiry’ form.


PJone Purchased

you plugin doesn’t work with newest Woocommerce. If i click on SW Product Catalog i see a blank page only … Please fix it