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Who can use Account Funds?

Only registered and logged-in members are able to deposit funds in their accounts and use those funds to pay for an order.

Can I rename the payment method on the checkout page?

Yes! 1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payment Gateways. 2. Select wallet to show settings. 3. Change the Title. 4. Save.

Where can I see my members’ account funds?

Go to the Users page (Users > All Users) and view a column for Account Funds for every member of your store

Can I add/deduct funds from a member?

Go to Users > All Users and search for a member to edit. Click Edit, and scroll down to the Account Funds section to a textbox with the member’s current account funds and adjust. Select Update User to save.

What is Shortcode for display current user balance?

[get-wallet-funds] use this shortcode for display current user balance.

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