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Hi, great Plugin
just 2 Pre-buy question,

Can you suggest me on the compatible plugin to use for gift cards?(in addition to YITH WOOCOMMERCE GIFT CARDS)
Can we create and use gift card to create or add fund for walllet?
Ex: I buy a gift card for my firend 50€, and I send the gift on checkout via email. My Friend get the code and buy product but spend less the total gift amount. Can he create or add found for wallet?.


we Have Already setup this plugin on our server please try http://www.uniquesweb.co.in/demo/woocommerce/ Username : demo Password:demo if need any change know us.

demo doesn’t works : Username /password error

demo is running please check it.

Hi there. Does your wallet system allows partial payments? I dont need the wallet as a payment gateway, i want for the user to be able to have a field on the checkout were it shows the value on the wallet and bellow a input field were the user can put the value they want to discount of their wallet on that order. Looking forward for your reply asap. Best regards

demo is running please check it.

Hi there. It´s not fully working. Can i have access to admin to see plugin configurations? The partial payments is not working, you complete the order, you receive the money but then you have no way of spending it. Looking forward for your reply My best regards

what need you change please know us we have update feature in plugin for you.


seanlim Purchased

Does it work on multisite?

Yes plugin work with multisite


seanlim Purchased

The setup is the same? Or do i need to get woocommercemulti site plugin?

Same setup

Can we limit customer to use just 10% of cashback amount

yes admin can apply rule for using wallet amount not for specific cashack


skmei Purchased

I purchased this plugin, as in description pictures, if the customer is using the coupon code, COD option must not be available during checkout. I dont see any such option in the settings. I want to offer cashback only for prepaid/online payment orders, not for COD orders. Please help.

Hi, You helped me before with some issue on my site. I appreciate your help however I found a new problem. When I view the cart or checkout and use rewards on mobile – then the words are not visible – just see : in the space. I can send you images for you to remove. However, on desktop size it shows the wording just fine. Please help. Thanks.

Also, is there a way to display offers only to specific groups or members with a membership plugin. I tried this using the shortcode to limit visibility per membership id in the offer box but it did not do anything other than show the reward and the shortcode.

Here is an example – [membership_protected_content plan_id=”” user=”logged”]You will earn 2% back in Rewards for this purchase. Will be applied automatically![/membership_protected_content]. This does not work – everything as I mentioned including shortcode is visible.

Can you please respond to this – it has been 9 days since I posted this issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Plugins done not work with any membership plugins

Can your plugin function with negative balance?

Example: If a customer wallet balance is $0 and the customer wants to buy a product of $50 would it work? Can the wallet balance then change to $-50? Is there a setting that can do that and also limit the threshold of negative balance for each user.

That’s what I want. Expecting your response asap.

Not in plugin this type of function,but you want it I can modified function

Does your plugin support multi-currency option. ? Our website supports INR, USD CAD. Will that be possible to provide cashback in different currency ?

yes this plugin support multi-currency option.

Hello, I need this plugin for affiliate site, means my user redirect to my referral site and I want to add commission manually it is possible in this plugin? this plugin works for affiliate sites or not?

sorry not posible in plugin if you want to custom coding we will make fou you please direct contact me bhavikpate2010@gmail.com

Is it compatible with Coupon(affiliate) theme??? Link: https://mythemeshop.com/themes/coupon/

plugin not work with 3 party coupon

Hi Plaise when i add file po me of arabic language d,ont working in the folder of languages in the plugin in ftp and in this file languages/plugins/woocommerce-cashback-wallet-credit-system-ar_AR Plaise help me Thanks


Before buying, I want to know if your plugin is compatible with this one:



do you mean *not?

Not supported but you want to customise plugin please contact me , bhavikpate2010@gmail.com

This feature is not working: Choose whether to allow Partial Funds Payments, letting customers use Account Funds to pay order totals in part and then use a payment gateway to pay off the balance.

Order total is 700/- and my customer has 521/- in his wallet, he is unable to use wallet fund and pay rest with another payment gateway. I have tried it myself as well, please fix this asap.

Note: I did enable in the cashback setting but its not working.

Can you send me your website link


In your demo, the accounts page with cashback history, the contents don’t display correctly at all on mobile. Also, the cell width is a bit wonky too considering the date is not showing in one line. I’m looking to purchase, but it’d be great if the HTML code could be cleaned up to work on both desktop/mobile.

I’m building an internal employee store where employees will have virtual credits to pay for company shirts, cups, and other promotional items. Employees will be awarded credits based on training programs they finish (outside of the site), job title and seniority. Employees can also use their own money to buy items if they want too. For instance, the CEO can have 100 credits (auto-reloaded every year with any balance rolled over) to buy 5 shirts (20 credits each) or 100 pens (1 credit each). If the CEO wanted to buy 10 shirts, they would use their 100 credits and pay $100. Can your plugin help me?

Does a customer have to deposit funds or can they use a payment gateway for all purchases?


1) Does this allow wallet owner transfer money to another wallet owner as long as owner has enough fund in the wallet ?

2) Does this allow to pay to buy things at any outside shop from mobile phone app as long as third party shop has the same wallet with qrcode ?

3) Does this support api to do same features function as desktop website from mobile app ?