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akkisha Purchased

supports woocommerce latest v3 verion ?

let me check and update


akkisha Purchased

hi, will this work… ?

if you like our plugin and support so please give me 5 star ratting

my credit calculation is not working properly.it gives just double of the credit value – ex for 100 res cash back it gives 200 and for 200 it give 400/-

Also customers are not getting email about the credit/debit wallet amount


please chek email i sent to you

can u check my issue?

Hi, I am wondering would I be able to disable other payment methods in checkout just leaving the “pay with my wallet”? thanks!

We can disable all other payment method keeping only the wallet active, but the question is that 1. How the amount will be added in the wallet ? 2. How the real transaction occur in terms of money ?

Hi, what I meant was I want to disable the option to check out with any other payment method, just using “my wallet”. The user will be allow to top up their wallet in their account to pay for the purchases. Is this possible? Thanks!

if you want to use other payment gateway then my plugin is already made for that purpose, anybody can deposit amount in his wallet by any other payment gateway and then can make payment by wallet or other payment gateway

Do you have cashback plugin for affiliate program site like mysmartprice.com?

sorry i have no any plugin like this ,but you want it , we create plugin for you , please contact to me bhavikpate2010@gmail.com

ok what is the cost ?

“Product Cashback % discount” missing in WooCommerce 3.x

Also I just made a finnish .po and .mo, but it’s not translating any.

i have update a plugn you can download


When will you be able to apply a minimum and maximum expenditure option of available credit?

That is, the customer buys 60 €, we give 50% in credit but only he can spend 30% of the credit of his account

Thank you

Hello, How can we add credit to user ? And can we see reports for user’s bought credit history ?

yes admin can Increase and deduct fund from admin panel , 3.0 and up version support fund report and listing

Can you send me email for screenshots to admin panel ? my email: iletisim@buraksah.in

hi http://www.uniquesweb.co.in/demo/woocommerce/ You can direct try our demo here please username : demo Password :demo

Hi, i’m doing cash on delivery for my customer so due no refund policy for cash on delivery can i refund my customer the amount into thier wallet so they can use it ?? dose that work ??

you can not refund cash on delivery order but admin can manualy fund add n user wallet

Looks like any time a customer with store credit has a remaining balance for the customer to pay, they get an error when attempting to pay. I’ve emailed the developer who has helped me before, but no response.

i have tested your site with paypal express but i did’t get any type issue can you send me screensot of error ,

What email? It only happens with Paypal and store credit being used.

Still happening with PayPal checkout, every time. Works fine with our other payment option.

there is a way i can see all the founds that has ben made? the complete history of all users?

hi, im using loco translate to translate but doesnt work. Why that? Need in spanish es_AR.po

How can change the Top Up Checkout image that is asigned to that?

are you connect with my email “bhavikpate2010@gmail.com”

When buying credits using a off-line payment method, it automatically adds the credit to my account even if the order is not paid.


Pakito85 Purchased


You can apply a rule when:

1- Minimum purchase to use the credit. (For example: minimum 30 to spend the available credit)

2- Only spend the 10% of the available credit in the account, excluding the discount coupons or products on sale.


Hi, is the plugin compatible with woo commerce 3.09?

yes ,please download of new version plugin

Pre-Sales Question Can users transfer funds between themselves? I’d like to be able to allow user1 to send/receive funds from user2

sorry,this still not in plugin ,we devloping for you if you need it.