Discussion on WooCommerce Cash On Pickup

Discussion on WooCommerce Cash On Pickup

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Hello, is your plugin compatible with woocommerce 6 ? Thanks !

Yes, it’s compatible with WooCommerce 6

Nevermind. I need this plugin after all.

I need a refund. This plugin doesn’t suit my needs. Thank you.


How can I limit cash on pickup to selected product categories? Thanks!

Is this version compatible with the current Woocomerce 5.1.0 / Wordpress 5.7?

Yes it’s compatible

Hi Jeffery,

We installed the plugin, checked the options are set correctly but nothing appears on the front end when we select local pickup?

Any ideas?



Sorry Jeffery – we got it working.

No problem ;)

Sorry its me again. It does not work for virtual products.

Any idea?

Best regards Daniel

Have you checked the opion “Apply for virtual products”?

yes, I checked the box for virtual products.

Hi, we have just released an update (version 1.5.1) which will hopefully solve your issue. Please give it a try, it will be available for download within an hour (downloadservers need some time to update).

Hi there,

I’ve just sent you a support request. I got it working. So no worries for now.

Best regards Daniel

ok, no problem :)

Hi, I just purchased your plugin and installed it. Even though I activated it as a payment method and configured it it does not show as a payment method on the frontend. Any idea?

Best regards Daniel

Have you checked the opion “Apply for virtual products”?


does your plugin calculate the tax right? Many Plugins don’t. For Example: If I give a 10% discount for pic up, the price goes down, but the tax also has to go down, otherwise all bills are wrong, as by many other plugins… I hope your Plugin doesn´t have this problem, so that I can place an order;-)

Yes, you are absolutly right in your calculation. But for German-Law (I think not only in Germany) you must use a “anteilige steuerberechnung” (Google Translated “pro rate tax calculation”) if you have different taxes in a shop (for example for Electronic 16% and Food 5%). If this calculation is enabled, for example with the very popular plugin “germanized” (and other plugins too) your Plugin makes a wrong calculation (you can see the example with 16% tax and 5% discount in the screen). The Discount is wrong and the Tax complety (not price-discount and then the tax). If I want a 5% Discount I have to use 7.256 or something as Discount-Rate in you Plugin to see an amount of 5% in the Cart and the tax is still different?

Why did you delet my last comment, with screens and so on???

Hi, we have not deleted your comment. It’s still available (look 2 messages back in this list). It looks like the plugin doesn’t meet your requirements, you can request a refund at

WooCommerce 4.0 ?

Yes, it’s compatible with WooCommerce 4.0

hi.. i buy now you plugin Cash on Pickup for WooCommerce.. I have install it, activated it and set so like in your docs but its not visible in checkout..


Have you changed the setting ‘Enable for shipping methods’?

We have noticed that the cash on pickup option is not working for ‘virtual products’ because these products have to be downloaded. We are currently working on an update of the plugin that adds an option to also enable cash on pickup for virtual products. We will keep you informed when it’s ready.

after enable for shipping methods now is visible… but i don’t understand the logic ?? this plugin is paid when you pick it up, why must shipping be activated? that makes no sense .. how can you change that it works without shipping?

We have released an update (version 1.5) which is now available for download. It changed the default behaviour to enable cash on pickup for virtual products. Also an option is added to disable cash on pickup for virtual products.

hello, does the plug in support Arabic? also does it work on multi vendor marketplace? I was also looking to add like a pick up date and store locator, is it possible? Thank you Ahmed

Hi Ahmed, the plugins supports Arabic (and all other languages). It’s also multisite compatible. For the store locator you have to use an extra plugin, maybe you can include it through a shortcode on the checkout page?

That’s great. Thank you Jeffrey

Hello and Happy New Year, I just purchased your plugin, however, it is not showing in the checkout page. Please see/test here yourself… What might be the problem here? Looking forward to your reply. Thank you! Giannis

Hello. Thank you for your reply. No, I have left this blank as I do not have any shipping methods (product is a service).

I think I have found the issue. Probably you are selling “virtual products” which don’t have a shipping method? The payment method only works for physical products. We will add an option to also include virtual products. We will keep you informed ;-)

We have released an update (version 1.5) which is now available for download. It changed the default behaviour to enable cash on pickup for virtual products. Also an option is added to disable cash on pickup for virtual products.

Hello. I am interested in your plugin and would like to ask question. I sell one product which is actually a “service/appointment” (trekking). Because of this, I am not using “shipping zones” – only payment ways. Is your plugin OK with this? Can I use to add as additional payment way? Thank you!

Yes, that shouldn’t be any problem.

I bought your plugin and then realized I do not need it. Can I cancel and get a refund?

Is the percentage discount already available?

Sorry for the late reply, we will have it ready within 2 days. We will keep you informed.

It’s included in version 1.4 (now available for download).


We would like to have cash on pickup function on our own webshop with woocommerce. We sell there products like spices, decoration, etc. Nothing there is for free for the end customer.

Do we need the 90$ Extended license therefore? Or is the 21$ regular license the right thing for us?

kind regards


Hi, you can use the regular license for this.

Hi Jeffrey,

i juts purchaesd it. Thank you in advance for the Plugin.

I have different Delivery Prices setup. When Cash on Pickup is selected in the Checkout, i would like to have the delivery Prices set to zero. How/Is this possible? Will this be possible in the future?

With the discount setting is not an option because i have different Delivery Prices depending on the size of the items…

Looking forward to hear from you.

With kind Regards Marius

P.S. or maybe a function for functions.php like if Cash on Puckp is selected change Delivery price to zero or something like that…

Gutentag, local pickup should be a shipping zone (versandzone) and not a shipping class (versandklasse). Then it should work.

Yeah! You are the man. Thanks for the hint. Now it works like a charm.

In the default Shipping-Zone i can add the Local Pickup Option and then in the Payment Option i select the Local Pickup Delivery option.

It is now on the Live Website implemented. Thank you very much.

Updates are coming via Envato Plugin?

Yes, updates are coming via the Envato plugin.

Will this be compatible with WooCommerce 3.7 and above?

Yes, it’s already compatible with version 3.7 and will also be compatible with versions above.


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