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I like it.. very neat little function :)

Hey – this is cool – just bought the plugin – seems to work ok for the names – any chance you can also extend it to include the address details also?

We use label function to print the address directly, its a small things but this would really help us get a consistent look, rather than have to update the data manually.


Yes, this will be in the next version.

Case correction now prints the address for both shipping and billing correctly, as well as company names. Thanks for your support.

Thanks for updating.

The new version seems to have a problem completing orders, I get a message not on the checkout page. Indicating that the State is not valid.

“State / County is not valid. Please enter one of the following: Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia”

I disable this plugin and check out page works fine.

We will correct this now and issue a new version. Send us an email to to get the latest one now.

Congrats on updating to work on all of the address!

I have a plugin that pulls in my eBay orders. People there are so sloppy it’s unbelievable! (Drives me up the wall for printing labels)

Q) Will your plugin go to work when the order record is created or does it only work on the order form?

If it doesn’t then it would be awesome if you could add a button to the orders edit page to process the addresses (/wp-admin/post.php?post=999&action=edit). I though about a cron but you don’t want to override actual changes you make to orders manually.


We can take a look at this and get back to you.

Hi, I have WP Lister, a plugin which connect the shop to Ebay and generates orders for the wooshop backend through Ebay auctions. May it possible that the plugin does not support these generated customer addresses?

This plugin is for WooCommerce plugin only and is for when customer input data through your WooCommerce store. We have not tested this with WP Lister, feel free to test it yourself.

@ ole_wilkendorf

Please post your results with WP Lister. This is the reason for my request 15 days ago for a manual button but as I have not purchased yet I would love to know if a button is actually needed to correct WP Lister created orders.


Well I purchased it and sadly no further development has been done as I requested 8 months ago :(

FYI – It does not work with WP Lister and that’s a shame as I would have thought adding a hook for when an order is created or modified would not be difficult for a developer that understands such things to do.

Sorry, we don’t really know what hooks you are talking about? If you want custom work done for the plugin, you can fill in our contact form on our website.

There is a bug in this plugin were it will not let people checkout because throws an error saying that you much choose a valid site.

How do I go about getting this bug fixed?

Thank you, Trey Greer 706-531-5104

We shall report this bug and get it fixed. Please send us details to

Just sent you an email.

We got your email and have sent you a reply. Thanks for letting us know.

I am getting the same error as others with the “state is not valid” error. I just bought this and assumed (because those were addressed 2 months ago) that it was resolved. I do look forward to using this plugin once this is fixed. Thank you.

Sorry to hear about that, please send us a support ticket to and we shall send you a corrected version.

Does it work with WC 2.1.x

It was last updated 3 months ago and I see some people reporting problems in recent comments above.

We have re-updated the plugin on here. Please let us know if it works for you.


Pre-purchase question…

How does this plugin handle double barrel names such as:

Joe Bloggs-Smith

Also, how about company names such as:

Hill Dickinson LLP


It simply turns the first letter of the name from lower case to upper case. As for Hill Dickinson LLP, I can only imagine it would make it Hill Dickinson Llp. The only way around it is to not apply it for the company name.

Reading the last comment it’s a shame no further work was done on this plugin. Most of your other creations are much better at being supported!

I remember way back in the early 80’s having to allow for Towns such as Layer-de-la-Haye. IE. only the last – (hypen) should be converted. Much simpler these days with regex in php.

A word exclusion list could surely be added?

I also hope you can find the time to add the Order Creation and Update Hooks I requested.

Thanks ;-)

No further work has been done on this plugin as it works as it says on the tin. Any customisations you want can be done but are not to be included in our support.

Thanks for replying.

Will it work with a Genesis theme?

We have not tried but it should do as it is backend so no conflict with theme.

Any plans to update this soon, seemly it’s having some issues in the newer frameworks. Thank you…

Please fill in our support form so we can look into the issues you are having.

Hello! Works with Spanish language?

Works with any language.

When passing the data to a payment gateway it does not work. So I wonder are you just setting css classes. I have never looked closely at the module, but wondering how the admin can show upper case and the payment gateway show lower and upper case. Something is really off here. Thanks

Is this happening with one gateway or all gateways?

In all gateways, seemly it ignores the cases when passing the data to a Gateway. We also purchased other modules that you sell, trying to clean up the function and usability of Wocommerce, like the WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager. Thanks for responding.

Did you fill in our support form?

Hi this looks pretty handy, but it doesn’t look like it’s been updated in a long time (since 2014). Does it still work with the latest version of Woocommerce?

Hi, I just purchased this. I understand that this plugin doesn’t update current/past orders – only new orders. When Woocommerce Subscriptions processes a renewal order, will this fix the customer case for the renewal order?

If the original order is already correct, then there is no reason it should but generally it only applies the case correction on the checkout page.

It wasn’t correct on the original order, so that’s why I’m just wondering if this will fix it for the renewal order. Guess I’ll find out soon enough when the renewal hits…

Hi guys, just bought this. Does it update current orders? Doesnt seem to be working for me but may be doing something wrong

No it doesn’t update current orders, just new orders that come through.

Is it work in everywhere user can text or only Frist name and Last name? Thanks

All fields in the checkout.