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gman_10 Purchased

hi there, I installed the plugin a while ago and I just noticed that it isn’t working at all. What can we do about it?

have you sent me admin panel access to my email address thanks :)


gman_10 Purchased

hi there, I gave you access and send you the login info two days ago but I haven’t heard anything from you, did you get it?

sent reply :)

Hi Just bought the plugin very good any chance on adding a trim selection for this ? wait for your reply

contact with me email thanks :)

please reply to me I have problem with this plugin

done and sent you email check your email almost 2 days ago thanks :)

Hi, I have a problem with car search filter, : Fatal error: Cannot redeclare isExist() (previously declared in /home/kingprooo/public_html/wp-content/plugins/WooCommerce-car-filter/include/engine.php:152) in /home/kingprooo/public_html/wp-content/plugins/make-model-import/car-import.php on line 105 Please help

sent to your email

yes just checked your are using old version thanks :)

one more thing the version you are using i am getting any error there tell me details plz thanks :)

Hi, I have updated the plugin, but I still get error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare isExist() (previously declared in /home/kingprooo/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woo-parts-filter/include/mmy_engine.php:126) in /home/kingprooo/public_html/wp-content/plugins/make-model-import/car-import.php on line 105

yesterday i checked no error now u telling me error already we got feedback from customer and they never suffer this error that u suffering why i dint see error old version yesterday why ?

Thanks :)

Does this plugin have a way to hide options that have 0 product results in the query? So if there are no products that match a year, it wont even show?

no we cannot but but if u want customization you can knock me via my email address thanks :)


RRaker Purchased

Hi, can this handle year ranges instead of a single year? Eg 1998-1993 instead of a row for each? Thank you!

for admin entry page or filter box ?

you can add year based on year range from admin thanks :)

thanks :)

Have installed your plugin on a client site and it is throwing an error “Notice: add_object_page is deprecated since version 4.5.0! Use add_menu_page() instead. in /home/nostalgia123/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3783” When I deactivate the plugin the error resolves itself. Can you please check your code?

i checked here i didn’t get this message can you tell me your wp and woocommerce version please thanks :)

and one more thing why i don’t see purchase tag ?

thanks :)


DrSayko Purchased

Hi there, How can i change the parts filter button CSS colors? look at this link:

can you help? thanks, regards

contact with me i will help you no problem thanks :)

Hi there, we need to build the site exactly like this one: Take a look at how their ‘Select vehicle’ in the right corner works – let me know if it is doable with your plugin. (The results of the search have to have category tree that pertinent only to this search and you should be able to click on them and display updated results). If you go through selection on you will see exactly what I mean :) Thank you.

you want to change filter result based on left category select right ?

thanks if u want i can do custom development for you thanks :)

contact email: thanks :)

E-mail was sent, thank you,

How to trasnlate read more button

My friend tell me how can i help your your previous email really confusion for me so send me a final email with admin access i will check your issue no problem :)

Dear Friend, I just wants to know how can I translate the “read more” button in the result page. Thats all I want to know

sent you reply check :)


DrSayko Purchased


Contact with me via email and check your website very clearly thanks :)

Hi, can you make it Year -> Make -> Model -> Submodel -> Engine ?

Right now but if u want customization i can do that for u with small budget thanks :)

email: thanks :)


wishua Purchased

Hello, sorry, I do not speak English. Bug plugin, but for some reason does not filter the filter of goods

have u setup it perfectly my documentation wrote by English so u have understand that ? if not send me admin access to my email address let me check . my email: thanks :)


aobeng Purchased

Hi I have purchase the Plugin, it is not working on my site , it shows up for a while then disappears

i am sure you cannot setup result page kindly send me admin access to my email address thanks :)


heow Purchased


I have a website where I want to sell USED motorbike parts, so each item will be unique with its picture and price. I’ll end up with thousands of references (as they are all unique with unique picture), I’m not sure how this plugin works in fact.

Assigning compatible models/makes is something I need, but I’m wondering if that’s only what this plugin does.

For instance when I check your live demo, the products shown don’t have a specific name, do you think it would be possible for me to upload a new product for BMW – Model – Year and have the full name of the product shown (for instance: Headlight for BMW – Model – Year). It’s pretty important for SEO purpose to have the full names of product displayed for me.

I’m willing to have custom code developped for my needs but I’d like to have a look at what a product adding looks like from admin :)

you need custom development and we can do that for u no problem my email thanks :)

Hi, just purchased this and using it for tractor parts. how does the plugin know which product is make / model / year etc as there no option to set in products themselves?

have u check product page ? or read plugin documentation ? thanks :)

Sorry I found how to do that now. but when i put shortcode in page it only displays like this

1) Save plugin settings page 2) create a result page 3) then paste our result shortcode there. 4) now copy result page URL and paste to our plugin bottom text-box

try if not send me admin panel access to my email address thanks :)


We are using your plugin to add specific makes and models for specific parts we are selling. But since we upgraded to the new version of woocommerce, every single make, model we had are all lost. Also, we were having the specific issue also with the settings of the plugin. For examples if we were going to clean the cache, then the parts filter site we created was getting removed from plugin settings so we had to enter it again and save the settings. But the main issue is the first one we mentioned as we need to restore our database now and it takes quite a lot of time. Can you please help us on how to avoid having the same issue?

Regards, Stavros

my friend u are going to update woocommerce so u must take a database back before update anything but we have plan like backup system we will do that soon and update our plugin thanks :)

Yes i know that i have to take a backup. But we are trying to have our website 100% functional all the time which is reason we are asking.

Ok we will wait for your update! Thanks!

welcome my friend and please when you have time give us 5 rating and comments u will get notification soon when update done thanks :)

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