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Hullo, i ‘d like to know when (or if) you plan to update your plugin to woocommerce 3 because i want to buy it but i need to make it work on woocommerce 3 in the near future.Thanks in advance for your time.

Yes it will work no problem u can buy thanks :)


I like this plugin and want to buy it. Before purchase i want to ask that i have a category and inside that 3 sub categories. And If customer selects main category, will it show the products from all 3 subcategories. And If he only wants to filter the products of particular subcategory and he selects that subcategory from drop down. Will it show the products from that sub category only?

u can filter based on Make Model Year and category so u need to select any category and filter will find product from that category thanks :)

Hi, just wondering if your plugin will allow me to use the make and model filters along with default woocommerce filters? For example I need to create a filter section with a price range slider, body type drop-down, co2 emmissions drop down, transmission drop down. Can your plugin facilitate this? Thanks so much.

No check demo please thanks :)

Hullo, my client want to insert a year for example : 2000-2005 and to show like that , but when he does that it shows one year in every row. I tried this way :2000 2005 (with space ) but it’s not working.How can i insert a range of years with “” in it? Thanks in advance for your time

no problem my friend but first tell me are u talking about year manage page or product entry page thanks :)

Hullo , i am talking about year manage page, and if i can insert for example “2000-2005” in one row, then in product entry page i can select 2000-2005 and in frontend i can select “2000-2005”. It works ok if in year manage page you insert: “2000 till 2005”, this is what i want, just instead of “till” to insert ”-”. Thanks for your time and looking forward for your answer.

Its working ok but if u want i can remove that function from manage year page so confirm me plz via email thanks :)


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The search result page shows all the products under woocommerce and filter doesn’t work

my friend you have forgot to setup filter page kindly check plugin settings page bottom side you can understand or send me admin access to my email address thanks :)


muwinte Purchased

I created a page.I have sent you an email.

check now my friend all working thanks :)

I would have a question, can I customize the box and remove the category attribute and instead put another optional text field (which should i write to the client)?

then MAKE MODEL YEAR And the optional field I’m going to create? “Color code”

Of course the woocommerce products will have all the make, model, year attributes and the optional “color code”

you can remove category no problem but for textbox u cannot but if u pay us little customization cost we can do that for u thanks :)



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Thank you so much for your support

welcome my friend :)

Hello, I have bought your plugin but for some reason, it doesnt work. Here is a link, if you can help me out. Thanks

sure my friend why not kindly send me admin panel access to my email address thanks :)

Hello. I am willing to buy this. I have some questions 1. Does this support woocommerce 3.1? 2. Can I use it for filter tire in my website by make / model / year 3. Also if I face any problem implementing the plugin in my website . Can I expect to get help from you?

Yes it support latest version and you will get support from me thanks :)


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Hello Bigboss

Can you pls tell me how a shopmanger can add make model etc. Because the plugin is not visible to shopmanger role. How can is set this, there is also no option to edit the role/permission.


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i dont have to send you the access of my admin panel Bigboss. Open the database you send and check it. There is no 2013 2014 2015 2016.

It goes only to 2012. Check sakoir_year.sql


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for example Citroen C1 goes to 2017 but in your database it goes to 2012 etc.

ok we will check and let u know thanks :)


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Bigboss, we are still waiting for your solution. Our customer car parts company can not continue. Why do you not solve this? You have sold us a product/database that says car brands last until 2016.

We are now experiencing problems with our customer. Because you made promises that you did not comply with us and sold something under false pretenses.

listen varan i have told you kindly send me website access let me check myself something, but you are posting and posting that is solution ? if you need support and solution just send me website admin panel access let me check myself no need ftp and any other thing thanks :)

Pls. Answer this:

Tell me why you need the access? For what? I want to know what you want to do?

Why dont you import this in your own website? And see it your self.

OK fine thanks :)

hello! i’m sorry for stupid question but is the $18 charge a one-time payment? i’m looking to buy this very soon. also will this work with database csv download from thanks!

yes my friend one time payment for single domain thanks and please let me know for any help after buy plugin :)

No it will not work with carquery database but you can bought our database from here so after buy let me know we will help u we have database until 2017 thanks :)

thank you for reply! ok, one more question, what if i need filters like engine type, transmission type, etc. on left-hand side on product list pages? i appreciate your help!

Possible my friend but need custom development let me know via email thanks :)

Hey BigBoss, I need some help. My products are arranged and imported in three levels categories. Is there any way the plugin can be made to work and show my categories instead of having to manually add the Make, Model, Year.

For instance: Make should display Category Level 1, Model should display Category Level 2, Year should display Category Level 3. I know that from settings you cannot do it, but maybe by tweaking its code?


Its relational filter but if u need any customization we can do that for u no problem contact with me thanks :)

hi, i have emailed and waiting response for support on the results page not working. Have set up filter page, insert shortcode, insert page url into plugin settings. The page will display correctly if no result is found (ie. shows no filter results). when there is a result found, the filter page is blank, header menu doesn’t work and header logo disappears… – will most likely go to your junk/spam

Yes spam folder and got it checking issue now thanks :)

Check now all working and i have sent you email from my email address follow that thanks :)


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Hello, tell me please, where can I buy the base make/model/year for this plugin

you need make model year database ? thanks :)


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Need to be able for “Shop Manager” role to see this in the backend menu.

My friend i will check this issue kindly contact with me email address thanks :)