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2005-07/Adly/300 Crusader Quad

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Kindly put result shortcode into filter result page or send me admin panel access to my email address i will take care of it no problem thanks :)


jairo Purchased


Let me ask some questions: 1- I’m going to develops an automotive carpets shop (WP + WooCommerce). Is this the best plugin for it ? I saw you have any other plugins. 2- there is only one category “carpets”. Can I avoid category from filter ? 3- can every field of the filter be required ? 4- when do the database you’re selling was updated? What’s the most recent year and model ?



jairo Purchased

Hello, I’ve made some test and I would like reset all data. How can I do it ? Besides, I’ve sent an email to the support contact but I’m not sure if the mail has been received. Would you mind contact me ? Thanks

u can reset from plugin csv import page thanks:)


jairo Purchased

I’ve found it. Thanks.

Hi there. Your plugin does not work on mobile/iphones/android devices. I have been emailing you for over a month with no solution – my client’s company is suffering as your plugin drives the functionality of their entire site on mobile. Please get back to me asap as they are very upset.

we are checking this issue and found a solution and soon we will update it thanks :)

Hi Do you do custom development, like adding extra filters?

Contact with me via email thanks :)

Hello, I just bought the plugin but it does not work because I can not find the add make screen. Why?

where is your purchase tag ? thanks :)

Hello, I just bought the plugin but it does not work because I can not find the add make screen. Why?

sent you reply already.

Hello, I just bought the plugin but it does not work because I can not find the add make screen. Why?

Where is your purchase tag ? send me purchase code into my email with admin access let me check thanks :)


Pre Sale Question.

1* I saw your screenshots of this plugin but you haven’t share the product(woo-commerce add new product) page where we can assign a product to a particular makes models and years.

2* Does Makes Models and Years work as product category and child category or these are attribute of the product?

3* Can we assign multiple makes models and years to a particular product. Normally I sell Car Battery. Suppose one Battery can be used in multiple makes models. So when someone filter the my product should show for some particular makes models.

Please see the screenshot for better understanding.

4* Can you please share the screen of add new product and assign makes models Years section. or do you have any demo WP-LOGIN to see how it works.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

NB: Nice work bye the way :)

Have you check plugin screenshot i am sure then u can understand easily how it work and have u check plugin demo ?

check plugin screenshot and demo then you can understand and u can assign multiple make model year and filter always based on selected category thanks :)

I asked some specific question abut you guys just reply with nothing… :)

I have understand ok

1) You can assign make model year from product entry page. 2) U can assign multiple make model year for each product. 3) Category is actually product category so when u will select category with filter make model year then filter will find product based on make model year and selected category. 4) You can filter product only make or make or model both or make model year together its dynamic. ) You didn’t check this image i think

Thanks :)

Hullo, can you please let me know how can i show more than one columns on the results page ? I created a new page for results – pasted the shortcode in it -and set it on settings page, but the results come in one column and is not what my client wants.Thank you very much for your time and effort in advance

Done my friend kindly check now thanks :)

Fast, accurate, great support….Thak you the most

welcome my friend :)

Hi, i have buy the plug in but he doesn’t work. i fallow the guide step to step but in the result page is always this message: “No Result Found Based on your serach query….” where is the problem? the link is:

Kindly send me admin access to my email plz thanks :)


Done and sent you reply by email thanks :)

hi there,

im interested in your plugin. i need vehicle part finder as in this website: Need search filter Something like: Audi > A3 > 3-doors > 2000-2007 Is this possible with your plugin? Need this info asap
you can buy this after that let me know i will remove last one and make it 4 label filter for you no problem without any customization cost thanks :)

hey big boss, i bought the plugin you showed me. pleae give me your email to send you login info so you can make the modifications. Hope will work good

Hey bigboss, I have sent you 3 emails requesting support for the position of the car filter on the front page of my website but no support has been provided yet!!! Are you going to help me fix that? Thank you in advance.

My friend checked now its ok and i have sent you email thanks :)

hello, I need to sync the parts stock with my invoice software, can I sync the stock? could I use wp all import to sync the stock? also, my parts have categories, like tail lights, engine, etc, i have those categories and i can export them from my invoice software, i need to be able to create and update stock for those parts with wp all import, will i be able to fill in the year make model?

our filter work on make model and year thanks :)

hello, but can I setup the values on the product with wp all import? if the values match?

no my friend thanks :)

Hi there, I am importing a magento store into wordpress. I want to change the year tab to filter categories. Is that possible? If not possible, how does this plugin filter the products? Is by tag or title or category or something else? Thank you

Its work with its own database table and u need to map that with any products thanks :)

ok thank you, do you have any tutorials to show how this is done?

You can check demo and screenshot thanks :)


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i what to buy this plugin i download the demo and it not work

send me admin access let me check …

email : thanks :)


mnot30 Purchased

i send u a email

can u help me?