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Labels (out) can be translated into my language ?? Sale – -> Show ventas


Under languages folder there is no file I can translate. How Can I translate all labels? I tried LOCO Translation but it couldn’t find the translation file.

Hi I want to use the the catalog image instead as it is nicely cropped. I know that this isn’t part of the feature but can you send me the code where I can change it in the.php file?

sorry for that delay can you please explain more

will this work on a multisite?

yes sure

Can I hide the image when the mouse is over. I don’t want to see the secondary image when the mouse is over the main image.

just don’t include another image for the product, but ur request will be taken into consideration next update

Hi, Does the add to cart work via ajax and can the page not switch when you add to cart?

there is an update in 2 days that will include add to cart via ajax


There is a problem in your css inside vc_extend.css li { list-style: none; }

your li definition override the css definition of li all over the site. You need to modify it to something like this: .testimonial li { list-style: none; }

Ok Will consider this in the next update, thanks for informing us

Good evening, I had this bug during the use of woocommerce carousels for visual composer: If in a page I put a carousel before the post grid tool of visual composer, in frontend i’m unabled to load the news post.

Sorry for my bad English

ok can you send us the theme name that you use? cuz this is may be a theme issue and we will fix it in next update, but please send its name in a message

Hello, have you recived my message with the theme name? If not it was twenty seventeen, but every theme that I had tested have this bug.

ok thanks, i will test this again and consider it in next update


I couldn’t show/hide “Free” button on Unit if I active the plug-in Woo Carousels.

and the answer from the theme author said ”.. it seems it is a conflict between select2.js version that we are using and woo-carousel plugin is using . You need to contact the plugin author and ask them to dequeue the select2 script of woo-carousel plugin on the edit unit page in back end .”

Could you help please? Thank you

Kindly be informed that if you dequeue the select2 script it may fix the problem of your theme options but the same problem may arise in our addons settings .. if you are sure you want to do this you can do it on your own. this script is essential for our addons if you will use custom categories selection in settings the same as it’s essential in the theme you are using. Kindly reply if you want more clarification.

Thanks for prompt response. Could please instruct how to dequeue the select2 script to fix the problem of the theme options? Is there any better solution? thank you

to dequeue the select2 script, open index.php file using any text editor and find add_action(‘init’, array($this, ‘select2script’));

put two forward slashes before it so it seem like

//add_action(‘init’, array($this, ‘select2script’));

or you can better remove it

is it posible change the position of the title on picture ?? in the categories carousel ?

This is a good point to consider, we will check if we can add it to next update, Thanks

but the question is when you will update this ?

you will be notified when we upload an update

the plugin to brand carousel resize my image.. looks terrible.. and there is no way inside the configurator how can rezise my image or disable this function? and no clickable to load official page of the brand..

Thanks for your notes, We will work and add this in next update .. sorry for any inconvenience

but the question is when you will update this ?

you will be notified when we upload an update

please help with documentation

then when i used it on my theme, the product layout look so messy

The plugin already has a documentation. Envato never accept an item without a documentation. When you download the item, you can download all the files and documentation or the installable plugin only. I think you are downloading the installable plugin only so you don’t see the docs in it.

Please provide us with the URL of your website to see what is wrong with the layout.

The product category feed is displaying a reviews section below. No matter which category it is, it will display a full-width review section. It is pulling the data from the last product in the product category feed. Please advise if you would like credentials. Thanks.

can you please send me a screenshot and credentials to your website in a message

Hello, the plugin does not include adding products to the carousel via sku or ID, can you refund me please as I will not be using it because of this unfortunately, thanks.

Hello! Is it possible to set up the carousel categories, without increasing? We do not need it. Thank you!

Hello! We hang the woocomerce attributes 3 if your plug-in.
hi, when i instaled your plugin the “linked products” section not working any more! Any solution?

?? I need help!

The documentation link at the WP dashboard for the plugin is broken. Is this plugin currently supported? All the questions I can see are 10 months or more old – some with no responses,