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Great support.

thank u so much my friend :)

Does this plugin come with a vehicle tire database?

No thanks :)

is it posslible to add the filter plugin on the homepage of the theme then there a results page?

No search result will be shop page you can put filter into homepage becz we have shortcode but result will be into shop page if u want any customization let me know :)


Hello. I am willing to buy this. Does this support woocommerce 3.1? Also if I face any problem implementing the plugin in my website . Can I expect to get help from you?

yes it is and you will get support from me thanks :)

Hello . One more question before I buy. I just need to filter the tires with Width , Profile and Size . can I remove Type and speed from filter and plugin?

Hey dude, I bought your plugin and I’ve some questions. (it’s my first plugin bought by me) so, may I ask you here or do you’ve a mail? Thank you and cheers from Chille!

if possible iwant to see your codes at any site which is active?

Check our demo site if it ok with you then u can buy it thanks :)


uesebe Purchased

I get a 404 error when I search. Please I need help

sent you reply via email thanks :)

thanks alot for quick and very helpful response, plugin is working excellently, please keep up the good work!

welcome :)

Bought the plugin. It’s slow and clunky. Might have cut it back in like 2010 or so. On the plus side it motivated me to write my own plugin.

where is your purchase tag ? how can i understand you have bought it or not ? thanks :)

I didn’t want to use the company’s account for the comment. Hence why i made my own.

ok thanks :)

Hi there, I’ve just purchased your plugin. If I have 1000 different sizes, do I have to enter one by one? I mean there is Summer/235/35/19, Summer/245/35/19, Summer/255/35/19. This is three different 19 and three different 35? Is there a fast way for this? Can I import somehow? Thanks

My friend right now we don’t have import module we will add that next version thanks :)

Hey I want to buy the plugin but I have some questions… Is it translatable? and can I remove the speed field?

You can change text from admin and u can remove speed also from short-code or widget let me know if u need any other help after buy it thanks :)

Hi man would help me out on removing speed and type I tried with the short-code and couldn’t figure it out Thanks

To whom it may concern,


I recently purchase his Workshop program and installed it in a fresh new domain and it produced multiple errors and would not save any actions rendering it completely useless. When I contacted bigboss he said no problem he will fix it IF I gave him a 5-star review there and then. At first, I replied that I will pleased to do so after the program actually worked. He replied with a flat refusal to fix the program repeating his demand for a 5-star review prior to doing anything. 9 rude and abusive emails later whereby he called me stupid and a idiot and I registered a negative review which got his attention. In response, he began to accuse me, in the comments section, of trying to steal his broken program to sell to others along with other bizarre and utterly baseless accusations.

I will close by warning everybody that most if not all of his 5-star reviews have been provided under these circumstances and I cannot stress enough how badly this guy will mistreat you once he has your money and you have his broken products. I personally do not believe he is the developer for these products and clearly, he does not know how to fix them, instead he just keeps peddling broken software then holding you to ransom to extract a 5-star review – an evil scam at best.

You have been warned, I looked him up online and he is notorious for this behavior and yes, I am launching a formal complaint to Evanto and will be demanding a refund through my bank.

People know what is right an what is wrong you need more idea about license system you are trying to use my script into multiple domain that’s why script working stop that is your fault not my fault think twice before say once bad customer in my life totally new comer into market no idea about this market just try to buy script and try to take refund also he need both money and script what a customer.

SUCH A COMPLETE LIAR.. I dare you provide one instance of the accusation you keep making..just one, its complete rubbish, one website, one URL and you could not get it to work..simple refund my money!!

in terms of evidence, i have all of your emails where you have abused me repeatedly, refused to fix your broken software unless i gave you 5 star rating before you would touch it…who does that seriously.. and completely lied through your teeth. People reading..dont say you were not warned about this guy!!

oh and love the right hand comment..very professional!!

He need to work my script into multiple sub domain because he want to resell it when installation not working with multiple domain he want refund and trying to create bad reputation into market place no idea license system and policy really new comer ALL SELLER KINDLY CAREFUL FROM THIS BUYER.