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the plugin does not work correctly in my theme

it work but we are using custom page and plugin has no idea about your theme so contact with me my email address and send me admin information thanks :)

I sent you a support email, the documentation on how to add the tire sizes is great but there is no documentation on the backend of how to connect this to WooCommerce, or how you show the actual tires on the page. Can you please provide or create some documentation that takes us through all the steps of actually making the plug-in work


The plugin is great.

We prepare to create a computer, ram and some related stuff website.

Hope to create a search engine like this:

Is it possible to create the search filter using your plugin?

It might be some custom support.

Do you provide custom search filter service?


if you want i can make custom filter for u so contact with me thanks :)

Hi. Before buying wanted to learn about it. In the demo page, it does not work? What do you think ?

after the filter always shows 0 products. It is right ? And another question, can only filter on the first field (the other left empty)? Thank you very much wait for the answer.

contact with me thanks :)

I do not understand, why : Width: / Profile: / Size: / Speed: ? if any manufacturer or supplier using these search parameters.

why you dont understand ? contact with me my email address thanks :)

Hi, i am interested in buying your plugin. How can i connect the filters to my woocommerce products and is the plugin translatable?

Also can i seperate winter tires, summer tires and more for instance on different pages with diferent products?

ok then we can give you one special version can you contact with me my email address thanks :)

Hi there. I’m looking at purchasing this plugin for a site I’m working on. Does this use WooCommerce attributes to filter out the tyres?

The docs don’t detail this and the demo doesn’t work.

plz check demo it depend with each other relational filter thanks :)

Have you checked your demo?

No matter what combination of sizes and profiles I use, I can’t get it to display any products.

Please advise how it can work. You’ve promoted it as a WooCommerce plugin but I can’t see any way that it connects with WooCommerce?

I want to use this plugin to filter a number of tyres, which are WooCommerce products, by size. At the moment I can see from the demo that this plugin should do what I want it to do, but it doesn’t seem to be doing it, and there doesn’t seem to be any WooCommerce integration to make it work?

contact with me my email address thanks :)

how does the new plugin work, there are no information

dear sir all information will update today thanks :)

Is it possible to change the fields names at all? so instead of Select Type it said something else ?

Can i check so kindly send me link and admin access thanks :)

Site is not currently live only a local based install

send me one screen short plz thanks :)

hi !

If i put shortcode horizontal : [bbTWPSS_filter view_mode=’H’ top_title=’Find Your Tyre’ type_label=’Select Type’ width_label=’Select Width’ profile_label=’Select Profile’ size_label=’Select Size’ speed_label=’Select Speed’ button_label=’Find Your Tyre’]

We can’t see find your tyre and other selects, can you help us?



send me admin and ftp access plz thanks :)


You sent me here from one of your other plugin pages :)

This looks like what we need I just wanted to find out if it is possible to import these values and will products be linked automatically based on their attributes?


no u need to add them manually :)

Hi, I see in the screenshots that the filter is created in “Type / Width / Profile / Size / Speed” section. I load data through a CSV file, you may like to run the filter through the normal categories of woocommerce? Obviously I will use the same hierarchy Type / Width / Profile / Size / Speed, but through the normal categories.

Thank you!!

this is woocommerce taxonomy like category style so that way u can create Type / Width / Profile / Size / Speed and it will work 100% but where is your purchase tag?

thanks :)

Thanks a lot for the answer!! I’m sure it will work. The problem is that I amount categories via a CSV file, and they are imported into categories and not in “Type / Width / Profile / Size / Speed”. I have not yet purchased the plugin for this doubt.

Hi bigboss555, it would be possible to customize the search bar?

possible contact with me email address thanks :)


milsi Purchased

Please we need to import, we need to know fields on database. Thanks!

We will soon import plugin soon thanks :)


milsi Purchased

we need to know fields on database please. Thanks

not understand thanks :)

Is it multilingual, if not, can i translate it Thnaks


can please follow up on my requests for support, i have sent you in previous email the admin info to my site. I have set up the plugin many times but it does not work I want to know in the plugin works with my theme or not. Thanks

done and took 5 ratings :) Thanks


I have a site with Printer Ink Catridges. I need to have a dependent category tree (Brand, Model, Type) and use a tool like yours here.

I have for example that kind of tree:

-Canon —Afisio 2343 - Toner

Could that work for me?

if i buy this plugin can i show the filtered results on the shop page, i just wanted to show the filter widget on home page, and when clicking filter it takes users to shop page or to search results page, i meant to say not showing search results on same page where the shortcode is paced at

It filter on woocommerce shop page thanks :)

Hi. please check your skype.

ok thanks :)


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İf you will not solve this matter I will complain to envato for banning your account , I will prove my claim with the screenshoots !


w3bman Purchased

sorry problem solved please remove my this comment

welcome :)