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Hello, I just bought this plugin and it works perfectly when there is a variable product. It shows the attribute with the dropdown menu and the Quantity has a “plus” and “minus” sign next to it. However, when it’s a simple product, there is no “+plus” or “minus” and changing the number in the box and clicking ADD TO CART does NOT add the quantity to the cart. It adds ONE item but no additional based on the number you entered. Also, what is the purpose of the BUY SELECTED button at the bottom of the page? When I click it nothing happens. Can you assist? Thank you!

Hi, can you please provide a link to your website? You can send it to, comments here are public.

Hello and happy new year!

Some of my variations on products are not being added to the cart ONLY when using the Buy Selected method (and not clicking on the product pages). They work fine when you are on the individual product pages. And the issue is only happening on RECENT variations I added to current products.

I added additional flavors to a simple product by making it a variable product. When you add one of the two new flavors, the following message appears “Please choose product options.” You can add the original flavor without issue, so it’s only happening on the new variations.

I’ve double checked the variation info on the product and they all look identical. Prices are all added and everything works fine on the regular product pages.

I’ve updated Wordpress, WooCommerce and all plugins and just can’t seem to get it resolved. If you contact me I can provide more details and login. Thank you!

Hi, we replied to your email :)


The plugin does not work at all on my website. I have both single products and variable. It added the qty and a button to the variable…but eliminated the option to choose which variable, and it did not add a button to the single products, it just added a qty and placed it really off center. Overall it just looks bad. Plus the button that is there has a white square in front.

this page doesn’t look any different at all, all I want is to add the qty to the order:

and the single product page doesn’t look any different either, which if fine, I would like it to have the word “quantity” before the input box, but I think I can add that in with a snipet.

So the question is 1) what am I doing wrong or… 2) if it just won’t work with my theme can you please issue a refund.

All I’m looking for a a simple button that I can add to ANY PAGE, where the customer can click and order without going to the single product page.

hi it seems that your theme has custom archive pages. you can try comparing by switching the theme to default one like twenty seventeen if possible.

if you’d like us to adjust your theme to work with our plugin – we offer custom development too, you can contact us via

if you’d rather get refund – you can issue the request from your envato account


Pirlo21 Purchased

Hi I want to buy but i want to be sure you still support the plugin? and if it’s work with the last version of woo commence?

unfortunately it’s hard to tell without actually trying it. in case of issues, please let us know.


Pirlo21 Purchased

Does If i buy and it’s not work with the themes correctly you can help ?

if it’s theme issue – we can offer either custom development, or refund. if it’s plugin issue, we’ll of course fix it.


Pirlo21 Purchased

hey i buy the plaguin i can see Buy Selected Button it’s a good job just i have an Important Note, the user must be prevented to using negative numbers such as that in the image


Hi! It is really good point. Thank you for pointing it out, we will add correcting it on our to do list and update the plugin in near future.