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Hi optart,

1. The plugin might not be working for us/our theme.

We are unable to see results of the Buy Selected Button using the Flatsome Theme (http://themeforest.net/item/flat-responsive-woocommerce-theme/5484319).

No quantity fields show up though the “Buy Selected” does show up below the Shop Pages.

2. Also, does the Buy Selected Button work on Pages that display products using the WooCommerce shortcode, for instance: [product_category category=”product-category-slug-here”]

Thanks for writing when you can! :-)

1 – we’d need to check it out – can you provide us access to your site via contact@optart.biz?
2 it was tested and designed only for categories/main shop page/similiar, but if shortcode generates code same way – there is a chance it works there too. we will test it out in future and add info to docs.

Hey there! Any updated change log for this? it only shows up to 2013, which might cause customers not to buy, as they might think it won’t work with WooCommerce 2.1 ;)

But yes, it works :D Just update the change log ya

not at the foreseeable future – we joined and support development of Jigoshop core at the moment. Of course we’ll still support our woocommerce plugins too.

wow! :) you guys help to work the core of Jigoshop? Awesome! Jigoshop really needs to work on it’s marketing, in order to catch up with WooCommerce. And also duplicate some of the top plugins for Woo, which would entice people to go over.

you can already see much improvements and tones are on it’s way. if you have any specific plugins lacking in Jigoshop in mind – let me know and I’ll pass info about them to management team.

Hi after I loaded your plugin my regular add to cart button disappeared on my other custom pages. We have a table that has the short code [add_to_cart id=”” sku”“] obviously we put in the sku and id number for each product. Please help with this if you can. Thanks

Hi brbb75,
please contact us via contact@optart.biz with your site details for further check


I have purchased the plugin, it seems to work on main shop page but not within categories page. I have around 50 product categories and around 2000 products. Kindly advise how to fix the issue.



thanks for purchasing our plugin.
- check if it works if you switch to default theme
- if yes – it means the issue lays in your theme files, most probably taxonomy-product_cat.php or archive-product.php
- if it’s fine when you change it’s content to the default one (or remove/rename temporarily these files) – then you hav to find differences to default one and adjust changes.
in case of no luck, please contact your theme developer to make your theme using standard woocommerce hooks. in case of issues, let us know via contact@optart.biz

When i activate this plugin, i got 500 Internal error. So help me asap.

just sent you email

Are variable products supported in the current version? See Author’s comment, 2 years ago:

Hi @kakashihatake2, Good news: it is possible to add it. It should be included in next version, in ~2 weeks from now.

Any progress on this?

thanks for reminding about it – we’ll work on that over the weekend

It is done – just uploading version 1.3.0

Just bought, installed, and quantity input not showing in my template. I use BeTheme Template. Could you help me?
Or any guide to integrate this all?

Hi cutez7boyz, please check if it works fine when you switch do default theme if yes – it means that your theme is not using standard woocommerce actions. In that case – please contact your theme author for assistance

We updated to Woocommerece 2.3 and it appears the quantity input are no longer functioning. Is there a fix for this? Thanks!

checking it out.

please check latest update – that should work!

Hello, Is this plugin can work on another page than the shop to a special woocommerce element of 6-7 products added by visual composer? I’d like just to set a WooCommerce Element of a categorie & have your selection button + buy all selected :) Tell me if that works out of the main shop page too. Regards

Best way to get to know that would be to try it out. I’d suggest purchasing it. If it works – please let us know! If it doesn’t – please mail us via contact@optart.biz your site access and we’ll see what we can do about it.

Send me the plugin without purchase & if that works then i’ll buy it => ceo@digitalmedia.pro

sorry we don’t work during weekends usually and it seems you have already purchased? is it fine?

Is there any way that I can add this button to the category shortcode output? The quantity fields etc show up, just not the button.

It’s not covered in this version but we have it on our to-do list for one of next releases.

Can we apply this to a specific page, but not any Woocommerce default pages? We only want to use it on a special landing page with add-to-cart shortcodes for several products.

Also, can it be made to use checkboxes instead of quantity fields? We only want users to be able to select 1 of each product.

Hi strangebiscuit,
- it doesn’t work for now with shortcodes – only on category/tag/shop pages. this is in our to-do list - it doesn’t have option for checkboxes. there were no requests for such extension yet, but we could do it as custom development for you. You can contact us via contact@optart.biz or propose custom job on our envato studio account: https://studio.envato.com/users/optart

We use this plugin for a collection of small items we sell… it dramatically simplifies the ordering process and has increased our average order value of those products. HIGHLY recommended.

Hello, I am trying to install your plugin “for WooCommerce By Selected button program.”

We’re looking to have buy now button with check boxes to our show page on the shop page here https://dev.ripclear.com/product-category/goggle-lens-protector/

Can you please

Hi hineszach,
please mail us (contact@optart.biz) with your site url and issue description.

Hello, I messaged you. Please look for my email

Got it, I will reply shortly

Hola amigo! He comprado el Plugin de “Buy Selected”. es muy bien creada. Pero tengo una problema que me esta pasando. Al poner los productos con los categorías y el plugin no me funciona con diferentes categorías. Nose que pasa. Plugin ON : www.mytheme.com/shop Plugin OFF : www.mytheme.com/category-product/tshirt Help please ! Thank You!

Can we use this on the single-product page for only one product or product category? We want it to only show up for one product, so that buyers can purchase a set number of kid’s tickets and adult’s tickets with one click, We do not want it to appear on any other product pages. Can we do that? Thanks!

Hi kipley,

with this plugin, you have to have separate kids and adults as separate products. than you can add them to same category (for example called as the event name) and than you can enable this plugin for this category only.

alternatively if you want to use variables within one product – check our table add to cart plugin – http://codecanyon.net/item/wholesale-table-add-to-cart/12632420 – when you add with it [wholesale] to the product description – it will create table with all options available and amount choice in place of shortcode.

In case of any issues – let me know!

Thanks for suggesting the “Wholesale Table Add to Cart” plugin. The documentation is pretty confusing in spots, but it ended up being what we needed. Two questions though…

1.) The quantity selector appears in the “horizontal-attribute” column, and we would like to have a heading that says “Choose Quantity” for that column. I tried ending the shortcode with ”,horizontal-attribute/Quantity”]” but it did not work. How do we add a title to the top of that column?

2. We can select the various attributes using the wholesale table, but the variations table still appears, showing the attributes in a drop-down menu. It is confusing having both tables there. We can hide the variations table using CSS, but it is cumbersome to have to do that every time we want to use the wholesale table. Do you offer a way to easily hide the variations table whenever the wholesale table is used?

Thank you again!

Hi kipley,

we are happy you find our plugin useful. We are aware that documentation is complicated, and it lacks examples of newer features, we are thinking about rewriting it in near future :)

1. This columns behaves a little different than other columns, this is because if you have horizontal attributes it’s label is attribute’s name. It is on our to-do list, but for now it is not the most important thing. You can use CSS :before, and :after to display label there. It’s not a nice solution, but it will do the job.

2. We have implemented this feature, new version should be accepted by envato soon ;) If you add a wholesale shortcode to a single product (with no products specified) normal “add to cart” will be removed.

Thanks for a great idea of improvement! :)


I have bought your plugin. But the buttons doesn’t work. When I select 3 in the square of 1 product, there’s only 1 item added in my basket. Also the Buy Selected button at the bottom of the page doesn’t work.

How can I solve this?

hi, can you send us your site url and admin access to contact@optart.biz?


pre-purchase questions : 1) Can we use your plugin only in a specific archive page ?

2) Will your product work with plugins which display all the variations of all products on 1 single archive page ?


1 – you can choose categories to turn it on.

2 -it may be tricky as our plugin allows variation choice too. hard to say before trying it out unfortunately

Thank you !

Thank you !

Hello, I am willing to buy the plugin but I just need the quantity selector to be next to the theme default add to cart button. Do not need buy selected down. Can I achieve that with this plugin?

Hi, well, such feature is not offered by default, but we can add a small change to make it so.

Hi there! A client of mine purchased this plugin for their WooCommerce site, and we’re running into an issue where the “Add to cart” button works, but it’s not adding the proper quantity.

Could someone get in touch with me to figure out why this might be happening?

I can PM you the purchase code (they only purchased this a couple of weeks ago through their own Code Canyon account but I’m the developer who’s helping them integrate it)

Thanks in advance!

Hi, please contact jakub.ptak@optart.pl and send website details :)

Oh, I see you have contacted us already, I will send you an email :)