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Hi, Id love to use the Ajax features in this plugin, however, when I click add to cart, nothing appears to happen, although, the product is added to cart (you notice this on another page)

I think a few people have had this issue, but have ended up dealing with you privately.

Are you able to post a solution to sort this? I see this error in the console: Uncaught ReferenceError: woocommerce_params is not defined

Ive had to disable this now on my site as its live…

Can you point me in any direction to get this running?


Sorry mate…total misunderstanding here! I actually purchased a different plugin. Can I purchase you and test it…if it doesn’t work, will it be ok to get a refund?

Well, you will get the full version of the plugin though. You can see it in action in the demo site. And I also can answer any pre-sales questions you may have.

Totally get that mate. I’m a really honest person. I would never say it’s not working if it is.

The only reason I ask is that I have purchased two separate plugins both with really good reviews that don’t seem to work with my setup.

I don’t usually have problems with plugins. So I’m not sure why this is happening.

If you’d rather, we can do a teamviewer session where I install and try in your presence.

If it doesn’t work I’ll delete it straight away (also in your presence)

Hello – I was just wondering if it is possible to edit the style of the attribute title and how it looks to customers on the front end?

Kind regards,

Carly Heath Stow London

Hello, you can do that with CSS. Your theme should have a way to add custom CSS. Send me an email through the profile page to send you an example.


chk1 Purchased

HI, Just purchased and installed your plug in. Works great and easy to use.

My problem is that I have many composite products and when plug in is activated Composite Products cannot load.

Any solutions ?

Thank you.

Hello, most probably this is a conflict with the way Composite Products handles variations. Would you send an email using the Profile page to review further? Thanks.

Hi – I would love to purchase this plugin, I just need to know if it is in any way possible (even with customization) to be able to select multiple colors on the product page, with color swatches. So, say I have 10 colors on my product page, I would like to know if it is possible to be able to select… say, up to 5. THX!

Hello, and thanks for your question. Understanding what you are saying, to be able to select up to 5 options at the same time, for the same attribute, say “Color”?

Hi – is there a way to grey out the images I have used for buttons when a product is sold out or failing that, a way to add text that says sold out when the image is clicked?

Thanks very much.

Hello, not until the a variation have been selected. It subscribes to the way WooCommerce handles Out of Stock products, showing a message above the Add to Cart button.

Hi there again,

Is there a way for me to make it more obvious for customers when a variation is out of stock?

At the moment it is only obvious that an item is sold out when the customer tries to click the ‘add to basket’ button but I would like to add some text or an alert that pops up when the item is out of stock.

Is there a feature for this?

Kind regards,

Carly Stow London

Well, it is not possible to preview the Out of Stock variations immediately when the page loads, WooCommerce does this by design, and the plugin follows that design. If you have 2 or more attributes you could be blocking In Stock paths (for instance, Attribute A-1 + Attribute B-1 are OOS, but A-1 + B-2 are In Stock).

Hi there, I’ve bought your plugin and work like a charm. It doesn’t work when I’ve installed this ( and I think it’s do to HTML format code, when I add to cart an item the product page display an error saying “Select the ‘variation’. If I don’t enable image button and have displayed the standard select of Woo Commerce, the ajax drop down cart plugin work. Need your help here!

Yeah, probably a conflicting issue with the plugin. If you want, contact us through the profile page to go into the details of the issue.


p1011 Purchased

v3 issues, latest woocommerce update seems to have caused a bug with your button plugin whereby backend tabs for product data has css/display issues (don’t seem to have any bugs on frontend that I can find yet)


p1011 Purchased

Correction: the bug seems to be with another plugin , not yours. will look into further.. and let you know if any bugs related to buttons are found..

OK, thanks for the heads up.


jhtjards Purchased

Hi, I’m using your plugin happily, but I’m wondering if it will still be working with the freshly released woocommerce 3.0.

Can I safely upgrade or do I have to wait for an update of your plugin?

Best regards Jann

Just FYI a new version (1.5.3) is being reviewed by Envato that will be compatible with WC3


jhtjards Purchased

Thanks, I’ll be waiting for the release

Hello, just FYI, the update is still in the process of review, we are following this closely.

Hi, I ve just installed the plugin yet there is no BUTTONS tab in my product settings? can you please help to make it work!

Sure, as we talked please follow up over email, thanks!

Here’s what I’m looking to do (I realize your plugin alone won’t do this – perhaps you can point me to other plugins that would be complementary):
  • Product catalog mode (no price or cart/checkout)
  • variations with swatches, dependent variations (select one kind of wood, have those stain options appear with swatches), multiple variations (drop downs in addition to previously listed), custom variation section where people can type their own things in
  • request for quote / add to quote with using the variations
Can you help??

Hello, sounds fascinating to create such plugin. Sadly we wouldn’t know which other plugins can help you accomplish it. But, we could try to make something custom for you, have you consider that as an option? If you want, contact us through our profile page to get in touch


DavanaG Purchased

Hi! Love the plugin, but I seem to be having a problem with it :-(. On the product page, every time I actually click on a variation button the product picture disappears. I know its this plugin because when I deactivate it everything works fine.

Have you seen this problem before? Is there anyway to fix it? Thanks for your help!

Hello, thank you for getting in touch. Yes, I think it can be fixed although we have not received such reports in the past. We may need access to the admin area to see what’s going on. Could you contact us through our profile page?