WooCommerce Button and Image Variations

WooCommerce Button and Image Variations

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Tested with WooCommerce 3.x, 2.6.x & 2.5.x

Compatible with WC3.x and backwards compatible with previous versions!

Current Version 1.7.1

Add Color Swatches

Add color swatches, images or text buttons to your variable products. Highly customizable options to match your shop’s colors and style.

Manage your button’s styling

Customize the styles to match your site, right from the admin interface.

Rounded Color and Image Buttons

With ease match your theme. Check out the screenshots for a look on what is possible.

Useful Checkmark on Selection

Visual aids to help your customers select attributes.

Per Product Buttons

Manage your colors, images or images right on the Product page.

Global attributes

Manage them at the Attribute level – globally for all your products.

Easy Disabling

Manage which products will be showing the buttons in one place.

Great support

Look at our reviews and ratings, 100% commitment to your satisfaction

== Changelog ==

=1.7.1 - 24-SEP-2017
* Fix bug resetting options

=1.7.0 - 5-AUG-2017
* Feature: Select show/hide disabled terms.
* FIX: warnings.

=1.6.1 - 5-AUG-2017
= Fixed: Warnings.
= Fixed: Issue with disabled variations.

=1.6.0 - 16-MAY-2017
* Revamped Settings page
* Extended padding, margin options for buttons.
* Option to set Text buttons grow to text width.
* Fix: Image change on ajax requests.

=1.5.2 - 20-FEB-2017
* FIX: Issue with dropdowns while using Custom Attributes

=1.5.1 - 17-FEB-2017
* FIX: Issue with Default variation.
* FIX: Issue with inputs for buttons.

=1.5 - 21-JAN-2017
* Feature: Dropdowns!
* Rework of frontend JS to match latest WooCommerce's coding approach
* Fix: Text underneath for custom product image
* Fix: WP Media dialog image drop fix for button image
* Feature: allow ' and " as text for buttons by entering \' and \" 
* Fix: IE11 issue with overlay and checkmark for image buttons, checkmark for text buttons.
* Fix: CSS for buttons, left float is dropped in favor of inline-block.

=1.4.1 - 30-SEP-2016
* Fix - Missing tag.

=1.4 - 30-AUG-2016
* Feature: Disabled Products now handled also in General Settings tab.

=1.3 - 26-AUG-2016
* Feature: Add text underneath Color/Image buttons.
* Feature: Add margins between terms.
* Feature: Option to keep aspect ratio for images with fixed Height and Width.
* Feature: Added class for Out of Stock variations (non-ajax).
* Feature: Click on already selected terms resets form.
* Feature: Set opacity value.
* Feature: Preview buttons enhancements.
* Fix: Some settings (opacity, border, checkmark, among others) now impact more button types.
* FIX: Disabled term click now resets selection. Click on disabled resets form.
* FIX: Removed not-allowed cursor from disabled terms.
* FIX: Added rounded option for radius (Images and Color buttons).
* FIX: Settings re-arrangement & major code architecture changes.

=1.2 - 4-AUG-2016
* Feature: Add button images.

=1.1.2 - 16-MAY-2016
* Feature: Disabled buttons now show cursor:not-allowed, when no matching variation is found.
* FIX: Transparent buttons bug

=1.1.1 - 19-APR-2016
* FIX: image not showing for large number of variations.
* FIX: Revamp and code cleaning in js file.

=1.1.0 - 11-APR-2016
* Version 1.1.0 is a minor enhancement.
* Feature: Using filter instad of action to hook to Product page.
* FIX: Revamp of js to match WCs features.
* FIX: Removing futher theming support, only css theming available now.
* FIX: Code cleaning.

=1.0.14 - 28-MAR-2016
* FIX: Image display and updating.
* FIX: Enqueued underscore.js template for variations (wp.template).
* FIX: Added additional i18n text.
* FIX: Static functions for wc_ea_plugin_action_links and wc_ea_plugin_row_meta.

=1.0.13 - 31-OCT-2015
* FIX: Variation descriptions were not showing in frontend.

=1.0.12 - 26-OCT-2015
* FIX: Typo.

=1.0.11 - 23-OCT-2015
* FIX: Text button border color not being applied in frontend.

=1.0.10 - 16-OCT-2015
* FIX: Uppercase attributes causing javascript endless loop.
* FIX: Delete unused file.

=1.0.9 - 10-OCT-2015
* FIX: Allow default variations.
* FIX: Homologated variable.php template to current WC version. This version of the plugin works with WC 2.4.0 and up.
* FIX: Code cleanup.

= 1.0.8 - 15-SEP-2015
* FIX: Allow Shop Manager role to see the admin options.

= 1.0.7 - 7-JUL-2015
* FIX: Error with the use of empty() in class-wc-extended-attributes-admin-panel.php

= 1.0.6 - 31-JUL-2015
* Fix: WP_DEBUG related notices and warnings

= 1.0.5 - 27-JUL-2015
* Feature: Button preview: preview the way your text button will look like.
* Feature: Button sizing: select your button's size.
* Feature: Border radius: set rounded borders for your buttons.
* Feature: Border sizing: set the button's border size.
* Feature: Opacity for disabled options.Guide users to only select available options.

= 1.0.4 - 16-JUL-2015
* Fix - Rebranded plugin

= 1.0.3 - 28-APR-2015
* Fix - Removed the opacity values for disabled button.

= 1.0.2 - 27-APR-2015
 * Fix - Issue with strip_slashes_recursive when it is already declared by another plugin.

= 1.0.1 - 15-DEC-2014
 * Fix - Initialize text buttons styling options by default.
 * Fix - Ajax 'Disable Buttons for this product' bug.

= 1.0.0 - 14-NOV-2014 =
 * Initial release.