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Hi, I want to purchase this plugin but do not want some of the features, please check screenshot.


Please also confirm that we can use this plugin to show more then 1 visting cards to shop.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

TY Naveen

Any customization at the existing plugin requires additional cost which can be discussed through email to developers@solvercircle.com

Hello, I would love to purchase this extension however I am unsure whether it will work with WP 4.6.1, which I already have installed and would like to avoid having to uninstall. Also, I notice it has been over a month since it has been updated. Is this normal and will there be more regular updates to insure it continues to run smoothly in the future? If so, ill be a happy customer. If you could shoot me a response as soon as you can I would really appreciate it.

Hi There, Thanks for the Question. Yes, it will work with the latest WP version and if necessary, our support team will help you in-case you have any issue with the latest version.

Hi there, I was wondering if this plugin allows you to create templates where customers can only interact with the form input fields and disable direct canvas editing (i.e. drag and drop) so that we can have tight control over what they can and can’t edit in the templates. We’d like to make it so text boxes are fixed in place, and they can’t add things, i.e. they can only change the text content for the fields we allow them to change. Does this sound like something the plugin is designed to do?

we can perform custom development to implement your specific need. Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com with this list of features and we can discuss.

Hi, your plugin looks really interesting.

But one thing bothers me : In the live preview, I tried to change business cart background but the image doesn’t fit to the size of the card… And I can’t zoom or zoom out the background image according to what I would want… Did I miss anything?

Thank you very much.

Hi, Please try to upload a background with the exact size as you see on the screen for that template. If you need your mentioned feature to position the uploaded background image , you can email us to get a quote.

For me, it’s not a problem, but for many users that know nothing to computers, it can be complicated… I may come back to you for a quote… I look a little all the plugins that exist to create business cards and I’ll see, thank you.


ashast1 Purchased

I wanted to know if this plugin do following things. 1. Customer can save customised design as pdf 2. Admin can save high resolution customised design for printing. 3. customer can upload custom design. 4. text width is 100% mean it’d not split in two lines. Please let me know. thanks

You can check the existing Demo and Documentation to get the existing feature details .Looks like you need some customization. You can email us to get a quote.


ingosch Purchased

hello, can i deactivate single features like logo and background image upload. And is it possible to make textfields not movable? Thanks

Please email us for custom solution. Thanks.

In your Demo you only show one card example. Can a library of backgrounds to choose from be made available to customers?

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Of course all sites need to have ImageMagic and GhostScript to generate 300 DPI image. And also any custom feature which is not present at the existing Demo will require additional cost. Sorry for any confusion.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

instead of uploading image, can they choose from drop down?

I’ve sent you an email

Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com. Because we have not received any email yet.

sent again


the output of design is:cmyk ?

We have a separate item called WooCommerce Business Card & Flyer Design PRO, that supports SVG Output export, but still it is not CMYK. After downloading the SVG output you can try yourself for any conversion as you need.

fine, when will you lunch a release supports CMYK?

sorry, we are not sure of that and we do not have a plan for cmyk yet.

can you send me the link for WooCommerce Business Card & Flyer Design PRO…..or when is going to be release ?

Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com to get the notification.

ist dieses Plugin mehr Sprachig ? Im Frontbereich

Is this plugin multilingual? In the front area

I noticed in the demo the card canvas is not mobile responsive. Is this something that’s possible?

You can email us for a custom solution.

Hi there, I try to find whether your plugin is suitable for my project. Is there an admin demo available?

Please check the documentation to see the screenshot of Admin features.

is it possible to change the format to, let’s say A3

sorry, which format did you mean and for which file. Please email us for more discussion.

Hi! can i edit plugin code and add something custom for him?

You need to purchase the Extended License to perform any customization by yourself for your client.

I have an Envelope design but it does not display the whole envelope for customizing or in pdf. Its just show half of the envelope

is there an email i can email you, because the file i get for pdf is very blurry and can’t not be printed.

Just emailed you

Hi, Is there any option to download business Image with PHP code?