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I need to offer “Grouped Products” on my shop, however all of my products are variable products.

Basically I’m looking for a solution that allows the “Shop the Look” feature, like in this example: https://www.intropia.com/pt-en/lookbook/LBAW16/LBAW166/showProducts – No need to have the pre-option to “Select size and color”, the size and color options for each product can be directly visible.

Can I do this with your plugin?

Thanks in advanced

Also, thanks for the review!


No, the option to hide the products short description isn’t available.

I also have an issue with the “Add to cart” button on the bundled products, as it sticks the button to the product description box with no margin as you can see on this image: http://prnt.sc/ekbhzd

Can you please send me the CSS code to solve this?


Please submit a support request at https://iconicwp.ticksy.com along with your WP logins (where applicable!).

Hi there, presale question: I sell raw material and stuff for self-making cosmetics. I’d like to sell starting kits, like in this website: http://www.makingcosmetics.com/Color-Lip-Gloss-Kit_p_169.html I need two things: the inventory of each ingredient must update automatically (and of course if any of the ingredient is out of stock, the kit must not be sellable); I’d like to add a (free) downloadable product for the instructions, which is not to be sold separately. Is it possible with your plugin? Thanks in advance :)


1. Yes, the stock will be on each product level. If it’s out, it’s no longer available as expected. 2. You could potentially add a downloadable product and set it’s visibility to hidden. However, as each product is added individually, rather than as a single product, you customer could potentially remove the other items and keep the download…

Feel free to try it out, if it doesn’t work for you, you can get a refund :)

Is it possible to set a discount/custom total price for the bundle?

Hey, yes it is :)

Thats great – thanks for the reply.