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Hi, Is this plugin compatible with the North Theme?

Hello, it is compatible with any well developed WooCommerce theme

Hi, this plugin doesn’t work, the way it’s described. Would you be so kind to help me find out why ? Thank you

Dear, I have made a printscreen what I see in the product page, please scroll down: http://www.novababykleding.nl/product/pakket-aanbieding-anna-frozen/

Hey, please could you submit a ticket at https://iconicwp.ticksy.com with WP logins and I’ll take a look for you! Thanks.

Ok, I already did. Thank you

Does this allow stock management of the individual products within the bundle? So if the bundle contains product A and product B, then the stock level of product A and product B (individual products) reduces by 1 each when the bundle is purchased? Thanks

Yes, they are essentially linked products. So A and B are products that could be sold individually.

if any one of the bundled product is out of stock does the regular price auto reduces and the out of stock product disappears from the bundle ?

Hey, currently the custom price would remain as per your settings. The combined price would still include the price of the out of stock item. The out of stock item will display an out of stock notice and wouldn’t be added to the cart. Sorry for the delay on this!

Pre Sale question; Will the plugin allow me to include products with different pricing from multiple categories so the customer has a picklist of 1 type product a valued at €30 plus 3 of product b valued at €5 each? but a bundle price for this product?

I try to find a solution for this functionality my WooCommerce shop: Some of products can be watched in the shop but can ONLY be purchased when somebody buy at least one other product.

So for example I have: Category A: Product A1, Product A2, Product A3 Category B: Product B1, Product B2, Product B3

All products have prices and are not gifts.

I want to: Products that can be be sold with no conditions: Product A1, Product A2 Products that can be sold ONLY when Product A1 or/and Product A2 is purchased: Product A3, Product B1, Product B2, Product B3

There’re Product Bundles And Chained Products plugins but I think both of them lack of something. Is there such possibility with your plugin?

Hey, I would say no, not at this stage! The setup sounds quite complicated, but interesting. I’ll definitely consider it for a future update.

Hi, I just wanted to confirm something that has recently been asked.

In a bundle, I have product A and B. These products already exist, and there are quantity of 4 in product A, and 4 in product B.

When 1x bundle is sold, will stock quantity on individual product pages for product A, and product B, decrease by 1 automatically? So it now shows 3 left in product A, and 3 left in product B?


3. In addition to the first part of my question, is there an option to restrict the bundle to a specific quantity? So like in part 1 on my question, I only have 4x product A, and 4x product B. I don’t want customers to be able to purchase 5+ of bundle because I do not have that many items in product A, and product B.

The bundle must strictly link with individual products and update together.

If answer is yes to all my questions :) I am very happy.

Hey, let me see if I can answer!

1. Yes, if someone buys your products via a bundle, it will reduce the stock of the respective products.

2. If any item becomes out of stock, it is removed from the bundle page.

3. Not yet, but I want there to be! If I understand correctly, you mean – the bundles consists of 4 x A and 4 x B?

Thanks so much for your reply!

In answer to 3: No, 1x bundle consists of 1xA, and 1xB only.

Other plugins allow customers to purchase infinite amount of bundle. e.g. A customer could buy 20x bundle (20xA, 20xB), but I physically only have 4xA and 4xB available. So this feature to restrict bundles to 4 is very important to me.

Hi there,

It is an pre-sale question. Is this plugin integrated with wpallimport woocommerce product addon.

Kindly reply ASAP.

Hey, it should work with it – you would just need to be able to import a custom field to associate the bundled items. Happy to add anything that you feel it may need

Hi there,

can i remove the products prices into bundle page?

ty in advance Stefano

Hello, sorry – I don’t understand the question!

Does it support variants?

As in, final variations?

can i change the add_action from ‘woocommerce_after_single_product_summary’ to ‘woocommerce_share’ without modifing plugin file?

Hey, yes! You need to remove the current hook first, and add your own second. Only difference is (i you’ve used hooks before), the second param is an array. The first item in the array is the class, and the second is the method. So you’d do something like:

add_action('init', 'iconic_move_bundled_items');

function iconic_move_bundled_items() {
    global $iconic_woo_bundled_products;

    remove_action( 'woocommerce_after_single_product_summary', array( $iconic_woo_bundled_products, 'output_bundled_products' ), 5 );
    add_action( 'woocommerce_share', array( $iconic_woo_bundled_products, 'output_bundled_products' ), 5 );

You can just add that to your theme’s functions.php file.

Is there a way to make that the bundled package is at a discount?

Hey, yes, you can set a price for the package manually

Hello, does your plugin allow the customer to choose one product at each stage before moving onto the next step like the example below? Each product has a lot of customizable options, as you will see using the example below.


Many thanks

Hey, no – I’m afraid it does not do this.

Hi, two pre-sale questions: 1- does it support variants in this way: product A has naturally many variants but for this bundle product we will only allow size XL (because product B we’ll bundle with XL as well. As in: you buy a suit and will have to combine XL with XL sizes)

2- can we set a ‘bundle price’ which would be different from the individual prices of A and B combined?



1. Currently, no – the user will always select variable options themselves. but this will change in the future.

2. Yes, you can set a special price for all items ordered together.

Hope this helps!

ok please inform me if you can, when option A is available; we’ll need it! (when multiple variations available, let’s see color and size; it should be settable to have only fixed size XL but they could choose colors. In other product, all variables will be pre-setted) Pretty flexible, in other words ;) Thanks!