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How do you install this?

Nevermind on the question above…great plugin!...needed this for overnight rates (in addition to standard) and it does exactly what I needed.

Glad it’s working well for you!

Cheers, Eric

I’ve just purchased, but cannot use it. Installed it, whenever I then go to Woocommerce – Settings, I get a blank page. Disable the plugin, and the woocommerce settings starts working again.

Cancel this, I wasn’t aware I needed the other plugin in addition to this one. Sorted.

I will purchase this if I can select Cities instead of Countries

Sorry, but that’s not on the roadmap.

Cheers, Eric

I just purchased this – and the plugin is only allowing me to add one additional rate…? I need to add three rates for express shipping for each of my three products. Basically the add configuration button doesn’t work. Help?!

Is the main bundle rate plugin using the latest version as well?

Cheers, Eric

Yes – I just purchased it and downloaded it yesterday.

This is a bug. I’m uploading a fixed version of the plugin now.

Cheers, Eric

I have some problem in using the secondary plugin. Could you please help me? Only 1 shipping method is shown when checking out.

Are you certain that you selected Australia or New Zealand for the shipping destination for the cart? It may be defaulting to the US.

Cheers, Eric

Yes , you can try , as a guest , and fill the billing address as “Australia”

I do not have any shipping class , so I choose “apply to all” in your plugin.

Hello I am having problems with the activation for the plugin Bundle Rate Shipping. I have WooCommerce version 2.1.12 and when I activate the plugin, then go to my woocommerce settings it sends me to a blank page. Is this version of woocommerce not supported on this plugin?

It should be fine with WooCommerce 2.1.12.

A couple things:

  • Do you already have Bundle Rate Shipping installed?
  • Could you try re-uploading the plugin files?

Cheers, Eric

Hi there, I have been using both the “WooCommerce Bundle Rate Shipping—Secondary” and “WooCommerce E-Commerce Bundle Rate Shipping” on my site and it has always worked very well (I had been using the TwentyTwelve theme).

I don’t know exactly when it stopped working, but I noticed it when changing to a new theme (Captiva). But when I asked the maker of the theme about it he asked me to try it on TwentyFourteen to see if it works, and when I did – I found out it didn’t work. So this morning I tried it again on TwentyTwelve (thinking it will definitely work on that theme since it always had worked for me in the past), but it is no longer working on there now either.

Basically, when I go to the cart it doesn’t let you choose between the two shipping options (it forces you to pay the main shipping price, and doesn’t allow for the secondary one).

Do you have any idea of what I can do to make it work again? I really don’t want to have to spend time coming up with a new shipping structure for my entire site.

Also – my site is all up to date on the newest wordpress and woocommerce.

Thanks for your help, Megan

Hi Megan,

Is the secondary rate visible on the cart?

If not, check over your configuration to make sure that the secondary method is enabled and also that it has configurations that apply to all items in the cart.

Cheers, Eric

I just downloaded the secondary bundle shipping (already have the main one) but can’t get it to install – same error message as the first one but there is no additional ZIP file inside the one I downloaded, only regular files, which Wordpress won’t install. Can you please help? I’ve downloaded it a bunch to make sure I have a good copy but still no luck.

I just replied to your email, but will reply here too. These are the steps to install the plugin:

  • Download the plugin from CodeCanyon
  • In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins › Add Plugins.
  • Click Upload Plugin
  • Drag or select the zip file you just downloaded from CodeCanyon.

Note that it should be the whole zip file, not the unzipped folder.

Cheers, Eric

The best WooCommerce shipping plugin -thank you!

This plugin is great. I struggled for a while to get the default WC shipping options to give a logical pricing structure to no avail, so I looked at various plugin options. Bundle rate shipping suits my application perfectly.

I also use the secondary bundle rate shipping so that I can offer customers the choice of standard or registered (insured) postage options.

So easy to set up once you have the hang of the logic used. I have been able to closely match my shipping company’s pricing structure by setting up various weight bands for my products (up to 50g, up to 100g, up to 200 g, etc) so that the charge to the customer reflects the actual cost. The option to only charge for the highest cost base price is great.

High or unrealistic postage costs put customers off purchases, but this plugin gives you the option to setup a sophisticated shipping pricing structure that works for a wide range of different products, quickly and easily.

Good work, thanks :)

Thank you so much for the kind words!


I want to be able to copy the huge table of pricing from my first bundle rate (purchased from you) and add it to this second one, then just adjust the pricing. Please tell me how I can do this, database wise if I have to. I really cannot spend hours re-doing it for a second time :(


There is no easy way to do this. If you’re comfortable with something like PHPMyAdmin, the record to look for is in the wp_options table with the option_name of woocommerce_enda_bundle_rates.

The rates for the secondary method are stored in the same table with an option_name of woocommerce_enda_bundle_rates_secondary.

Cheers, Eric


I am new to woocommerce and am trying to avoid paying the $199 for the Shipping Table plugin because I think this is too expensive. Your plugins look like they might help, but I would like to have 6 different shipping methods for standard and express delivery in UK, Europe and Rest of World. I need to add an additional cost per item to the standard delivery rate and your plugin looks like it may help.

However you indicate there are only 2 shipping options, but if I buy additional Secondary licenses, will this allow me to set up my total of 6 shipping options please?



Hi Jas,

You can define different rates for UK, Europe and Rest of World just with Bundle Rate Shipping, so one plugin could deliver the Standard rates for each of these three destinations.

You would then use the Secondary plugin to deliver the Express rates.

Cheers, Eric

Hi! I think your plugin will solve my shipping issues. I need multiple shipping rates for some products, as standard rate and express rate. Also need shipping rates for only one product, as standrad and express rate. Will the plugin allow me to setup these shipping conditions?

thanks Sarah Kim

Hi Sarah Kim,

Yes, together with the main WooCommerce Bundle Rate Shipping plugin, this will allow you to set up standard rates and express rates for multiple shipping destinations using the bundle rate configurations.

Cheers, Eric

I would like to achieve one bundle fee shipping + another flat fee (additional) shipping fee, which my customer can select if they want to add additional fee or not.

We have a standard shipping service but would like to offer an additional service in flat fee. I want to allow our customers to choose if they want this addition service or not. If they do, it adds this addition fee to the standard fee, if not, just charge a standard fee only.

Can I do this setting with your plug ins?

That’s not really what this plugin is for, though you could possibly use it like that. This plugin is designed to be used alongside our main Bundle Rate Shipping plugin, so you can have two shipping methods both of which are based on bundle rates.

Cheers, Eric

Hello Eric,

Wondering if this plugin will help to offer 3-4 different shipping mode such as expresspost, standard, overnight etc. Please let me know if this plugin allows multiple shipping methods or just 2? Also, didn’t find the tutorial on how to set things up. The video in the demo is for the other plugin.

No, this plugin will just add a second method. Get in touch via and I’ll send you a couple extra plugins you can use to add the 3rd and 4th methods.

Cheers, Eric

Love your bundle rate shipping plugins, they work great!

But can you please add a changelog to the product page so we can easily check whether we have the latest version installed?

Cheers, James

Seems 1.0.8 is the latest, right?

That’s correct.

Cheers, Eric

Hi there,

I have the original bundle rate shipping plugin and that worked perfectly. I just purchased and uploaded this plugin for the purpose of offering a first class mail option to the 1st item ordered.

It works for the 1st item, however it still shows that price for more quantities ordered. I only want this plugin to work for the 1st item and then not offer it.

Any suggestions?

The site is

Thank you!

Ok, so what I’d like to do is have this secondary plugin be the free shipping for socks and the first bundle to be a fee for t-shirts.

However, I have these options set but when a sock and tshirt are in the cart together, it doesn’t show any shipping options. Also, the socks don’t show any shipping options either.



Also, I really need this fixed asap, my client is having customers turn away because of the shipping problem. Thank you!!

Hi Arbel,

Ok, so what I’d like to do is have this secondary plugin be the free shipping for socks and the first bundle to be a fee for t-shirts.

However, I have these options set but when a sock and tshirt are in the cart together, it doesn’t show any shipping options. Also, the socks don’t show any shipping options either.

That’s not how the secondary plugin works. The secondary adds a second, completely unique shipping method. It’s commonly used as a way to have Standard Shipping as well as Priority Shipping, for example.

In your case, you should just be able to use the main bundle rate shipping method to set up configurations for socks and t-shirts. You can have a single configuration for each product category.

Cheers, Eric

It seems that I am unable to add more than 11 different shipping rate options in the secondary bundle rates table. Everything is fine with 11 options, but if I try to add a 12th it doesn’t save the settings right. The 11th (bottom) entry in the table seems to become a jumble of the 11th and 12th entries and the new entry disappears!

Any ideas why this might be happening please?

Thanks, James

Hi Eric – message and info sent via your support page. Thanks, James :)

Thanks James :)

Hi Eric – just sent you an email with further info on this. Thanks :)

Hi Eric, I bought the plugin which I think is really easy to use. However I need options to add 3rd and 4th Shipping Methods. Can you advise me how I could get the additional plugins that you mention in your post to Voofaweb. I’m happy to pay for them if necessary. Keep up the great work. :-)

Fantastic quick support. Thanks for the extra plugins. Just what I needed.

Error after WordPress Upgrade: Fatal error: Cannot make non static method enda_woocommerce_bundlerate_shipping::is_enabled() static in class enda_woocommerce_bundlerate_shipping_secondary in /home/flower/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-bundle-rate-shipping-secondary-1.0.8/bundle_rate.class.php on line 297

Thanks for your great support!

Any support here?

A new version of the plugin has just been submitted to CodeCanyon. It should be available to download in the next 24 hours.

Cheers, Eric

Pre-purchanse question: Does this plugin work with Woocommerce v2.6+ ? Thank You. Doug G.

As of WooCommerce 2.6, you don’t need this plugin anymore. The main WooCommerce Bundle Rate Shipping plugin is fine.

Cheers, Eric