WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing

WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing

WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing - 1

Key Features

  • User friendly design
  • Filtering by all woocommerce products fields :: Title, Category, Taxonomy, Pricing , …
  • Advanced Bulk Editing Form: Edit all WooCommerce Products Fields in specific operands :
    • Append, Prepend, Replace for Text fields :: Title, Sku and …
    • Increase, Decrease for Pricing Fields :: Regular and Sale Pricing
    • Calculator for decimal values
    • Use Custom Formula for Pricing fields
    • Featured Image and Gallery
    • Date picker for date fields :: Sale price date
    • Multiple selection :: Category, Taxonomy, Tag
    • And …
  • Show/Hide Columns
  • Column Manager:
    • Set Color and BG color for columns
    • Set Custom Label for Columns
  • Create Product And Variation
  • Duplicate Product
  • Create Variations for multiple product at once
  • Delete several products with one click.
  • Delete Product variation
  • Set Category/Taxonomy for multiple product at once
  • Inline Edit: Edit values in separate types: Numeric, Text, Date, Checkbox and …
  • Save Search form query
  • Add Custom Fields / Taxonomy as columns, Search field and Bulk Edit Field
  • Import / Export
  • Binded Editing : Edit several products at once.
  • History: Save all of change log beside of Undo / Redo :: You can revert your changes.
  • Sticky Column: Fix ID column
  • Find Duplicate product and delete all of them easily
  • Support all woocommerce products fields

WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing - 2

WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing - 3

Change Logs:

Version 1.0.3 Release Date 06.24.2020
Fix: Variation issues
Fix: Install Core Plugin
Version 1.0.2 Release Date 06.23.2020
Fix: Column ordering in column manager
Fix: Column Profile
Fix: Install Core Plugin
Version 1.0.1 Release Date 06.14.2020
Fix: Assign Category/Taxonomy/Tag
Version 1.0 Release Date 05.26.2020