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Buyer beware. I’m sure the developer is a nice guy, but here are the facts: – I just purchased this plugin and it is currently not working. – I tested the demo site and it is currently not working. – there is currently no ETA of when it will be corrected. – the issues seem to date back many months based on this comment list and there doesn’t appear to be a resolution.

I did contact support (ticket posted in your system) – In this plugin that is supposed to offer “Bulk Price Edit, in conjunction with the Wholesale Prices”, there is no column that even shows wholesale prices. I see this was a fix in 1.5 that was about a year and a half ago. Please provide another update that fixes this bug. Thanks!

Can you let us know when you posted the ticket and what your username was?


Hi there. user: iquarius ticket: “You opened this ticket on 17-02-2016 at 20:29” . Getting this working it critical at the moment as we have a ton of bulk pricing to do. I’ve just updated to 1.6 but the values that get entered to not save. I’ve given you admin access. Please assist in fixing. I appreciate it very much!

Just purchased and activated it through the plugins manager but I don’t see it the admin pages.


Can you access it when adding this after your admin url: admin.php?page=manage-bulk-price-edit


You never answer me. i rate you bad.


We replied to your ticket?


Are you kidding me? Why dont you check your support system. 2 months without reply. Please, solve my problem!

Hi, you created a “no rush” ticket. If you require urgent help, you need to change the ticket status to “urgent”.


I am disgusted with this plugin – I juist bought and downloaded and it doesnt even show on the site – I tried to fill in a support ticket and you have to pay for credits for support – that is disgusting – no one must EVER buy this!!!!

Basically I have paid for this – I need you to please get it working on my site ASAP – otherwise me and everyone else who thinks this plugin is bad – which seems to be everyone here will take this further – this is the site – why can i not see the plugin anywhere on the site – it says its been installed and its working but its o where to be seem!!!


A fix has been released for this which will need to be approved by Envato. In the meantime you should be able to access the plugin with this url: http://YOURDOMAIN/wp-admin/admin.php?page=manage-bulk-price-edit


hi, are all the bugs that mentioned above fixed? I am really interested in this plugin and wholes price plugin. but as there are too many bad reviews. I hesitated


As far as we are aware, there are no outstanding bugs.


Hi guys, I tried to send a ticket via your support system but am told I do not have enough credits to send a ticket. I’ve purchased WC Bulk Price Edit together with WC Wholesale Prices today. Everything works just fine but I would like to automatically bulk add prices to my products. I am having about 600 products in differnt categories. Many of them do have up to 4 variations. I would like to bulk edit prices per categoriy and variation in order to save time. Does your plugin support this? Thx, Alex

Demo site is down. FYI.

Thanks! Should be back up now :)

After login permissions error on the demo page

I purchased this and it has not worked at all; the prices don’t save. I submitted a support ticket but had to choose ‘No Rush’ as I refuse to pay more for support when it says it is included, especially when it has never worked.


Someone will respond to your ticket very soon.


Hi I got an email with an update but it did not fix anything. The bulk edit will not save the prices.


I want to see your plugin admin but when I click it, it say: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

from the screenshot, I think your plugin is the only plugin that do bulk price edit for variable products

Hi again

Pls help me

as I see in the picture in the bulk price edit window, just the code of variation is shown and this way it’s hard to know which variation code is related to which variation

so pls fix the admin link so I could see the admin page by myself or pls say me is it possible to show the variation name in bulk price edit I want to buy your plugin and I want to see it’s features


we’re very interested on your plugin. Before we can buy this item we have two questions.

We get prices from our manufacturer. On these prices we would like a Surcharge, not a discount. Is it possible with this plugin?

Second question.. we have the pro-version of all import for wordpress/woocommerce. Is it compatible with this plugin?

regards, minz


Yes you can easily add a surcharge. It is also compatible with Wp All Import.


Please, would it be possible to have paid addons that work …? Error message: Notice: Undefined offset: 126 in ….woo-bulk-price-edit/index.php

Now it works

We have replied to your ticket and fixed the issue.


Cool, thanks a lot ! :) One last small problem, the prices of the variations change well but not the displayed on the product sheet … :( Is it from the addon or my theme?

All our products come with three variables. We need to change the costs of each variables in bulk

1. Change Single License cost to $2 from $3

2. Change Multiple License cost to $4 from $6

3. Change Enterprise License cost to $6 from $9

There are 95,000 products online with same cost and we need to apply the changes to all of them. Let me know if you can help in installation of plugin as well as making the changes.

Hosting: DigitalOcean 4GB RAM 2 Core droplet.


Its definitely something we can help with.

Please leave a ticket @


Your Demo is broken, database error message

Demo site still broken – 404

Fixed now :)