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Will this allow you to bulk add a discount by a percentage?

Ok, in that case you can wait for a while ;)

No problem, I’ll be keeping an eye on it :)

Hello, We have added the feature to update the Bulk SALE price and published here already. Please check and try :)

Nice plugin.

But what happens if we have 2 prices ? a Sale Price and Discounted Price ? Can we choose which type of price to Increase or decrease ??

Also, what happens with products that are variable ???


Hello Bundy, We have added the feature to update the Sale price ass well. So, now you can Bulk update both Regular Price and The Sale Price separately. Thanks.

Woow this is great. Let me know when codecanyon updates the files to buy this plugin.

Thanks guys !!

CodeCanyon has already published our update. So, you can buy now. Thanks.

Awesome work! GL with sales! :)

Thank you :)


i want to buy this plugin, but i need to know if:

1) i have shop with over 4000 items 2) all items have status: Enable stock management at product level OFF 3) i want set by BULK action: a) Enable stock management set ON b) products in inventory set to quantity 1 or more

resp. i need to show at SINGLE PRODUCT PAGE quantity in inventory

IS IT POSSIBLE? please send me fast response thanks

You can update the stock quantity for all your 4000 items using this module. But for status update, it requires customization. You can email us at developers@solvercircle.com and we can let you know the quote. Thanks


I’ve just installed & run the plugin but it didn’t work.

I got a message to say “prices changed” but the prices remain the same.

WC 2.1.11 WP 3.9.1

Also would it be possible for an additional feature to remove the sale price rather than just increase or decrease it?

That would be very useful.

Hi, please do not share any access info on this Dashboard, because, it is Public board.

Yes, but I split the credentials over email & this board to avoid all the credentials being in the email. :)

Same problem as shadowpro don’t work here either :(

hello Sinclai1999, please email us at developers@solvercircle.com with your site access and also please let us know specifically which feature is not working for you. Or if you need any additional feature at development cost. Thanks

Does this allow a percentage increase on all products?

I see it has a percenteage increase per category, but the webshop I’m working on has hundreds of categories.

If this can increase all products with a percentage, that’d be exactly what I need.

YES, it ca Increase all products with a Percentage. So, I think this is exactly what you were looking for.

Yes, it Can*

Hi there,

I bought this plugin but it lacks of some important features.

1) Once you increase/decrease the price, how can you come back to the original price once again ??? Erase the Sale Price once again ??

2) How can we erase the Sale Price ???

3) When I increase the price, instead of increasing the REGULAR PRICE it increases the sale price ( and on the website it looks like the price has a discount but the prise is higher )

4) Can we choose which price to INCREASE / DECREASE ??? If REGULAR or SALE PRICE ?? ( THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE because many of us don’t want a sale price to be shown )

Thanks and that’s it for now. It’s a good plugin but unusefull for me if the point 4) and 2) aren’t solved.

Hope you can help me with this.

Please email us with these thoughts and questions, our support team will let you know the feedback, thanks :)

Plugin don’t seem to work, will email my login to developers@solvercircle.com

Thanks for the email. We are checking your issue.

Without any doubt the BEST support on here!! Seriously impressed, thank you very much!

It would be also nice if can update prie uploading a csv with sku, thanks, one more tool to the bulk update price.

Thanks for the purchase and please email us to discuss regarding additional features and quote.

trying to update prices on www.iamcookiejar.net

used the plugin once and it worked like a charm.. i think with the latest update it has some issues updating the price..when i try increasing by a percentage it just opens a page with code like:

cakes Array ( [0] => WP_Post Object ( [ID] => 2707 [post_author] => 2 [post_date] => 2014-10-23 00:01:44 [post_date_gmt] => 2014-10-23 00:01:44 [post_content] => The offspring of the Marriage between a standard cream cake, dripping chocolate cake and a dripping chocolate cake. The taste of that Belgian white, milk or dark chocolate against our signature whipped cream is everything and more. Its topped with a cookie and infused with chocolate maltesers. [post_title] => Single Tier Maltesers Crown Cake [post_excerpt] => The offspring of the Marriage between a standard cream cake, dripping chocolate cake and a dripping chocolate cake. Covered and separated by cream, this cake is crowned with a gourmet cookie and dripped with Belgian chocolate ganache after being infused with maltesers.

Play around with more toppings like cupcakes, ferrero roche and even skittles.

[post_status] => publish
        [comment_status] => open
        [ping_status] => closed
        [post_password] => 
        [post_name] => single-tier-maltesers-crown-cake
        [to_ping] => 
        [pinged] => 
        [post_modified] => 2014-10-23 19:25:50
        [post_modified_gmt] => 2014-10-23 19:25:50
        [post_content_filtered] => 
        [post_parent] => 0
        [guid] => http://iamcookiejar.net/?post_type=product&p=2707
        [menu_order] => 0
        [post_type] => product
        [post_mime_type] => 
        [comment_count] => 0
        [filter] => raw
[1] => WP_Post Object

Please email us with your site access information. Our support team will check it out for you.

Resolved and replied to your email :)

Hello. I want to know what happens with the variable products.

User bundyflavour asked you about that previously.

Does it change the price of the main product only or it copies the same price to the variables?

Thanks in advance.

Yes this plugin change the price of variables products. Thanks

Thanks for your answer. You mean that the price of the variables changes and becomes same with the main product?

nope. The price of the variation items get modified according to the set ratio.

hi when will you update. This versions 2015.

It already works fine with the latest woocommerce. So, why should we modify.

I just bougth this plugin and does not work. Doesn’t make any change to prices… Help please!

please submit a ticket with your issue details and site FTP and Admin access information at support.solvercircle.com

Hi! Id like to buy it, but is it possible to AUTOMATICALLY update stock quantity at a given time? Maybe through a cron job? We have a max quantity of product per day, orders for a given day are closed at 17:00 – after that time the orders are for the next day, and quantitiy should be reset to the original value. Best regards, Alex

Please send us an email with example to developers@solvercircle.com and we can let you know a Quote.

Hello. We use this plugin: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/measurement-price-calculator/

Is it possible to change all the prices also within this?

sorry, we could not understand your question. Can you please email us with screenshots to show what you meant ?

Hi, does the plugin work with WPML?

It works on number. So, I think, language should not have effect on number. And, you should be able to update the price, if it is number.

So, are you not sure? others similar plugins don’t work fine with WPML

We believe it will work, because it is a back office plugin.Sorry, we do Not find any logic why should there be any trouble with WPML.

Thanks Nasif