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Hi, I was wondering if your plugin is working properly with Woocommerce – Multilanguage (WPML). Woocommerce – Multilanguage keeps different copies of products per language and syncronizes them. In my experience we previously used a plugin to manage stocks and it broke the connections between languages resulting in different stock counts across different languages. So my question: Have you tried your plugin working on Woocommerce – Multilanguage? Best Regards

Sorry it has not been tested with that plugin so I can’t say. I am assuming it will not work as intended.

Is this compatible with Wordpress 2.7? Thanks.

It should not be a problem. Let us know if you run into any issues.

Hello, Thanks for the addon. I have a problem. When I make a price change, the addon tells me although variations have been changed but the rates have not changed. What should I do?


I wolud have an information about this plugin :

1) I can change the price for different categories ? For example :

Category 1—> +25% Category 2—> +15% Category 3—> +21%

2) works with simple product ?

3) Is possible to change in bulk the price, for all products or specified product ?

thanks so much

1) Yes you can increase prices by 25% for example based on category. Keep in mind it might give your prices a strange value such as $25.05 depending on what current prices are.

2) Yes there is an option for simple products.

3) Yes you can select ALL category, but we suggest to do one category at a time due to timeout issues.

Good day, please confirm that this plugin would be suitable in increasing all variations of my products by a percentage? Your description as to what it cannot due is confusing to comprehend?

Yes you can select variants, as long as they are global attributes. You can increase prices by % based on category. Keep in mind it might give your prices a strange value such as $25.05 depending on what current prices are.

Hi, pre-sale question, Can i use this plugin to add same attributes to all products at once ?

Sorry you cant.

Hi, I would like to ask if the plugin can set the price to the freshly made variations that don’t have any price set already? I’m looking for something that will save me some time copy-pasting the same price over and over again to each variation of the same product. I would like to add a new product, make attributes and variations and let the plugin fill the prices over there for me. Would that be possible?

No it cant’ sorry we wish it could but not at this time. You could use the default woocommerce bulk edit to add prices though then use ours to edit.

Hi, I left a support ticket two days ago but nobody has got back to me. How long does it usually take because I cant use the plugin at the moment?!

Sorry I was on vacation. I am responding to all tickets now.


frisser Purchased

Is this still compatible with Woocommerce 3?

It should work, some people have been having a few issues but we are currently working on an update as I type this.

Not sure about this …. It has a good interface and process for the Updating aspect. However – it is dangerous. There is no way to see what you are updating before you update it. A big potential for a big mess.

This plugin would be way better if you could do the Search first, then see the returned list of what it is that will be updated – before running the actual update.

Please consider adding that in, I would then buy it.

Hi There! I see that this plugin’s author is still working on an updated plugin for woocommerce 3.0. Will it also be updated to work with the latest version of wordpress as well? We need this plugin to be updated for both recent versions of wordpress & woocommerce. Thx!

Hi There! I’m just following up on this to see what the plans on for a compatible version of this plugin for the latest wordpress and woocommerce 3.0?

It should still be working as of now. If your having issues please submit a ticket here https://unionthemes.ticksy.com


I can change the sale price for variations just fine but the changes won’t be updated on the frontend before actually saving the Variable product that has the product variations in it.

Looking at the postmeta table I can see that what happens when I manually save a Variable product (after using your plugin to, for instance, drop prices 20% from regular prices). The _min_variation_sale_price and _max_variation_sale_price for the Variable product gets updated with the values from the product variations.

This should somehow be reflected in this plugin as well, otherwise I would have to manually save every product again to update the Variable products with the correct sale price from the variations.

I am using Wordpress 4.7.3 and WC 2.6.14.

Hi, we are investigating this issue right now. Please submit a ticket here: https://unionthemes.ticksy.com so we can keep you updated.

Hi UnionThemes,

I bought your Bulk Edit product last week but I got a problem already. I tried to raise around 50 products with 3% but only 20 of them changed and all the items were in the same category. Now I got to change the other 30 manually, that is not what I bought it for. What problem can cause this or how can I prevent it for the next time.

Kind regards,

(PS: I bought this product with another account)

Did you also select “also update subcategories” if so that could cause it.

Hi there. Despite reading the details of this plugin I am still unsure of whether or not it can help me… I have a woocommerce store selling a range of art prints each with the same sizing variations. For example:

Print 1: A4 size, A3 size, A2 size, A1 size etc. Print 2: A4 size, A3 size, A2 size, A1 size etc. Print 3: A4 size, A3 size, A2 size, A1 size etc

As my store is growing, I’m looking for a QUICK way to bulk edit all of the size variations for all products. For example:

Increase A4 size price from $10 to $15 on every product with that size variation.

So far I have found no plugin that can do this. It seems you have to go into every single individual product page and update every size variation manually.

Will this plugin help with my scenario?????

I have a problem with this plugin: I bulk edited sale prices and the prices don’t update on the frontend or dashboard product listing. They only update inside the product itself and I have to manually hit update on the edited products to register the new prices. I see another person above has reported this problem as well… When will it be fixed?