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Hello, will this plugin allow me to assign prices to a product which has over 800 variations? The product has 4 different prices depending upon the variation selected, individually assigning these prices is crazy. Here’s a sample product > http://artstix.net/clients/wbp/product/20349/

It can only change value, not assign variations that do not currently exist.

Can it change the value (price) for multiple variations?

Take a peek at the screenshots, you select a variation or category and can change prices in bulk. It might help explain it better than I can.

Hello there,

Just to be sure before I buy this plugin: For 1 category I want to increase the prices by 1 Euro, for another by 2 Euros. The prices as they are now are all different. Will this plugin increase the prices of hundreds of articles in my webshop automatically after defining the parameters? These are permanent price increases, not just sale prices.

Hope you can confirm for me! Milou

Yes you can do that. Are they simple products or variable?

Just simple products, so I should be fine. Thanks and I’ll buy the plugin!

Ok great.

pre-sale: can I bulk change the “Default Variation” for a group of Variable Products type?


Sorry you can not do that with this plugin.

Hi, I would like to create an article about hair masks to explain to people how to make their own hair mask.

Example: I present the coconut mask in my article.

Then at the end of my article I give the list of ingredients that the customer must buy to make himself the mask. In general there are 6 or 8 ingredients to make a mask.

At the end of the article there is the list of ingredients.

- Either the customer decides to put all the ingredients in the cart in 1 click and he receives a discount of 10%.

- Either the customer does not need all the ingredients. He only checks the ingredients he needs. Then in one click he adds all the ingredients he checked.

The ingredients already exist in the shops.

It’s a product composition that I want to do.

does your plugging allow this?

Thank you

Sorry this plugin is not made for this case, its just for internal editing of prices, skus, weights etc.

Hello, Ive just purchased this plugin and it looks nice and easy to update prices with, which is what i primarily needed it for – thank you! Now I have two questions:

1) we use it for selling posters. Sometimes our print lab is on holiday meaning we cannot print an specific product variation (in this case 50×70 posters) but we can deliver all other sizes. Is there an easy way that i can put all 50×70 out of stock with your plugin? Because as it is now i need to open up all 100+ products and do it manually everytime the print lab is on holiday – and back on when they return.

2) All our 21×30 posters cost the same.. all 30×40 too etc. Is there a way that when i create a new product it will already know the price for the variations? Or is the plugin only to change the price?

1) You should be able to use the change quantity stock and set to 0. Depending on your theme, it should mark it sold out and just reverse when back in stock.

2) Sorry, it cant create or edit products in that way.


viikka Purchased

Hi, I have 100 variable products and I want to change the price for all of them. Is it possible?

As long as they are global though the Woocommerce > Attributes section then yes!

Hi, Is you plugin working with WooCommerce 3.2 and above? Thanks

We have had no complaints yet, seems to be working yes.

Not sure if someone else suggested this, but it would be great if there was an option to exclude tags, products, categories or whatever. A whole “Exclude” section would be great.

Also a filter with a custom text field to only select products based on a string. Example usage: only select products that have “Used” in the title, description etc.

Thanks for the suggestion, your actually the first. We will add this to our roadmap!

How do i get a refund? The plugin is not working as promised. I wanted to edit all products at a pricerange under 200. It did change some of them, but not all of them and the items that did not change, did change when i tested them and did a specific pricerange to see if it was the product which were acting weird but that didn’t seem to be the case, so i guess this plugin cannot handle more than a few products at a time. I have a lot and need it for all of them.

Hi you can request a refund via our ticket platform https://unionthemes.ticksy.com/


Issue: After a bulk change the original language product gets the changes but, the product translations (using wpml) don’t get updated after bulk changes.

Then after, If I manually edit the original language product and click in the update button, then the translations get updated with the changes.

Let me know if you need me to make a short video for you to reproduce this issue.


Refund requested via ticket in your platform.

BTW: in my opinion this could be fixed if you call the “save_post” action after the bulk change. Take a look at how this plugin get this done: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-advanced-bulk-edit/8011417?s_rank=1 Take a look at this capture: https://i.imgsafe.org/5c/5cddb652a9.jpeg

I’ll be waiting for my refund. Thanks.


When set to a % increase in price: Can this plugin set the decimals to either 10,00 or 10,05 prices. So that it won’t be: 10,01 or 10,07? We need the decimals to be at ,05 or ,00 to make the right prices.

Hope to hear from you.

No we have not added that feature yet, sorry. But there are ways to round decimals with other methods: https://en-ca.wordpress.org/plugins/woo-round-up-prices/

I have not tested that plugin myself, but have heard it helped others.

Running Woocomerce 3.2.6. It appears it’s not compatible, won’t install. With this be updated to work in 3.2.6 soon?

Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin installation failed.

Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin installation failed.

Hi, you have to extract the download you get from here, within there are documentation and a plugin folder, upload the plugin zip and it will install :)

Hello, we’re trying to use this plugin to do a bulk price increase of 3% on 169 products at once. When we attempt to do this, we get this error message. [“Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/nutech/public_html/wp-includes/option.php on line 136”]Could you provide some assistance and help us figure out why this keeps happening?

Hi, this would be a server time out issue. Please see this support topic: https://unionthemes.ticksy.com/article/5210/

So we contacted the hosting provider and was given steps to changing the php version to 5.6 and upon doing so the memory limit in the php.ini file had become 512M.

We then proceeded the process with your plugin again, attempting to do a bulk price increase of 3% on 165 products that fell under the category ‘Nutech’. We ended up getting this message:

[“Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/nutech/public_html/wp-includes/meta.php on line 505”]

We then attempted to do a bulk price increase of 3% on a small amount of 12 products that fell under the category of ‘Mil Spec’.

We ended up getting this message:

[“Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/nutech/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 130”]

Even after updating the php.ini file we are still having this issue. Is there any way to fix this or have you take a look yourself?

Can you please submit a ticket at https://unionthemes.ticksy.com/ and we will take a peek, please include WP access.


gravoc Purchased

Hello, is this compatible with WP 3.2?

Yes it is!

Hi, pre-purchase question here: I have an ecom store which has paintings available in 3 variations:

Original (Individually Priced) 16”x20” – £175.00 8”x10” – £95.00

I need to be able to bulk edit the 16”x20” and 8”x10” variations globally so that they all become:

16”x20” – £155.00 8”x10” – £75.00

Is this possible with this plugin? Many thanks, Tom. http://i66.tinypic.com/n6vw9j.png

Found the answer in a previous comment, bought it, fixed my problem in less than 2 mins! Nice one! Great plugin – well worth the price! :)

Awesome glad it worked, if you can rate the plugin it would be greatly appreciated.

Pre Purchase question

With this plugin, is it possible to add the option as toppings for Pizza and then the toppings to have different prices according to the SIZE of the pizza? for example when selecting 9” pizza, per topping cost is £1 but on when selecting 15” pizza, set it £2 per toppings?

As long as you have all the variants and attributes set already, you can bulk add the prices. But this will not add variants on its own.

My client’s WooCommerce shop mostly has Variable products, but a few Simple products, too.

Will this plugin be able to do a global update for all of them when he decides to raise prices (or temporarily set sale prices?)

(As for sale prices, can the sale prices be scheduled to expire after a given time?)

You can do them all at once, but I suggest to go category by category, due to the high load the plugin can put on your hosting.

Correction: The site will probably have 30-50 items in the end. I gather that he should still update category-by-category?

(And thank you for the explanation. The site has been brought down a few times already due to plugins which used a lot of system resources, and we’re interested in minimizing the chance of that happening in the future.)

That is still what we suggest unless your on a very good host.

I see that this plugin is using a pretty old deprecated function. Is there a plan to update this very soon?

Notice: WC_Product::variable_product_sync is deprecated since version 3.0 with no alternative available. in /var/www/wordpress/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3840

We will have an update coming out soon. Thanks!

Great, thanks for the reply!


Does your plugin also bulk edits parent product?

You can submit a ticket on our help portal here; https://unionthemes.ticksy.com/

I finally got the purchase code but the support license has expired. I will speak to my customer to buy a new license. Cheers!

Ok just open a ticket once you are ready.

Hi, I have a presale question. Can your plugin bulk remove sale price from variable products(not to set it on any new price, rather simply remove it)? Eg. I have 10 products with 5 variations each. Each variation has a sale price. I want to remove all those sale prices at once. Is it possible? Thanks

Sorry for the late response, this works for about 90% of our customers but it depends on your theme. You can try out our plugin and if this feature does not work and you can confirm that we would be happy to process a refund. Thanks!