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Hello, will this plugin allow me to assign prices to a product which has over 800 variations? The product has 4 different prices depending upon the variation selected, individually assigning these prices is crazy. Here’s a sample product > http://artstix.net/clients/wbp/product/20349/

It can only change value, not assign variations that do not currently exist.

Can it change the value (price) for multiple variations?

Take a peek at the screenshots, you select a variation or category and can change prices in bulk. It might help explain it better than I can.

Hello there,

Just to be sure before I buy this plugin: For 1 category I want to increase the prices by 1 Euro, for another by 2 Euros. The prices as they are now are all different. Will this plugin increase the prices of hundreds of articles in my webshop automatically after defining the parameters? These are permanent price increases, not just sale prices.

Hope you can confirm for me! Milou

Yes you can do that. Are they simple products or variable?

Just simple products, so I should be fine. Thanks and I’ll buy the plugin!

Ok great.

pre-sale: can I bulk change the “Default Variation” for a group of Variable Products type?


Sorry you can not do that with this plugin.

Hi, I would like to create an article about hair masks to explain to people how to make their own hair mask.

Example: I present the coconut mask in my article.

Then at the end of my article I give the list of ingredients that the customer must buy to make himself the mask. In general there are 6 or 8 ingredients to make a mask.

At the end of the article there is the list of ingredients.

- Either the customer decides to put all the ingredients in the cart in 1 click and he receives a discount of 10%.

- Either the customer does not need all the ingredients. He only checks the ingredients he needs. Then in one click he adds all the ingredients he checked.

The ingredients already exist in the shops.

It’s a product composition that I want to do.

does your plugging allow this?

Thank you

Sorry this plugin is not made for this case, its just for internal editing of prices, skus, weights etc.

Hello, Ive just purchased this plugin and it looks nice and easy to update prices with, which is what i primarily needed it for – thank you! Now I have two questions:

1) we use it for selling posters. Sometimes our print lab is on holiday meaning we cannot print an specific product variation (in this case 50×70 posters) but we can deliver all other sizes. Is there an easy way that i can put all 50×70 out of stock with your plugin? Because as it is now i need to open up all 100+ products and do it manually everytime the print lab is on holiday – and back on when they return.

2) All our 21×30 posters cost the same.. all 30×40 too etc. Is there a way that when i create a new product it will already know the price for the variations? Or is the plugin only to change the price?

1) You should be able to use the change quantity stock and set to 0. Depending on your theme, it should mark it sold out and just reverse when back in stock.

2) Sorry, it cant create or edit products in that way.

Hi, I have 100 variable products and I want to change the price for all of them. Is it possible?

As long as they are global though the Woocommerce > Attributes section then yes!

Hi, Is you plugin working with WooCommerce 3.2 and above? Thanks

We have had no complaints yet, seems to be working yes.