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wdvegas Purchased

I have a pre purchase question for you, can I edit all categories at once? Would I be able to increasing the price on all categories at once by say 20% ? Thank you, Eric

We suggest to do one category at a time due to the demand this plugin takes on resources.

Is this compatible with Woocommerce Variable SUBSCRIPTIONS?

Sorry it is not.

Hi I want to buy this plugin for digital print shop site. now i want know, can i set Measurement Price for large format print?

can i set a field for “number of pages” and a field for “copies” in one form? And calculator could gather “number of pages” field and other cost fields (for example “binding”,”cover”). and Total costs multiply the number of copies and the total amount to be displayed?

could i set this plugin with other plugin?(for example persian calendar, each bank gateway, delivery date, discount codes and …)

Sorry no it will not work with either case. It will work with default woocommerce fields only.

hello, the plugin no more amend the price with the new version of woocommerce. when i increase/decrease the price it does not change for all attributes and the price usually changed by double the amount mentioned.

Hi, 90% of the time this is caused by not having your theme, plugins and woocommerce fully compatible. Are you using the latest version of your theme, with the latest version of woocommerce that it fully supports?

hi, a question before purchase: is there a possibility to round the prices when bulk changing them? so for example not to have prices with cents.

Sorry its not possible now. I was on vacation sorry about the late response.

How much longer for the update?

We just wrapped it up the other day, ill have it submitted tomorrow. Feel free to message us via our support system at unionthemes.ticksy.com and we will send you it right away.

That’s great news! Thank you! I’ll be waiting for the updated version to appear here.

Sounds good :)

Is this already compatible with Woocommerce 3?

We are releasing an update this week for it.

Hello I have a pre-purchase question. I need several price rules increases (profit margins). For example:

Prices are in czech crowns. Price <= 25 Kc I need increase by 20% Price <= 50 Kc I need increase by 10% Price <= 100 Kc I need increase by 5%

In the store will be propably 10 tousent items or more. I want the customer not to see the original price without a margin but the price after the increase. Is it possible? Thanks Vana

You can increase the prices the way you state, but they will increase the product price as if you went in manually and increased the prices. IT will also not ROUND the prices, so they could end up being not round numbers such as 26.52.


Can you post a screenshot on how the products look like from the front-end once you bulk change prices. For example, we want to change all product prices by an increase of 10 percent. We want it to show up on the frontend without a line or anything on the price (ex:$99) that would indicator a price change or sale, like it shows on the video.


It just changes the default price, as if you were to go in and change the regular price manually.

Okay, so the numbers don’t change in anyway when we bulk change the price.

The product price will change and that will also be reflected on the front end and back end.

Did you release a Woocommerce 3 version?

It should be working, but we are releasing a new version next week once we are done with final testing.

I have some products with 70 variations, each with a unique SKU#, could I use this to change all variations of a single product so all 70 have the exact same SKU# ? Where otherwise you would have to update each variation one by one, know what I mean?

You cant select products, but you can select categories and change sku based off that, or variations. Or you can change ALL products in the store.

Hello, i’m looking for purchase this plugin. But i have question about it, can i update all my variable products in store if they doesn’t have any category? Also what is max recommended amount of products(variation) to edit?

If your variations are added via attributes the plugin should pick up on them. The max depends on your server and hosting, but I suggest a max of 500 products at a time.


mikeyc9 Purchased

I purchased this thinking I could set all variations to ‘out of stock’. Can this be achieved with your plugin?

It depends on your theme, you can set them all to have “0” stock, most themes will then turn the product to “SOLD OUT” or “OUT OF STOCK”.


mikeyc9 Purchased

Ok, I’ll try setting stock to 0, although I didn’t have stock management enabled as we only have “in” or “out” of stock.

ok let us know what happens

Pre-purchase question! I am setting up my store and I will be selling posters. There are three attributes: Foreground color, Background color and Poster size. Customer can choose each. There are hundreds of designs, each can be customized based on foreground and background colors and each can be purchased in many different sizes. The price will change only based on the poster size, foreground and background color don’t effect the price. Enetering the price one by one for each variation is impossible and i want a plugin that will help me bulk edit the price only based on the poster size, so for each design I can have a different price for the each size. So each poster of let’s say 8×10’ will cost 15 dollars.

Is your plugin good for this type of bulk edit? Thanks

Yes, thats why we built it. Depending on your hosting, you might have to go category by category (if you have 1000s of products). Otherwise, you should be able to select an attribute such as 8×10 and change the price for ALL 8×10 attributes to $29.99 for instance.

We suggest to setup your variations through the attributes section in woocommerce, then apply them to your products (vs creating each individual variations on each product, every time).

if you need help we do have a help desk http://unionthemes.ticksy.com

Hi, I have two pre purchase questions: 1) I have defined a custom field (supplier). Can I filter products by using both categories / subcategories AND my custom field? 2) can I see the list of products that satisfy the filter rules before applying the bulk price variation? p.s. the shop is made by variable products only.

Custom non default WooCommerce fields will not be able to be bulk edited by our plugin. Sorry.

Is this product still updated/current the last update was in 2016??