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Hi – I seem to have found a major bug in the demo. Not purchased yet.

Add some items. Then go straight to the checkout (not via view cart) – the discount is NOT applied.

Worse, go to the cart, add lots of items, get a big discount, delete the items from the cart so there’s nothing left.

Add something from the main shop page. Again, go straight to the checkout, bypassing the view cart.

You’ll get the previous discount, i.e of the items you have deleted! That can make your total cost close to free…

Clearly the problem is that the discount is applied only on view cart. It also needs to be re-calculated at the checkout.

Hope this helps!

Hi i have a big Problem. I buy this Plugin and no discount is shown. Need Help that i take woocoomerce and the german Plugin. Want to sell Pictures. 1 to 3 Pics no discount. from 4 to 8 20% and so on.

But nothings happened after activate and do the instruction changes for discount.

Please can you help?? Thanks


Can you please send an email to support@danyob.org, with login details for your site please?


Hi Danyo, quick question.

My shop has lots of different products. One range/category base is small items that I want to discount if they buy more than x.

Can I set the discount to only one category of products?



Currently it will apply the discount to all products, and not just a specfic category. This is something i will look into adding in the next version.


Hi Danyo, I emailed you a few weeks ago but still no response. The plugin is still not working on my website could you please advise?


This plugin is buggy and it caused all kinds of jquery conflicts that prevented my widgets from opening in the backend etc.. I would like a refund please.


Can you please email me with more details? This plugin does not use jQuery.

Thanks, Danyo

I have a question before I buy your plugin I want to offer incremental discount. So it might be $10 off per item.

e.g. For a certain product that costs $50.
Buy 5 and get $10 off = $240
Buy 6 and get $20 off = $280
Buy 7 and get $30 off = $320
Buy 8 and get $40 off = $360

So for every extra product purchased another $10 is added to the discount. I want to do it by dollar value and not by percentage.

Thanks you,


Hi, Does your plugin support the latest version of WooCommerce? I see no updates for more than a year. Thanks.

hi, i planned buy this , but i have one requirement. i have some products in one category. each products price is $7. when customer buy 3 products and above its over all cost $10 only. its possible to do this?


Im afraid this isnt possible.

Thanks, Danyo

Doesnt work. Comes up with the line in checkout but does not apply any discount