Discussion on WooCommerce Biometric Login | Fingerprint | Web Authentication (WebAuthn)

Discussion on WooCommerce Biometric Login | Fingerprint | Web Authentication (WebAuthn)

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Wonderful plugin & support.

Thank you so much for your kind words. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience.

Hello I am having an odd issue your short code [ddwcbl_biometric_login_button_shortcode] only shows on my page IF I am logged in to my site which i find odd it should work the other way around can u please tell me why this shortcode wont show up on the home page unless I am already logged in???

Kindly provide us the admin credentials of your site at so our team can look into this.

If I need to apply Fingerprint Web Authentication to my customers via USB (with your product), what would be the best USB type on the market I should use?
I am thinking of using for example an USB like this one:
Is it recommended, please?
Or may you recommended me another one?
Thank you.

Yes you can use them but it’s for the online store so it’s the customer choice what kind of security method they want for their account. Customers can use their phone fingerprint or passcode as well to register and then login with it securely and quickly.

“Customers can use their phone fingerprint or passcode as well to register and then login with it securely and quickly. ”.
Yes, it could be a good alternative device (and moreover, less expensive ;-)).
Thank you for your good advice.
Have a nice day. :-)

Anytime sir :)

One device(biometric) connect to multiple accounts. Is it normal for one device to be linked to only one account?

now :
- One biometric is linked(added) to two(multiple) accounts.
- If user try to login biometric, user will be logged in with the first connected account.

For a biometric to be linked to only one account, the second account must not be able to add the same biometric as the first account.

When one biometic is linked to multiple accounts

Attempting to login to biometric :
Logged in with the first connected account.

Try login in to biometric after removing the linked biometric from the first account:
logged in with the second linked account..

Kindly share your query at so our team can look into it.

Can a user add one biometric to multiple accounts? or Does one biometric have to be unique on a site?

One biometric have to be unique for the site because the device gets added to that account but if you want this multiple accounts functionality so we can also achieve this via customization for which you can connect with us at for further discussion.

Thanks for the quick reply What I want is ’ One biometric is matched only to one user ’. So it’s already good.

Ok great.

Hello. How does this plugin fit in with the recently introduced PassKey from Apple?

Does it provide the same functionality, or is this completely different approach? Could you please elaborate a bit (functionality, future plans to add passkey support…).

Only PassKey Plugin I found for WP/WC is the OwnID one, but that seems to rely on the ownid external servers for the validation?


Yes, it provide the same functionality. Passkeys are saved in the iCloud keychain and you can register your device for that and then use face id to directly login on the site using the passkeys saved.

For more details, you can checkout this link –

Hello having a strange issue with chrome and android phone is this only working with the newest version of android? like it only works with IOS 16? because I have it working great on my site with my iPhone I try with my sons android and nothing happens when I click add a device

It uses the WebAuthn technology so it must be supported on the device and the browser. Try using on the chrome browser on the android phone, if the WebAuthn is supported then it will work fine.

sent an email to you

Hello, will you make this for regular WP? I don’t use WooCommerce on my site but I need this plugin for the default site

Yes we can achieve your requirements via customization, kindly connect with us at for further discussion.


Kindly clarify.

1. Is it compatible with multisite?

2. Is a single license sufficient for a single multi-site installation?


Yes it is compatible with multi-site and you need different licenses for different subsites.

Hi, what backend services its using so I know the other costs?

We didn’t get your point, its just the WordPress plugin which can be used along with the WooCommerce and there is no additional cost, you just need to purchase the license and you can use the plugin for lifetime.

Can this work/integrate with php, laravel , codeigniter or any other platform that is not wordpress?

Can you fully rebrand for me

No it only works with WordPress WooCommerce.

if I buy you give me support how to add in my pure php files, because I am inserted this type of authentication to my page

We can’t provide support for the development of new product.

Hi, I just installed the plugin. Works fine, just need to do some CSS, because I have no clue how to put it on the default Elementor My-Account Page :)

But, I have noticed that is does not work with free WP 2FA plugin (basically, when user has 2fa configured, and also adds the biometrics, when he tries to log in using biometrics, the 2fa window does not come, and is also not ignored).

Not big deal, but something to keep an eye on. Maybe you could put a test in your plugin, if the user has 2FA, it shows the 2fa page.

Otherwise, good work, thanks.

We have provided the shortcode as well within the plugin which you can put via Elementor on your page. Also if you have any custom requirements then we can achieve it via customization so kindly connect with us at for further discussion.

where cam we see the latest changelog please?

It’s just the basic update for the compatibility of the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions.

Why do I sometimes have to reload the page before I can log in? I added credentials, tried to login and it said biometric not found on this device. Refreshed the page and then it logged in fine. I seem to get this a lot.

Actually button is loaded via WooCommerce hooks so it is not possible with default functionality but can be achieved via customization. It would be great if you can share you query along with the admin access of your site at so our team can check and let you know regarding it.

DONE! Maybe code can be added to the plugin that it only shows if the page was truly loaded correctly? And an error message to retry if it was not. I am sure everyone would appreciate it and it would let people understand if login does not work it’s not the plugin’s fault!

Everything is working perfectly, we have checked and reverted over the support mail, kindly check and revert there.

Tested your demo and it is unbelievable! Can it work in webview browser?

Thank you so much, hoping to receive a review on Trustpilot as well –

Thank you so much and do checkout our other premium plugins as well.

Hello, how are you? I am interested in buying… I have more than one site, can I use the license on another site? how many? thankful

You need to purchase different licenses for different sites.

Hi, is compatible with any PWA plugin? I am using Instantify pwa plugin

Sorry we don’t provide any demo versions of the plugin. You need to purchase the plugin in order to use it on your site.

This works for ios and android devices?

Yes it works on iOS, Android as well as on desktop/laptop devices.

Hello,I’m trying the demo but it’s not using a Samsung phone with chrome

We checked and the demo is working perfectly. Kindly load the page completely first and check again.

Hello, I have a separate login and register page. (served by my Wordpress Theme)

How do I get the OTP into this customized PHP page?

Kindly elaborate your query with the help of screenshots at so our team can understand better and revert accordingly.


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