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Is it possible to get a report of top categories for a location?

Hello stefanmf, thank you for your comment. Not at the moment, only Top Sellers. Certainly this is a useful feature and it will be considered in the future releases of the plugin. Thank you!

Hi. I just purchased your plug in “Better Report Locations”. Is there a way to filter sales per category? In the EU we have to pay a separate VAT rate per country for electronic download items, and our website sells both physical and electronic items. So we need to be able to filter the product category to see how much we sold per country, so that we can calculate what we owe in VAT charges. Thanks for your advice.

Okay, this feature is the list, to be ready in the next release. I don’t have an estimate date yet, but within this month (August).

Feature has been added to version 1.1, now under review by codecanyon. I’ll let you know when it gets approved so you can download it. Again, thanks for your feedback.

Version 1.1 has been released now!


I like this plugin. It’s awesome. But, i have a question: is it translated to pt_BR?


Not yet Marcelo, if you want I can guide you through the process of translating, drop me an email using the form found here:

nice plugin. may i know location on plugin used shipping address or ip of user or the bank currency of user? thanks

With BACS you have to clear the payment manually, there is no way to standardize which bank account was used by the customer (you could add an order note to specify though, but hardly everyone will do the same) see this:

WooCommerce handles a base currency, and this currency is stored with the order details regardless if you used a conversion plugin to show other currencies to the customer. If using BACS, there is no way to find out the bank currency used by the customer Unless you add it manually, same case as above. See this

IP of user is stored per order, you can see the orders for a given location in the Orders tab in the report. See this doc

For now, a “Top Payment Methods” graph can be achieved and is in the works. The ETA is two weeks, it could be less.

1) woo allow to add any bank account, any country, any currency.

2) the website sure will be use the currency exchange, which is allow check out currency they choose. and role payment for each currency. —> So payment will go direct exactly bank account as setting of admin of each BACS

Do you available do this?

This can be done but as a custom development. Please contact us through email using the form found here:

Awesome design! Good job!


Hi i am interesting in your woocommerce plugin. I see, the last update is from 11. August 2016. My Question, Is a new version or product planned? Thx in advanced, best wishes Tom

Hello, not at the moment Tom. Thanks for asking!

Hi There. I have installed this plug-in to my site

We sell digital games, so we don’t take in shipping details. It appears as if this plug-in works off shipping details.

Is it possible for the plug-in to work of Billing Details instead.



You have to be kidding? You had already promised a launch and we have been awaiting you to finish our taxes. Very unprofessional

Please submit a refund, this was decided after revision of workload and scope. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please refund the product

Can this plugin be used to generate a sales map showing customers’ locations? Similar to this plugin

Yes, exactly that. Based on the shipping address.

So does the plugin create short code so I can insert the sales map anywhere on my web site? Can I omit all the detailed columns of information with the sales $$? I would prefer to have a pin for each sale in the right location. This type of sales map would be more for potential customers to see where other customers are located, rather than for me and my personnel to use. Also, can different sales maps be created for different products, or product categories?

The main goal of the plugin is to assist you to take business decisions based on your customer’s locations, knowing their behavior, trends over time and product perfomance, rather than as a marketing tool. So for that reason, the plugin offers no shortcode for the public area.


I just bought this plug in, works great, just one inconvenient, when I zoom in to my country it doesn’t show the hightlighted color on the states where we have sales, in these links you can see what I mean, can you help me to fix this??