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do have any idea for wire-framing tool for designers

Can you please explain what do you mean? :) How is this connected with our plugin?

Hello! This is a great idea… added to my list for futur consideration. GLWS!

Hi barreoblique, did you gave it a try finally?

No, but this is a great idea. Maybe soon. This is a nice work.


I want to show you what i want to do in my page, to see if you have a pluggin that makes it.


hi please mail it to contact@optart.biz

Hi, how can I define the color or image for each elements? the selector image. Thanks

Use this panel http://pasteboard.co/ar3fylCYN.png to do so. You should provide an English name of color.

aham, ok but, what colours can I define? and its possible upload an image instead a colour name?

We have a version that supports that in development, please contact jakub.ptak@optart.pl to get that version :)

Hi, how works this plugin with WPML?

Hi, we haven’t tested it with WPML, but if it doesn’t work we can offer you a refund :)

Hi, I have a question. I tried your demo page, then I dont see any car product option on cart page. but I could see house product demo optin on cart page. what is difference between car and house product?

Car product is in the menu – http://www.colorizer2-demo.optart.biz/product/cool-car/. It is just a different example of the plugin usage :)

Great work! Good luck with sales! Looks clean and unique.

Hello, i’m interested in your plugin but i have some questions about it.

1) How many products can it handle? 2) How many different layers can it handle for single product? 3) Which version of Wordpress and WooCommerce does it support? 4) Is there any certified incompatibility with other plugins?If so, which one?

Thankyou for your answers, Bye Bye, Stefano.

1) As many as you wish, but you must setup each product for it
2) With our latest version (not on envato yet) as many as you want.
3) We always test our plugins with newest version of WooCommerce and Wordpress
4) No, but please note that this plugin offers preview only, it does not integrate with woocommerce variations, you must set them up separately

Can we set global options? For example i have a site selling T-Shirts, could i use this to set a image of a Tshirt – upload all color versions of it and have this be used on all products or do i have to create that color collection for every product? (We are adding logos on top of these again)

HI :)
No, but you can import settings and then import them.

Domain of demo already expired

Well, the demo is right here: http://colorizer2-demo.optart.biz/ and this is the link in this item’s description.


Can I duplicate image of preview to new product?

Hi, we have a beta version with that feature. Please contact jakub.ptak@optart.pl to get it :)


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