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My products are calculated by length, when order 0.3m ,the packaging weight is 0.8kg, but if increase 0.3m, the weight of the packaging only increase 0.2kg. so i need a plugin to set woocommerce package like picture from: http://imgur.com/p3IjJWm if you have this or can develop it ,pls contact me ,thanks my email is lvlotus@hotmail.com

ok, we can give notification if the plugin has been created :)

Hi, I can see your pre-made badges on my products, but I can’t load any custom badges that I made. Can I send you a PM with my WP data to take a look at it? Cheers.

Hi, Apologize for the delay in answering, and yes, If you can give us temporary admin access to your website, we will try to check it. Thanks

Thanks. What’s your email address?

you can send the details to this email 99plugins.id@gmail.com Thanks

Hi! I bought your plugin and i can see the badges on the products page, but not on the shop page neither on the category page.

Before you ask, i don’t have a live environment that you can access, only a localhost installation with no more plugins. Probably is a conflict with the theme.

That’s the theme that i’m using: http://themeforest.net/item/kocka-flexible-and-powerful-wordpress-theme/9151838

If you need i can send you the files of the theme, so you can see what’s happening.



We are has been reply your email, Thanks


The update was not what i’ve expected, since it doesn’t work pretty well. Can you reply my email sent on last friday and again yesterday?


we are has been reply your email, Thanks


There seems to be a problem with awesome product badge, when I active it, it blocks yoast seo and also if I deactive it and then reactivate it I get the following error

The plugin generated 780 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.

Can you help please?



Please send the temporary access admin to check in your website? send the access to 99plugins.id@gmail.com, Thanks

Hi, Can we please sort this out or I’m going to need to ask for a refund. It’s been 5 days. I’ve sent you 2 emails and no reply. I’ll give it and another 2 days.

my shop items are showing in double when activate the plug in

Hi, Sorry to late reply,

can you give me temporary access admin to 99plugins.id@gmail.com Thanks

The Badges does not show up when all the products are together, and on the product page it shows up on the left corner of the website instead on the picture

I get a JS error when the plugin is active and I try to open some WPML setting pages in the backend, seems JQuery of this plugin is not up to date? Had to uninstall the plugin.


Your plugin did not work with our theme at all, is it possible to get a refund?

my purchase cod is 8021b061-8a50-42e5-af9d-6fc53549e1ae – 5 Oct 2016

Best regards Fredrik

Hi, is the compatible with Wp 4.7 and Porto Woocommerce theme?

Also is it compatible with WPML?

Thanks Jason

Nice job, glws.

Looks like good but some says tha’s dont work. Ready for the last Wordpress and Woo?

Hi – i might be missing something really simple here but i am having an issue. I have 5 badges under “Badge” in my control panel but under 99Plugins->Badge Management each dropdown lists significantly more text and image badges. I have looked everywhere and don’t see where i can edit those (i.e. move the location or change the content). Is that by design or should i be able to edit them?

Hi, I just bought this plugin. There is no provision to create a new badge. Please let me know how I can create the badges as shown in the video. Cheers Mohan

Hi, I have set up the plugin and the badge does not show up on the Category pages. Happy to provide temporary access. Mohan

Hi there I activated and installed the plugin and it has duplicated the product layout and disabled javasript on page. can you please email me for a screenshot. Cheers, Shannon


fawazx Purchased

Purchased this item but it is not working properly I’ve caused me some problems on my site and I want a solution to the problem could you please in this Awesome Woocommerce Product support Badge

Hello, I’ve just bought this plugin, but there is no place to create a new text badge. Please let me know how I can create the badges as shown in the screenshots. Thanks!


Klemen Purchased

Hi there …I just bought this plugin but it doesn’t work as it should. Please correct the following issues – please see the troubles directly on my page https://www.mobimesto.si: 1. It creates some overly picture which is smaller than the original product picture. 2. This overlay picture is not clickable. 3 Plugin cannot be translated into another language.

Please correct the errors.

Thanks and best regards.